Forget the rest; it’s all about The Arsenal

It is time to focus on The Arsenal.

This season it feels like a lot of fans energy has been consumed being concerned by what other clubs are doing,.

Whether it was Tottenham’s mid-season title challenge or Liverpool’s ongoing one. It felt like many fans became more interested in results of our rivals than our own results.

We saw it again during the last week.

Instead of looking forward to Thursday night and Arsenal’s game against Valencia, fans firstly became consumed by Liverpool’s result against Barcelona and then Tottenham’s against Ajax.

On social media, you would not have thought Arsenal were playing for the majority of the day as many fans spent their time talking about Tottenham and Liverpool. It was almost like they had forgotten that Arsenal were playing.

Yet here we sit in the final of the Europa League following the 4-2 victory over Valencia.

It will be Arsenal’s 1st European final in 13 years, and just the 7th in history.

Before the game in 2 and a half weeks we have the last day of the Premier League season; facing Burnley.

I would expect Unai Emery to put out a strong team tomorrow.

With the Europa League final being a distance away, it is not worthwhile resting players – bar someone like Laurent Koscielny.

Wholesale changes would mean that some players would go nearly 3 weeks without playing a game.

It will be interesting to see how Emery manages the training schedule over the next 19 days.

Players will need to stay match sharp, which will be hard to do if all they are doing is training. I imagine there will be a few competitive behind closed door training sessions taking place. Arsenal may well enlist the help of a Scandinavian side. Fly them across to give us someone to play.

Fans now need to spend less energy worrying about what other English sides might achieve in Europe and more energy backing Unai Emery’s Red and White Army.


1 thought on “Forget the rest; it’s all about The Arsenal

  1. Charles Charley Charles

    The big issue for me is that we risk losing key players if we don’t qualify for the CL next year.

    Also, we won’t have the carrot of CL football with which to attract new signings.

    The easiest route to CL football is a top four finish and a home win against either Palace or Brighton would have put us in the box seat. A win against both of them would have put us in third place today, with one to play.

    Team selection in both matches let us down.

    Of course, Emery had his hands tied somewhat by fixture congestion and injuries, but standing in the Clock End and watching my Arsenal struggle at home against teams we should be thrashing, was a bit painful.

    Against Valencia, in both legs, we showed the best and worst of what Arsenal can do. We were dodgy early on in both matches and conceded silly goals before wipiing them off the face of the earth with our dynamic duo up front. We need to sort ourselves out at the back and that means new signings of the highest quality. We won’t be able to attract that quality without CL football.

    I’m glad we’ve got the chavs in the final. I’d say it was a pretty even match up, with both clubs in transition and both desperate for silverware.

    That said, top four is not out of reach. Thrash Burnley 7-0 and an Everton win in the toilet bowl puts the scum into 5th place.




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