We are preparing a protest , Wenger Out

Let’s face facts as a whole Arsenal fans of the last few years are pretty lame when it comes for sticking up for themselves, apart from one decent BSM ‘walk’ over that 6% ticket price increase. Prices since all-seater came in have just gone up and up and the promise of cheaper seats once we moved to the shinny new spacebowl was never going to happen and with no united Arsenal fan voice the club have pretty much done whatever they like with no real fuss from us. Oddly fans from other clubs have done more to embarrass the club with both Man City and Liverpool successfully getting the point across for the pricing of Cat A games.

Anyway onto Wenger, the argument of if hes the right man or not has finally been put to bed, no right minded person can now say he’s the right man to manage the club. I’m not calling him a C### I’m not wishing him anything but the best, I’m not acting like a tottenham fan and I’m not being knee jerk. Myself and the other admin on facebook.com/shewore have been very honest over the last 4years on our views and they haven’t changed, we must be saying something right to have the best part of 18,000 on the page, the vast majority being current or former match going fans, this aint a page with 100’s of moo moo comments on every status.

As for a Wenger out or any other protest I can tell everyone right now that none of the ‘official’ so-called supporters clubs who on a regular basis get invited to AGM’s, supporters forums, tea with Ivan etc, the people the club deem fit to speak on our behalf’s will arrange anything against Wenger’s time being well and truly up, the fools approved the highest non-corporate match ticket in Europe, that tells you all you need to know about them. None of the bigger Arsenal blogs will arrange a protest either over any kind of Wenger out and neither will I/we at SheWore, this should be down to the AST,AISA and RedAction to arrange, but of course they wont.

Over the 24 hours I/we have had about a dozen different people privately messaging me/us so we can help arrange their idea on a protest, my answer to them and anyone who ever asks in the future is DO IT get together with a few mates and do something. Trying to arrange and keep happy everyone on what slogan ? what game ? in the ground  ? before,after,during ? just will not happen, more chance herding cats. So my answer to everyone is simple and this is said with the up most respect, you do what you feel fit, don’t be a sheep, you don’t need someone else to tell what you can or cant do and when you can do it.

It costs very little to print or write on an A4 sheet of paper with the words WENGER OUT on it (for example), it costs very little if half a dozen of you get a small banner made up between you and I’m very sure by the messages we have received the other more imaginative of you can think of other things to do, just remember please don’t do anything that could lead to an arrest.  I’m very sure if you did this before/during/after the next few games you will soon find people on the streets and in the ground who will join you. Pass out the A4 sheets to people on the trains and buses, in the streets, in the pubs (or latte bar) and to people who sit around you, empower yourselves and the people around you.

Please don’t think that by joining a group on Facebook or moaning on twitter or even doing some direct action that you will get change, in fairness nothing we as fans do can persuade a lame duck CEO (who can’t sack his own employee) and a majority shareholder (who can vote to pay himself £3mill) apart from not going to games, but as we know by now the club will be more than happy to have 60,000 tourists at every game who will spend big in the club shop than people whose families have been going for generations and have a deep emotional involvement, so not going is a lose lose.

As some of the good lads and ladies who I stood alongside and spoken to who did try some direct action over last years 3% increase say, at least we did something, we didn’t just moan and do nothing, we tried. The club need a change at all levels, if we do not tell them, if we don’t get the message thro they will think we agree with the direction they are heading. I’m a firm believer that we are the club, not the owner, not a manager, not the players THE FANS. We will still be there after Wenger, Stan and there apologists have long gone.
Up The Arsenal….

wenger out


84 thoughts on “We are preparing a protest , Wenger Out

  1. Arthur

    I’ve been a big supporter of Wenger, even through the lean years following the stadium build when I think he did a fantastic job to keep us in the top four every year. But we are moving beyond that now and maybe he isn’t the man. In the summer everyone knew we were short of a decent CH and DM. Everyone could see this but nothing happened. Wenger must take some responsibility for that. Then on Sunday Chambers is getting a roasting and nothing is done to help him which eventually cost us the game. Of course events at Man U have shown us how difficult it will be to change a manager who has been in place a long time. Maybe though it is time to put some succession plan in action, from next summer. It would be a shame to see Wenger’s legacy tarnished by a failure to go at the right time.

  2. invincible

    Hey guys I’m a south-african gunner fan , I’ve been supporting Arsenal Fc for more then 20 years , Arsenal hav a very large fan base over here .But i hav to say it is sad days for Arsenal fans all over the globe , I fully support you guys in London & I think a mass protest is exactly what’s needed things can’t go on like this we have to do something. I get a feeling next season we gona lose more of our best players coz they are not playing for glory they are playing for A wenger & the board who doesn’t care about winning anything only about making profits to split between themselves. A wenger made it very clear that he is past the stage where he cares about criticism so with that words from him it tells me we are in deep trouble as club he is a dictator & we have to stand up against him. Wenger OUT !!!

  3. Stocksy81

    I was a big supporter of Wenger up untill 2005-ish. After going the season undeafeated and then winning the FA Cup, something went wrong very quickly and Wenger didn’t fix it. Since then it’s been a slow downward spiral. The longer it goes on the worse it will get. Yes, we won the FA Cup last year, but that doesn’t make up for the past 9 years of nothing. Lower league teams have won more trophies than Arsenal before their FA Cup trophy and that’s embarrassing! Everyone knows that the Premier League isn’t won through hard work anymore. You have to buy the now. City and Chelsea have done it. Arsenal must go out and drop millions on quality- not future- players. Young players can’t win us the title straight away. We need to abandon all ideas of buying cheap players and developing them. What’s the point? Doesn’t work anymore. Football has changed. Transfer prices have changed. I’m at the point now where the manager has to change. Or a change in manager. We are not a poor team. We have world class players at our disposal and yet Wenger doesn’t seem to know how to accommodate them all. Either Wenger sorts his act out, realises he can’t do anymore and walks away or he must feel the wrath of us Arsenal fans untill he leaves end of next season. I can’t wait that long. Is Wenger trying to do a Fergie and leave the club on a high? If so, he will be there until he dies in the seat during a match which were losing 2-0/3-0 to West Brom. Or even a League 2 team. Sorry, Wenger, but it’s time for you to shape up or ship out!

  4. Cesc_Pistol

    Those city & Liverpool fans didn’t really ‘show the club up’ by paying that price for the ticket in the first place did they?

  5. agunner

    The way hes been handling players, his carelessness in the transfer window, & moreso his erroneous managerial decisions time and again costing arsenal dear……So be it the way he handles podolski & campbell, bringing 42 million pound man to play him out of position even when its not working, rejection of cesc fabregas & sticking with cazorla even when atletico were ready to take him (ego issues)…..which i think has cost us dearly, failing to sign some much needed depth in various positions ……selling jenkinson when chambers was considered as back-up centre-back etc etc etc….list is much bigger…..

    1. Stocksy81

      Alot longer! I could go on for hours. He’s living in the past thinking “it worked then, it can still work now”. So, so wrong. Wenger and the board need to stop thinking about making money and instead think about spending it. Usmanov has said many times he’s willing to spend the money needed but Kroenke and Gazidis don’t want to be part of it. We need (at least) 2 CB, a CDM, a GK and a world class striker. If i were the manager of a club, I’d listen to the fans. We seem to know which players are good enough for Arsenal more than Wenger does. It is reported Wenger has been given 20mill to spend on new players. I’m sorry. PLAYERS? Plural? 20mill will get us 1 half decent player at best. Hummels is valued at 30mill, so we ain’t getting him! Khedira is valued higher than 20mill, so that’s another not coming.

  6. Justin

    Ungrateful bunch of fair weather fans you should all be ashamed , especially the fool that wrote this article, instead of actually support ing your team you want to do everything to destabilise the club, you deserve to be Spurs fans.

    1. Bambam

      You are the big fool here. You are a never do well guy. So you are satisfied with what wenger us doing… Shame on you. It is time for wenger to shit out n we are tired of his insolence and clueless managerial role at arsenal. Enough is enough… Nice article

    2. dmkebeya@gmail.com

      @ Justin, Supporting your team and showing your love for the team is saying no to mediocrity from the manager. I think your small brain tells you that supporting Wenger is supporting the team!!! We have to say enough is enough and if it means a little destabilization for better tomorrow stabilization, so be it but we cant continue having this clueless man as our manager

    3. fozdesigns

      Justin, our fans don’t understand that running a club isn’t as simple as assembling the best team by paying over-inflated prices for players. Look at Leeds, Utd will soon follow if they don’t make Champions League football this season, Liverpool until their buyout and the list goes on. Our club has stability and with time it will bring success the right way. Not buy victory for the short term that may cause eventual economic damage to our team for the long term.

      1. Begeegs

        Would it affect the bottom line to employ some tactics, in-game management, opposition scouting and squad-rotation?

        It’s fans like you that think that getting rid of a manager that doesn’t employ any of the above is akin to doing a Leeds. As a result, we continue the downward spiral while shelling out the highest prices in the world.

      2. fozdesigns

        The league is getting tougher. Teams like Southampton and Swansea are proving their worth. Just because 12 games in we haven’t found our feet you want to shoot now and ask questions later?

        Since the beginning of the seaon how many injuries have we had in comparison to the other clubs currently competing? Liverpool spent £100mil+ on new players, have a full squad currently at their disposal and still can not buy a victory. Chelsea have only had Costa injured for a few weeks, they’ve played the same team consistently since week 1. Same goes for Southampton.

        Bad patches happen for all clubs, patience is key. Lets see where we are by Christmas.

      3. Begeegs

        Mate – we’ve had the never ending injury crisis every year. Sooner or later, one needs to see a common denominator for that.

        Yes – the league is getting tougher and these teams are on a fraction of the budget of Arsenal. Another strike against Wenger.

        So if Christmas rolls around and we are still in poor form, what will you think then? Give him until May? Then wait until the end of the transfer window? Rinse-repeat.

      4. fozdesigns

        Come off it lad. Think about it with a clear head. There is always a team that’s challenging in the top four (the Evertons, the Newcastles), but they phase out. Arsenal’s form will pick up as it always does and they’ll make a run for the title. Need to stop reading this newspaper jibber jabber they promote. It’s also nonsense by pundits and journalists who have never managed a top team. It’s their opinion, that’s all. They’ll be calling us title contenders as soon as Chelsea draw or lose one too many games and we get a few wins under our belt. It’s all Bull.

        Southampton made decent money this transfer window. Ask any Liverpool fan. they invested wisely, but I can’t see them keeping up with what they’re doing.

        The injury crisis is something I do agree with you. It has become repetitive, but he’s found a solution to it. He’s brought in the German coach who has already been praised for helping bring back Giroud, Ozil and Debuchy faster than expected. Why the injuries occur? There is no answer to it. It happens. Look at Hargreaves, a player you can rely on. Transfers to a new club and he plays a total of 5-10 games before having to retire. It happens.

        Say he does turn it around, then what? Are you lot going to jump on his bandwagon again if he was to win the league, because that would make you look stupid.

      5. Begeegs

        If he turns it around and challenges for the league or CL, then I will gladly be proven wrong, but I don’t think that I am wrong. I look at our performances and I haven’t seen one this year bar Galatasaray and our results show that. I couldn’t care less by being proven wrong/right. What I do care about is our sorry state of affairs on the pitch.

        So again – what is it going to take for you? Say Wenger doesn’t turn it around? What if we are languishing in 8th place at Christmas. What will you think then?

        Re Southampton – sure, they have some astute buys, but he also has them organized and hard to beat defensively. It is something that i wish that we would do. We had a run where he did change it up and made us more compact (after Bayern and Spuds in 2013) and organized at the back, but for some reason, he reverted back to keystone cops this year and late last year.

    4. Eased4u.com

      You my friend is the ‘foolest of fools’. Arsenal is brand spiraling into mediocrity. This cannot be allowed to happen just because of “We wanna be grateful”. That is blind loyalty. He has never won EUFA Champions League (Chelsea who were a mediocre team a few years ago have). Alex Ferguson managed to make Man U competitive because he lived in a real world and revolved with the new reality. You and Wenger man, live in magical Belmont (Shakespeare!) Where you hope a €20 buy is decent. Losing to third tiers teams, fashionable etc.

  7. Stocksy81

    Ungrateful? You serious? We have put up with alot the past 10 years. 1 trophy, failed seasons, selling our best players, buying crap, buying world class players then playing them out of position, watching the same mistakes almost every game, only playing for fourth place, the same crap every season. What do we have to be grateful about? United struggling? Champs League every season? Even that will fall apart one day. Wenger seems to think finishing fourth is a success cos he can’t buy quality players. If we won everything and then moaned about the amount of goals conceded or the lack of goals scored THEN we would be considered ungrateful. Ungrateful, we are not, Fed up of the same crap season after season, we are.

    1. fozdesigns

      Best players who wanted to leave for their own reasons. Ozil won the World Cup on the Left Wing, playing him there isn’t out of position. He played there for Madrid and Germany. Too much knit picking.

      1. Begeegs

        Indeed – to win real things and not the Balance Sheet Trophies or 4th Placed/Virtual Trophies to qualify for a competition that we will never win under Wenger.

      2. Begeegs

        Yes – but this shouldn’t be the football managers mandate to be concerned with it. His responsibility is to bring a winning side to the pitch within any budget that he has been given. Someone needs to tell Wenger that his mandate is restricted to the performance of the team. Somewhere along the line, he seems to have forgotten that.

      3. Eased4u.com

        But German and Real play extremely different football from Arsenal nit head. We play some pointless pass here pass there and because it is a fact Ozil’s best matches have been when he play as a no. 10, I dare say he is able to open up space there. At the wing he get crowded out when whoever plays no. 10 decides to pass backward or sideways instead of forward.

      4. James

        Agree 100% with everything you said. These so called fans don’t understand what a football club is and what it needs to succeed. Some of their comments are painful to read, yet let’s not forget they do know best.

      5. The George Armstrong Fan Club

        Too many gullible people taken in by the glossy club propoganda via website, match day programme, Wenger friendly Press etc. Facts are facts, win or lose against Hull in the final he should have gone. We have the potential with a new broom to win the big ones, not with Wenger. Sadly, yesterdays man.

  8. Zee

    I believe Arsene has veen very unlucky this season. There was no way he could have predicted the injuries to Debuchy and Koscielny (both who played relatively every game last season, the latter also helping the Arsenal to one of the best defences in the league last season). However, I don’t understand why he didn’t sign another Centre Back and by sending out Jenkinson on loan to West Ham (Idea behind it to get some first team experience and come back stronger next season) leaving us completely thin at the back. Injuries have completely hampered our development for the past several seasons. Walcott last season (up to that point, we were doing very well), Ramsey during the crucial Christmas period. Wilshere missing a whole season before that. Diaby never able to complete a full training session. It’s endless. Wenger needs to be given time until the January transfer market to correct the shortfall at the club. We owe him that much. I just hope the stars align and give Wenger one last hurrah. Luck is what is needed right now.

    1. Begeegs

      Wenger knew about the Kos achilles problem as early as the beginning of August, yet he did nothing.

      He has had time and done nothing. He had money and didn’t buy what we need. He doesn’t do tactics, set-pieces, substitutions that are proactive, planning based on opposition, etc. all for a princely sum of £8 million a year.

      Time’s up. Wenger out.

      1. fozdesigns

        Kos’s injury was much worse then first expected. But look at what he was trying to do.

        He had Hector to cover at RB and Chambers to cover CB. Only reason he moved Chambers to RB and Monreal to CB, was due to experience he felt these players posessed in comparison to deploying Hector at RB (The showing at Southampton in the league cup was less then promising. Nerves got the best of him it seems) and Chambers at CB as he seems to have a knack of committing unnecesary fouls and collecting bookings when he has nothing to do. That’ll stop once he gets more games under his belt. It’s only 12 games in. Patience.

        I never knew you were involved in the day to day running of the club? Can you point me in the right direction where you got this information from in regards to the tactical preparationg of games?

      2. Begeegs

        Eh? You sarcastically asked about my knowings of the clubs tactics after explaining why Wenger did A and B, ironically.

    2. Begeegs

      Is it obvious? Seems more obvious to play players in their correct positions than to stick out an experienced left-back at a position that he hasn’t ever played in.

      1. Ces1ne

        Then he allows Chambers to get torn apart by Montero ALL MATCH without having the tactical knowledge to either give him some support with a more defensive winger or sub him for Bellerin who couldn’t do any worse after the torrid 1st half Chambers had. But this should all be a dead issue bc IF wenger actually prepared for the opposition he would’ve known Montero is a lightening fast winger with a ton of tekkers to beat a defender….meaning playing a slow, young Chambers against him was a bad tactical idea from the start!!!! But nope, AKBs still think Arsene does tactics

    3. manjil rai

      Unlucky my white ass. You get unlucky for one season, maybe two. After that its your fucking fault. It was his mistake not to bring in replacements, it was his fault for not rotating the squad properly, its his fault for not making subs that everyone else but him saw, its his fault we have a 43 million player out of position and out of form, its all his fucking fault. ALL OF YOU FUCKING APOLOGETIC, NO AMBITION, FANS OF THE GREAT SPECIALIST OF FAILURE SHOULD JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AND NEVER COME BACK. YOURE THE REASON WHY THE CLUB IS WHERE IT IS. TOP 4 EVERY YEAR WILLL NOT ELEVATE OUR CLUB IT WILL MOST PROBABLY BE A GRADUAL DECLINE. WHEN THOSE SPONSORSHIPS VIEWERSHIPS START FALLING BECAUSE OF DECLINING FAN BASES IM SURE WENGER WILL STILL BE THERE TO GET YOU YOUR FUCKING $TH PLACE. FUCKK OFFF!!!

  9. Ugolo SN

    When d gods want 2 kill a man, they 1st make him mad. That’s d stage wenger has reached. He has lost it all. His pride has led 2 him falling. No man is an island. Everybody on planet earth except Mr wenger knows wat Arsenal’s problem(s) is/are.
    Tactically, he is so out of date. A manager that won’t make a change/changes until its 75 minutes even when d player/pkaers are playing so poor isn’t a manager anymore.
    Same tin dat happened in d UCL dat made us surrender of 3-0 lead was repeating itself against swansea, and all dis old F*** could do was sit down and watch
    He never stands up and ditch out instructions 2 his players. D best he does is 2 complain 2 his assistant or d 4th official.
    We need a new manager @ d helm of affairs
    D time 4 Mr. I know it all 2 go is NOW!!!

  10. Elias

    I think it is time for Wenger to resign in dignity. My nightmarish fear is that if things go on like this, we are going to find it very difficult to attract good world class player to our team, Instead we are going to loose our best players. Take a look at the comments Reus had passed this morning, He says he won’t join us because he wants to win trophies potentially at Real Madrid.

  11. GB

    I have to agree largely with Justin but with some conditions. We should have bought a couple of extra players and I feel let down by the club on this point but that is something that can’t be addressed till one of the next 2 TW’s so I am prepared to wait.

    What is of more importance is what we could change intrinsically. The things that can be improved that we aren’t doing that are undermining our ability to be as good as we currently can be. I do feel that Arsenal’s defensive tactics are all at sea at the moment. Yes this is down to the manager and he needs to change his stance on this. If he doesn’t then I don’t feel we will get back to challenging the likes of Chelsea again and yes it would be time to look at someone who can take us up to that level.

    I don’t think it should be done as you are planning however and I agree with Justin that this will only destabilise the players on the pitch. That is not being a true supporter of your club in my opinion because you will then have a direct hand in helping the club to drop points. Yes it is all a bit wrong at the moment and maybe it is time to move on but is this the only way to achieve it?

    Imagine if you managed to get 200,000 people to e-mail the club, not ranting or raving but simply saying that, if the majority of fans can see our tactics as being wrong, and pretty much every pundit is saying the same thing, then can we all be wrong and Wenger be the only one who is right? If everyone says in their e-mail that it is down to you the club and the manager to put it right and if we don’t see that happening then you owe us more of an explanation as to why things are not right and what you plan to do about them, then the sheer numbers saying the same thing should either make the manager address the problems properly or make the board take the fans feelings into account and change the man in charge, but in a dignified way.

    He has dedicated too much to the club for things not to be done in a dignified way. He took us through years of austerity at the expense of his own C.V, (Mourinho or Ferguson wouldn’t have stayed on to do this), just so we could be a club big enough to be in a position to expect to challenge regularly at the top level. The fact that we are all angry about things is testament to Arsene Wenger bringing us to this point where we expect to be at the top. If he can’t now add that last dimension then yes there will have to be a sad parting of ways but not in the way you want to do it. That smacks of ingratitude and childish petulance. If he leaves at the end of the year with things not having gone right he will still be our greatest ever manager. Is this really the treatment you want to dish out to the man who has brought so much to the club? Is this your final parting gift to him?

    1. Begeegs

      There are loads of managers who work at a lesser budget with more success than Wenger during his ‘austerity’ years. He makes £8 million a year which is up there with the highest in the world, so he is no pauper. He is being amply compensated for his ‘sacrifice’. At no other top club in the world, would his performance be tolerated and before you start with the stadium move, please bear in mind that Bayern Munich moved stadium in 2005 and continued to win silverware during this time. Wenger finally won something last year and the performances leading up to this were grating to say the least. This season, the performances have continued along those lines. When is enough?

      1. fozdesigns

        What team has won the PL with a lesser budget? What team with a lesser budget has won the CL? I can’t seem to recall. Your facts are misplaced. Munich have large sums of cash, their transition was simpler. Domestically, they did okay. But only in the last 3 or so years have they become a force again. You can’t compare us to them.

      2. Begeegs

        Firstly, I never said the Premiership. Athletico Madrid just won La Liga against big spending powerhouse teams. How – when they just sold their talisman? Tactics – organization. Defending as team. etc. Borussia Dortmund won their league 2 years in a row before Bayern start picking off their players. Montpellier won the French League. There are loads of teams that have won on a fraction of our budget. Also, let’s not restrict to League Titles – what about silverware as I didn’t specify? I think that you’d find loads of teams that would have trophies before our FA Cup win last year. In fact, we got beaten in the League Cup by a relegated team. High spending Wigan won the FA Cup they before we finally did. So afraid that your facts are misguided.

        Bayern did just ok domestically when they moved stadiums? I think that if you won the league of your stadium move, that’s a bit better than ok. Bayern took out a loan for their stadium just like us, so they are comparable. It is just that they don’t accept this 4th place is a trophy bollocks that people at Arsenal are content with.

      3. fozdesigns

        How can you compare the La Liga and Bundesliga to the PL?

        La Liga has been won by Madrid or Barca for the last 10 years. The PL is much more competitive league then the two you’ve stated.

        Athletico won the La Liga for the first time since 1996. They waited 18 years to win their league title again. They hadn’t won any trophy for 13 years (Their second division promotion doesn’t count), before winning the Europa League in 2009. So they’ve had plenty of time to build. In comparison to them, we have to wait 9 years for a trophy.

        Dortmund on the other hand were on the verge of bankrupcy before Klopp took over. They hadn’t won a trophy since 2001. 9/10 years again to build. What led to Dortmunds downfall? Overspending the seaons prior and bad planning for the future. Klopp changed all that by following a philosophy that he saw Wenger employ when he first came to the Arsenal. He mentioned this a few years back. And what’s the difference between Dortmund having their played bought by Munich and the Arsenal having their players bought by our rivals? Why aren’t their fans jumping up in arms over it? Yet they support Klopp, through thick and thin as they don’t forget the bad times they had prior to them. (For us, the Bruce Rioch era).

        Bayern Munich are big club with a bigger stadium and bigger fan base. They took our a smaller loan compared to Arsenals and hosted a Champions League final which they were paid handsomely for. They’ve been allowed to clear their debt by other means, the Arsenal have tried to do this also (i.e. concerts etc, but were vandicted in regards to this also) but will never get the sort of money that Bayern make.

        You can’t compare the two, as both teams are of different leagues and in no way are both leagues comparable. Look at the times that currently play second fiddle to Munich.

      4. Begeegs

        It is subjective to say that those leagues are less competitive than the PL. I’d argue that because of Arsenal and Man United stagnating due to mismanagement, the rest of the league caught up.

        Also, what does it matter the amount of time teams had between trophies – that is a straw-man argument. We were talking about success from managers who won on a fraction of our budget and there are plenty. Klopp is revered because when he loses key players, he replaces them with players as good or with potential. That is key to staying competitive. Simeone lost Falcao and Costa in two straight years and replaced them both times not only staying competitive, but winning trophies. Both coaches are known for their organization tactically.

        Look – everyone knows what Wenger has done at Arsenal and a lot of people are grateful for that, but he has also been rewarded by very patient fans who put up with his many failures over the past 10 years and with his wages reflect that. He would have been sacked at any other big club during this time for his on-field failings.

        So I will ask you again – if we haven’t going at Christmas, then what will you think? What will it take for you to say ‘enough is enough’?

    2. Rohan Vijay

      Well said 🙂 What a terrible way to treat Arsene ! I believe without Wenger around and our circumstances we would have gone through multiple managers and mid-table mediocrity ! Arsene has spoiled us Arsenal fans and now some of us want to throw him out on his backside — Sad state of affairs 😦

      1. Stocksy81

        Well yea. Happened at Chelsea and now at United. Difference is Chelsea won trophies in less time that Arsenal has. A change of manager is what we need no matter how long he has been at the club. Can’t run the club on the same late 90s-early 2000s policies.

      2. Stocksy81

        Well i did say in an earlier post that the League Title has to be bought and not earned. Maybe the next manager won’t be scared to spend more money where it is needed.

      3. Begeegs

        Not only that, but this year they actually generated a transfer profit by selling Lukaku and the mugs that bought David Luis.

  12. Soxx

    Wenger has done so much pain to us fans and its enough he must go, he never wins against bigger managers and now he is even losing to up coming manager who do not even managerial CV

  13. collettez

    Its time for mr wenger to resign and go back to a small team its where he belongs. he fails to make changes when needed and seem to react after falling behind rather than be proactive its really saddening. Arsenal right now is the weakest team in the premier league. He should resign honorably otherwise we are ready to make the move. mr wenger yu have only the next game against MAN U to prove whether you should continue being at the helm. If yu fail to win this game then take a hike.

  14. Odiongo Peter Kasmiro

    Wenger has done enough to develop the club with his glorious moment in AFC and we cannot say that is all. When I am watching Arsenal playing, they play pretty football dominating the opposition but at last, they cannot win. I use to ask my friends, what could be the problem? we some times conclude that perhaps our players are not motivated or they’re given less pay. Another issue is, when Arsenal signed Ozil, we thought everything will change because we need world class to help the young players but things went wrong direction and Ozil is critize for no reason. Therefore, today I can say Wenger is a problem to Arsenal failures and his aging can not save Arsenal anymore. Wenger should resign before any protest from fans so that he will be remembered at Arsenal. OUt! Out! Wenger, we’re tired of your old tactics and I wish Arsenal players should let man utd beat them next week so that Wenger will pack immediately than seeing him till next year. No more trust in Arsene.

  15. goonersx Post author

    I really cant believe there is even a debate on Wenger in or out, that ship has sailed.

    Some clearly love the man more than they love The Arsenal and NO man is bigger than the club

    1. fozdesigns

      It’s not about loving the man more than the club. But you have to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. We can not forget what this man has done for our club. We are where we are because of them. One of the biggest clubs in the world. Players come to us because of him. You think Georgie would have have been able to sign players like Ozil and Sanchez? What about Henry or Vieria? They came because of Wenger.

      The only sensible appointment after Wenger would be Klopp. And in his current situation, he won’t leave as he has a point to prove at Dortmund. I understand the frustration. But removing Wenger now will result in two things, countless managers for the next 5 – 10 years (as loyalty is the thing of the past) and downward spiral of our club.

      Maybe we need to show more encouragement to our players to start performing. All this negativity surrounding our club affects the atmosphere.

      1. Begeegs

        How would it result in those two things? It could also result in some organization and someone to take us to challenging for top trophies. People take over clubs and do take them to next levels like Wenger did with us. Look at Athletico Madrid or even Roma.

        We don’t know, but to be stuck in a broken record world where we make up the numbers in the CL, filling Stan’s already deep pockets while showing tactical naivety in football matches is somehow better?

      2. Stocksy81

        Removing Wenger will create a downward spiral? It’s already happening. 1 trophy in 10 years is good enough? Yea right. You’re willing to sit there season after season and say good job? Or unlucky, maybe next year? Some of us want success and want it now. We were used to it in the early Wenger days.

      3. fozdesigns

        Look at what’s happening at the other “big” clubs around you. United and Liverpool. The two juggernauts of English Football. Why can’t they get a decent manager in to win trophies? How many managers have helped Liverpool win the league title? You bring someone else in, he’s going to need time to sort the club out according to his rules and regs. Bring in the players he wants. Doesn’t guarantee success.

        Wenger had clubs like Madrid and Barca wanting his services, he would have been paid more than what he’s getting at the Arsenal, and how are awarding his loyalty? By turning our back on him.

        When anyone makes an investment in any line of business, they don’t do it because they’re feeling generous. They do it for a profit. You can’t fault Stan for doing that. He’s made his contribution of cash to the club which has helped fund the transfers and pay off debt. You can’t blame him for making money.

      4. fozdesigns

        This is the thing. He spoilt you in his earlier years. Produced the greatest PL team of this era (the invincibles). And you want instant success, even though this man is contributing to making our club bigger and better in time?

      5. Begeegs

        Kroenke has bought shares and no more. He hasn’t given a dime of his money to Arsenal. He has, however, taken out £3 million for services unspecified by the Arsenal Board. RIght about the same amount as the amount generated for ticket price raises.

        You are right. Replacing a manager doesn’t guarantee success, however, standing around waiting for Arsenal to challange for top honors while everyone and his dog can see what Wenger cannot looks to be a worse option.

      6. Stocksy81

        I agree^. We need something new and fresh. Get Klopp in. Dortmund are struggling in the league and are people criticizing him? I doubt it cos he’s a quality manager and isn’t living on past glories, as someone put it. I don’t want instant succes, i wanted it nearly 10 years ago seeing as we were winning trophies regularly.

  16. Johnson

    I am and still believe tha tthe poor performances is squarely to this long nose. How do you replace a player with Sonogo when you have poldy and Campbell on the Bench . For gods sake. Costa rica reached where they reached because of Campbell performances in the world cup. Sonogo was not even near the bench for france. Must Flamini play because he is french????? This Guy has lost it. You Got flamini back yet he refused to buy fabregas back saying that we had enough. You sell a CD verminator and refuse to buy a defender. You still believe he is The best Coach for us?? Hell No…Look at his attitude when thisngs are going wrong. The Idiot Sits and folds his hands between his thin legs Doing nothing. I also tent to believe he as told Bould to keep quiet and not give instructions cause he things he is the Boss. I hate . Just Look at Klopp or Martinez or even pep and Mourinho even when their team is winning . They are always off the bench giving instructions. Younger guys like Simione are even outdoing him in the Job.Dont even talk of the transfer window. Wenger turned to be the scout of other big teams coz of his slowness and refusal to pay money then he scratches his balls and complain later that the market was tight. this guy should Just leave our team alone. i started supporting Arsenal even before he came and I cant stand to watch him fuck our team. he needs to goooooooooo. The Guy has got no passion at all. The training are never serious like Per said . and wenger was really on his case.He is Purely and IDIOT who never Tries. Atleast when you are a fool in something you have to try at least once.

  17. George Armstrong Fan Club

    The club is profit driven and trophies are of secondary concern. Stan has not been good for the club, the Russian oligarch would have been much better, splashed the cash, and if the manager didn’t do the business, he’s out. Sad it may be, but if you want to survive at the VERY top these days, you have to be ruthless.

  18. Tim

    I take a lot of offence to your ‘Tourists’ comment. As a fan from overseas who loves and lives The Arsenal, it is quite a insult to be labeled as a tourist. I would give anything to be able to watch Arsenal ONCE in my life…waking up at 3am in the morning in Australia to watch Arsenal shouldn’t make me less if a fan than you. Getting up early on a Monday for a game and then having to go to work after losing to Swansea is devastating but of course I’m a Tourist…What would I know about The Arsenal

  19. Abeldave j

    Its unfortunate guys that not even the Arsenal fans alone want wenger out now. Our royal Arsenal as now become a royal play ground for little teams. Watching the Anderlect game i felt so bitter and i was like wenger knows what His doing but against swansea i saw the same line up that cost us the game against anderlect, a club that wants to go forward must have a coach that wants to go forward. Its so pathetic, that even wenger is praising the opposite teams anytime he got defeated and he will never want to listen to advice. Lets just fold our arms and watch because i think even though we protest the club won’t listen. Wenger influence is so so big in this club.. Take heart guys. COYG

  20. comedyeboue

    “Wenger had clubs like Madrid and Barca wanting his services, he would have been paid more than what he’s getting at the Arsenal, and how are awarding his loyalty? By turning our back on him.

    When anyone makes an investment in any line of business, they don’t do it because they’re feeling generous. They do it for a profit. You can’t fault Stan for doing that. He’s made his contribution of cash to the club which has helped fund the transfers and pay off debt. You can’t blame him for making money.”

    is this a joke? what contribution of cash has kroenke put in to arsenal? he has bought shares off the old guard. he has put money into them. he hasn’t invested a dime in the club itself, to its running or to paying off debt or transfer fees.

    as for AW. we are rewarding him now for sticking with us when he was good? what so we a re a charity are we, you admit e should remain for his past achievements. when does that end, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, how far do we have to decline before hes had his loyalty repaid, get relegated like forest under clough, would that change your mind??

    please can you explain the lack of tactics, rewarding of average players with big money deals, the ever present lack of a decent DM and defensive issues.

    YES AW was fantastic but that was nearly 10 years ago. All evidence since decisively proves he isn’t anymore

  21. Richard

    But we due respect wenger has done enough. Memories are met to be remembered we still love you… it’s time to go boss…

  22. GoonerGaz

    Foz, you make some good points, however I’m not expecting Arsenal to win the league each year, challenging yes! More importantly being to shut games out against the likes of Anderlecht, that crazy 4-4 match with Newcastle, the list is endless.

    1 nil up against Swansea, how about brining on Bellerin to support Chambers? Common sense.

    When Steve Bould came in after Pat Rice, there were some promising signs, I clearly remember Wenger bringing on Jenkinson and Vermaelan in front of the full backs with twenty or thirty mins to go and shut the game out. He’s no longer doing this for some unknown reason. Bould has pretty much been told to keep quiet.

    I want Wenger to stay and change his philosophy, but I don’t think he’s that sort of man, so he needs to go!

  23. Edwin Kumar

    Wenger needs to go.. he stubborn approach is killing the football club and his own rich tradition.. #wengerout #ArsenalboardOut

  24. Pingback: Time for change – Arsenal is stale | She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

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