Five Myths about Tottenham Hotspur


Ok, I was a little bit fed up of a lot of the rubbish spouted by many Spurs fans, much of the media, and even some Arsenal fans, after the 1-1 North London Derby draw. So let’s set some of the myths straight.

Spurs are closer to Arsenal then they have every been

WRONG. In 2006, they were a dodgy lasagne away from finishing above Arsenal. Going into the last game of the season, Spurs were a point clear of Arsenal. They shat themselves. Fast forward 10 years to 2015/16, Spurs went into the last day of the season 2 points clear of Arsenal. They shat themselves. Yes, they have moved forward in 10 years, but so have Arsenal.

In summary, Spurs are no closer to Arsenal now than they were 10 years ago.

Spurs play attractive football

In the last 7 games, Spurs have scored 4 goals. 3 of which have been penalties. So 1 goal in 7 games from open play. In the same games, Arsenal scored 19 goals. Spurs must be brilliant to watch…

Spurs Invincibles v Arsenal Invincibles

11 games, Spurs are still unbeaten. Arsenal went an entire league season unbeaten, won the title on the ground of their rivals, and set a English top flight record of 49 games undefeated and got a gold Premier League trophy. Spurs are 5th. And have not won a league game in over a month.

Spurs great form

So they might be unbeaten in the Premier League so far this season. But they are now 7 games without a win. In the same 7 games, Arsenal have won 5. Infact, in all competitions, Arsenal have lost just once in 27 games. Spurs have lost 7 games in that same period. Who really are the in form team in North London?


Arsenal are scared of Spurs

We did the Wembley thing 16 years ago. We did the stadium thing 10 years ago. We have won more in 3 years than Spurs have won in the last 16. 0 league titles in 55 years. 0 FA Cups in 25 years. A new stadium with 12 extra seats means nothing if you are not a threat on the pitch. And the reality is, over the last 2 decades, Spurs have barely threatened Arsenal. Spurs are simple obsessed with Arsenal. They want to be Arsenal. There fans hate their dads for making them support Spurs.

Have a good evening!


2 thoughts on “Five Myths about Tottenham Hotspur

  1. Tony

    spurs are obsessed with arsenal says the flat ginger bloke who keeps writing bitter childish stuff about spurs… you couldn’t make it up!



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