Premier League TV fixtures announced…and Arsenal fans lose out again

Every year i have this rant.

Actually that is a lie. It is a couple of times a year I have it.

The latest round of TV games have been announced and once again the TV companies have stuck 2 fingers up at Arsenal fans.

The first 10 league games have been announced and Arsenal have just 2 on a Saturday, and none at 3pm. We have 2 Monday kick offs.

Some will reply “that is because we are in the Europa League” yet just 3 of the fixtures occur after the Europa League.

My issue is that SKY & BT would have known that those 3 games would be on a Sunday, so could have scheduled them for TV. But instead none of the 3 games after the Europa League will be on TV.

Arsenal’s fixtures against Newcastle, Burnley, Watford & Sheffield United have all been selected for TV.

Meanwhile fixtures against Aston Villa, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace have not been selected; but have been moved to Sunday for the Europa League.

Would it have been that hard for the TV companies to select Aston Villa rather than Sheffield United, Crystal Palace rather than Watford and Bournemouth over Newcastle?

This would have moved 3 of the fixtures back to 3pm on Saturday.

But that is too much common sense.

Clubs sell their soul to TV companies for billions. It is about time someone stepped in and ensured TV companies care more about match going fans.


Less than 30 left…

1 thought on “Premier League TV fixtures announced…and Arsenal fans lose out again

  1. Richard

    For perhaps the first ever time, I actually disagree with your view here. And this is from someone who is due to attend 9 of those first 10 games.

    Sky/BT don’t have an obligation to pick a schedule to suit us. Their obligation is to give their paying customer’s the best games.

    Our away form has been ropey in recent seasons, which would be more of an interest to the football neutral than watching us steamroll another mid-table team at home. If you replaced the name Arsenal with a comparable top six side, would any neutral rather watch (say) Chelsea at home to Bournemouth, or Chelsea away at Watford. I know which one would be more appealing to the masses.

    Sadly, if we want TV’s money to fund the signings of your Pepe’s and Aubameyang’s of this world, then we will have to put up with coming second to the demand of the TV audiences. Football sold its soul a long time ago!



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