Alexis Sanchez to sign new Arsenal contract

Alexis Sanchez has provisionally agreed a double your money £280,000 a week, 3 year contract to remain at Arsenal.

In doing so, Sanchez turned down a mega money £40,000,000 a year deal to move to China which included a £12 million bonus a year.

Arsenal also warded off interest from Bayern Munich who offered a club record transfer fee in an attempt to pry the Chilean away from the London side.

Sanchez’s agreement is apparently with the understanding that Arsenal will sign 3 top players this summer, with the club reportedly letting him know that we are already in advanced negotiations for two high profile players.

The deal for Sanchez is set to be announced within the next 2 weeks.

Alongside this, Mesut Ozil is almost certain to follow Sanchez by signing a new deal at the club. Apparently the German’s contract is 99% agreed.

Sanchez has agreed the deal after a post-FA Cup meeting with Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke, when owner and manager outlined their short term plans for the club.

With Sanchez and Ozil set to stay, and Arsene Wenger prepared to make big moves in the transfer market, Arsenal are preparing to make a serious title challenge in 2017/18.

Alexis Sanchez – targeting trophies, not millions.


40 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez to sign new Arsenal contract

  1. Mike Walker

    What’s your source? The Chilean journalist reporting that he’s going to Man City is regarded as being pretty reliable. Obviously I want this to be right!

    1. Hants Gooner

      U dont find it odd that a player under contract has apparently agreed to move to another club without permission to even talk to another club or a fee being agreed by his current club ??

      1. MGF85

        It happens, it shouldn’t, but it does. Still interested to know where the info came from

  2. Afc

    I don’t see how wenger would survive selling alexis sanchez, It doesn’t make sense. Also how can arsenal be able to bid over 100 million pounds for an 18 year old but not match 350 grand per week that bayern are reported to be offering?

    1. jay

      You don’t honestly believe everything you read in the papers, do you? You do realise that 99.9% of transfer rumours are literally made up out of thin air? And yes, that most probably includes a so-called bid of over £100million.

      1. Afc

        I think it’s pretty obvious arsenal are looking to make big waves in the transfer market this year. Gazidis and wenger have already stated that a major problem for the teams success last year was the unrest from the fans. They no the fans need to be onside if they are to have any chance next season. No matter what you think of the club of the owner they can’t afford another europa league spot next year. I fully expect arsenal to spend upwards of 100 million this year

  3. Afc

    Surely it would make more sense to blow everyone out of the water and offer sanchez 400 grand per week. That would cost arsenal 62 million over 3 years, well worth it for what I would say I’m the best player in the league. That would leave arsenal with 100 million to spend on a beast striker and a cazorla replacement. But they must be world class, maybe lacazett and James from RM

    1. Patrick Muli

      Good suggestions besides I would like to see Carzola moved to the technical bench as creative mid fielders end up making effective coaches.

      1. Afc

        That could be a good move as everybody loves santi too. My 2 big problems for the up and coming season is that im worried we don’t have enough power in the midfield. Ramsey, elneny, coquelin, wilshere and ozil are all lightweight with no pace. I believe we need a big powerful runner to team up with granit and a new santi cazorla replacement. Also after hearing koscielny needs treatment after every game and training session on he’s achilles that is a major problem.

  4. jay

    Literally no source stated and a third of the page is advertisements trying to sell me something. What an embarrassing piece of “journalism”.

  5. maxi

    hey! to be reliable is better than thinking you be the first in breaking the news. Its true Alexis wants assurance of club ambitions shown in the immediate big name investments, i see him holding out for that but realy why would he choose to leave for city? Guardiola? Ambitions?….. Iwish he stays, that would be wenger’s first trophy if Alexis signs

  6. Ifeanyi

    Sanchez signs for ManCity, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, all in one day. What an unreliable media we have!

  7. Alpha

    sign Diego Costa,Riyad mahrez and seri im sure if we sign this three players we wil compete for premier league becoz costa won premier league for chelsea

    1. frOOm

      Costa does not deserve to wear an Arsenal kit, his behavior on the pitch is not acceptable, he has no class …

  8. ANAND

    This is the biggest Joke of the decade. We are past April 1. With Wenger in charge there will be lot of noise but no action. Kroenke and Wenger can fart their way to glory but no glories reserved for Arsenal till these idiots are in the club. they are absolute filtered idiots


    Arsenal and Le Prof, it’s now you ‘re talking. Atleast, it’s now you people are
    trying to make we your fans happy. Wenger is a good coach no doubt but, you cannot know every thing alone. Donot let go of Alexis Sanches or Ozil at all if you want to make any meeaninful progress at all.

  10. Aliyu Abdullahi

    what is so special about Wenger’s managerial skills that cannot be obtained from another manager? He is more interested in profits than winning laurels I don’t think he will make any difference in the coming season. Quote me when the time comes.

  11. Thompson Peter

    Anything (news) that can counter the one of Sanches city switch is welcomed. I don’t want fabregas,rvp,nasir,adebayo, henry etc etc type of switching to another club anymore. They left because of lack of trophies. The club need ozil & Sanchez. An addition of 3/4 first team players (big name) will be an EPL title winning team. Pls Arsene, Gazidis & Kroenke we’ve suffered a lot being an arsenal fan. Put smile on our faces by splashing the cash on good/tested players. Thompson (Abuja)

  12. 3

    That’s arsen Winger’s problem, other clubs will sign while he is watching, and later he will say there is no quality

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  14. Hunnerbee

    “targeting trophies, not millions.”

    Er, he wants a 100% pay rise. How is that not targeting millions?

  15. Obama Johnson

    I think Arsenal missing top four (4) this time around is a true blessing in disguise for the club, it is going to be a catalyst to changes to Arsene Wenger/Gazidis/Kroenke way of making money only rather than winning trophies and to many good things we fans have always hoped and wished for the club.
    Watch out for Arsenal next season.

  16. fenner

    All the chatter around the web about Alexis staying has been sourced to this single site. I hope you are right.

  17. Philip

    So a person asked for the source of Alexis staying? and then their comment was deleted? Looks to be completely made up then!

  18. OKello Daniel Timothy

    We glad Arsenal Fc management have taken our expectations as fans seriuos. My plight is that they beef up the squad with at least 3 world class players.


    Buying Lacazette, James Rodriques RM and Leon Goetezka of schalke will be a good beaf up for arsenal i’m really surprise Wenger has not made any formal bid to sign them and sell out Walcot,Lucas,Gibbs,Cambel and Giroud to funds the incoming players

  20. Chris

    He’s good but not that good. They need to keep him but now they’ve hamstrung themselves from acquiring more talent to surround him with, and they’ll keep getting stick from fans because of the lack of new talent. They should sell Ozil and flip it into more quality young players.


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