5 steps to make Arsenal great again

1. Sign Virgil van Dijk – Arsenal have missed a leader at the back for years. Per Mertesacker is a good organiser, but is now a liability.

van Dijk will give the side a physical presence at the back. Strong, quick and tall, at the age of 26 he has the best to come. He is also very good at bringing the ball out of defence.

2. Return to 4 at the back – Going to 3 at the back won us the FA Cup and saw us nearly snatch a top 4 position. But it is evident that it doesn’t suit the current set of players.

Buying van Dijk and returning to 4 at the back would give us a defence of: Bellerin VvD Kos Sead. There are not too many defences better than that in world football.

3. Sign Jean Michael Seri – Liverpool exposed Arsenal’s problems in the middle of the park. Xhaka and Ramsey are simply not a good partnership.

We are struggling to transition the ball from defence to attack. Something that has ended up leaving Mesut Ozil isolated and coming deeper to get the ball.

Santi Cazorla has not been replaced. Xhaka was supposed to be that replacement, starting out attacks from deep, but too often he gives the ball away in dangerous places leading to goals conceded.

With a release clause of €40m, Seri, next to Xhaka, would solve our problems in the middle of the park.

4. Sign Thomas Lemar – Why haven’t we just done the deal? I don’t get it?

5. Switch to 4231 – Getting in Vvd and Seri would give us the stability to return to 4231. The formation which suits the players a lot more.


You would have a solid defence, some mobility and ability in midfield that would free up Ozil to perform in the finals 3rd.

An attacking trio who are versatile and offer a lot of threat, and a clinical striker up top.

Of course, the step I have not mentioned yet is getting rid of Arsene Wenger. It might not solve every problem at Arsenal ,but he is the biggest problem at Arsenal.


9 thoughts on “5 steps to make Arsenal great again

  1. rellends

    Do you think signing any of those players would make Arsenal competitive again? Wenger is incapable of training any of those players on to the next level? Name the last player Wenger has signed and then coached on to the next level. Sanchez was pretty much the finished article. There are only 2 steps required to take for Arsenal to finally take the step into the 21st and that is to have someone buy the club and then bring in a coach with modern ideas. If that happened today, the season after next I believe we could be competitive again. Unfortunately, it won’t.


  2. JB

    Even if any of these 5 things will happen, while Wenger is still in post the greatness will not return. So there is actually ONE major thing that needs to happen…


  3. richard creek

    two problems with that team is Sanchez & Ozil, Our Club is on a downward spiral and it has been for a long time, Who want to play for Arsenal ? NO ONE


  4. Malaysian Gunner

    Agree with rellands .Arsenals stock has fallen the last ten years .
    The Cup success cant hide the fact the gunners aint what they used to be.
    For this Wenger has only himself to blame.
    The sooner he leaves the better for Arsenal and the fans,


  5. Malaysian Gunner

    Wenger is too predictable. The heavy losses to MU/MC /Chelsea/Pool show tactically
    he has been outsmarted. He would still cling to his old ways and thats why he lost heavily to Pool.
    You don’t often find atop manager losing repeatedly to his immediate rivals.With Wenger it has become ahabit.If Mane were agunner,he would probably pass the ball to another gunner.
    By then the sheer nos of defendres would have stifled him. And that’s what is happening to the
    gunners all the time. I say get rid of the fm. He doesn’t seem to want to learn the error
    of his ways.Any manager suffering heavy losses would in all probability be fired.
    He will on e day if the gunners keep losing and don’t change to make the gunners harder to beat.


  6. Peter Burgess

    Van Dijk yes, then it can be made workable with what remains, the other 3 defenders are Monreal,Bellerin,and Kos. In front of the four,playKolasniac and Granit, get rid of Sanchez ,push Ozil forward ( to his position in the German team ) where he can create and spend his time and energy around and in our opponents box, Ramsey in front of the 2 defensive mid fielders where he can break into the box with security behind him. Then Giroud and Lacazette up front.
    The Wenger problem ,we havn’t got long enough to go into that.


  7. John Raymond

    Good point about Cazorla – his lay-off has made him the forgotten man – clever – two-footed -not afraid to take a shot – all things we need. Sadly, his days may be numbered.



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