Greedy, Greedy Tottenham

For as long as I can remember, Arsenal have offered massively discounted tickets for the League Cup. This going back to the days of Highbury.

Only on one occasion in memory did we move away from this policy.

It was 2008 and Arsenal face Tottenham in the League Cup semi-final, and Arsenal proposed both clubs offer discounted tickets for all fans.

Tottenham refused, and all fans had to pay normal prices for both legs.

10 years on and Tottenham’s greed has reared its head again.

In the League Cup, both sides share gate receipts – 45% each. Due to this both sides must agree the pricing. If they disagree, the Football League will mediate.

The understanding is Arsenal proposed keeping the current League Cup pricing structure that we had for Brentford and Blackpool. £10/£20 for adults and cheaper for kids. Tottenham have turned this proposal down.

How greedy are Tottenham that they are willing to deny their own fans cheaper tickets for a North London derby?

We are not even talking big money here. The difference just £500k or so. Are Tottenham so desperate for money to complete their over budget new ground that they are willing to screw over their own fans?

Well actually, Spurs have screwed over their fans all season.

We knew back in March that their new stadium would not be completed until October at the earliest. Further delays mean it is 2019, if at all this season.

Daniel Levy et al were privy to the same information as ourselves, et he still sold season tickets for a new stadium that was not yet completed.

He basically took an £80m interest free loan from all Tottenham fans.

The cynic in me says that Tottenham needed this money to pay off bills in an attempt to complete the stadium. They are now refunding fans on a game by game basis. Basically getting the revenue from Wembley sales and returning it to those fans who bought a Tottenham season ticket.

By doing this it controls cash flow, ensuring that Tottenham are not issuing refunds before they have bought in the cash to cover it.

It is a disgracefully greedy act by Levy, tax exile Joe Lewis and everyone at ENIC.

Arsenal are often criticised for having expensive tickets. The media usually fail to mention that we get 26 games for our season ticket.

It seems Tottenham are escaping criticism. Criticism for fleecing their own fans for season ticket money for an unfinished stadium. And now fleecing fans for a League Cup Quarter Final. The press are silent on both.

With recent announcements that a European Super League is back in the table – fuelling further greed from elite sides; even small clubs like Tottenham are showing that all they care about is the bottom line.



29 thoughts on “Greedy, Greedy Tottenham

  1. Freund or Foe

    How I wish we had owners like yours. Kroenke is so selfless, it’s all about what is best for the fans and the club, money doesn’t come into it. And I’m fed up with this Poch geezer, I want Dick Emery instead. So bloody jealous. Maybe if we had Kroenke as owner and Dick as manager, we could have bought Stephan Lichtsteiner.


  2. Mark

    I’ve missed this sad little boy appearing in my news now feed. Gave the pointless article a quick read before I leave for the game. The most pathetic bit of his usual pathetic article is the ‘Levy took an £80m loan from all Tottenham fans’ by selling season tickets to the new stadium. Shall I point out to Keenos that the fans would have paid exactly the same amount for season tickets if Tottenham had played all season at Wembley? No why bother to tell him, it will be his bed time soon


  3. Robert Watkins

    simple soloution arsenal just reinburse their fans the diffrence with say a voucher to spend in the club shop or off there next ticket purchases


  4. Stoney

    Says the guy who supports the club who charge the highest price for premier league tickets, and has done for years. By the way, for every game that is not played at the new stadium season tickets are refunded that match. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your inane diatribe.


  5. Wilboid

    Maybe it’s because Arsenal have to keep their prices low so people will turn up to watch them. Like West Ham. If you wanna watch the Mighty Spurs you gotta pay up.


  6. keith green

    What a load of bullshit. Spurs will want their full allocation of 9,000 tickets. Woolwich won’t want that. It will seem like an away game. It’s enough of a library as it is.


  7. Jennings Pat

    This article is an afront to the merits of modern day journalism. You are a complete cad Sir. You’re also a sad gooner cunt…grow up for fuck sake you pathetic tit.



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