A to Z of Transfer Speculation

Before and during every transfer window, the gutter press and gutter websites become bored and, desperately seeking readers and page views, write a load of crap linking us to every player under the sun. For 10 years, through our various incarnations, we have logged every player linked with Arsenal, starting from 1 calender month before the transfer window, ending when the window slams shuts. We limit ourselves to only ‘reputable’ sources. The goal is to both highlight how much crap is written each window, and to hopefully complete the A to Z of Transfer Speculation. Below is the latest list…

Summer 2016

A. Aubameyang, Asano

B. Benatia, Boufal, Batshuayi, Bacca, Brozovic, Bony, Brahimi

C. Chukwueze, Cavani, Cipriano, Chilwell

D. Dembele, Douglas Santos, Diaz, Draxler, Denayer

E. Embolo, Evans, Engels


G. Gotze, Gabriel Barbosa, Ginter, Guedes, Gimenez, Griezmann

H. Hernandez (Lucas), Hysaj, Higuain, Holding, Hernandez (Javier)

I. Icardi, Isco

J. Janssen, Jorginho, Jese, Jones

K. Kante, Koulibaly, Keita

L. Lukaku, Lookman, Lacazette, LewandowskiOzyakup

M. Mkhitaryan, Murillo, Morata, Mahrez, Maycon, Marquinhos, Manolas, Mandzukic, Mustafi, Musacchio, Mathieu

N. Nolito, NJie

O. Ochs, Ozyakup

P. Perez


R. Rodriguez, Rugani

S. Sissoko, Subotic, Slimani, Smit, Sibide

T. Tierney, Turan, Tisserand, Toprak


V. Vardy, Vermaelen, Vera


X. Xhaka

Y. Yedder


If you wish to add to the list, please leave the player you have spotted, and the weblink which linked him to Arsenal in the comments below.

A to Z History

January 2016
Summer 2015
January 2015
Summer 2014
January 2014


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