Arsenal better without Auba

Arsenal fans need to stop obsessing when a player leaves.

On Saturday, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored a hat trick for Barcelona. Well done. But I do not really care.

Some fans clearly did care though. With many Tweeting more about Aubameyang’s treble than Arsenal’s victory.

I support The Arsenal Football Club. They are my number one.

Players and managers come and ago. They join us like a passenger getting on a train. At some point they will all get off but the train keeps moving forward.

Either stay on the train with the majority of fans; or leave when your favourite player departs. But if you leave, do not pretend you are an Arsenal fan.

People will say “Aubameyang’s hat trick shows Mikel Arteta could not handle him”. But how about Aubameyang being unable to handle Arteta?

Auba’s last start was in the dismal 3-2 defeat to Manchester United. His last appearance shortly after in the equally horrendous draw against Everton. He missed chances in both.

Arsenal have played 8 Premier League games since Auba was left out for disciplinary reasons.

Of the 8, we have won 6, drawn one, with a sole defeat in that game against Manchester City.

Aubameyang might be playing better since leaving Arsenal. But Arsenal are performing a lot better since Arteta left Auba out.

Support the players at the club. Not those we sold, released or loaned out.

It’s Arsenal FC, not Auba / Ozil / Guendouzi / Saliba FC.

In other news, we have passed 100,000 followers across social media.

When we started the Facebook page decades ago, it was to create a space where a dozen of us could talk about football; our message board having being shut down by Sky. We did not dream it would turn into somewhere where thousands of people a day interact with each other.

We don’t do this for money, game keeps glory. We do it because we enjoy taking about The Arsenal.

We are grateful to you all.




2 thoughts on “Arsenal better without Auba

  1. elle Dorado-Sonsett

    First of all, great blog.

    I agree with you – the past is the past and we need to move on (perhaps it’s a lesson for life!). However, I do think we could have been more canny in the negotiation, loaned him out with an option to sell, for instance. Can you imagine PEA’s market value in the summer if he continues his current form?

    In other words the “disposal” (it felt that way) in my view was poorly managed. Admittedly I do not know all the facts but it speaks volumes about the management of our transfer business where, after Manu, we are by a mile the worst performers in the PL. There is an art to buying and selling and contract extensions. We seem to overpay for players and extract litlle, if any, resale value from unwanted players. Of course we get it right sometimes (Martinelli, Odegaard, etc) but we get it wrong more often and ultimately it is the fans who take the hit with price hikes for everything bar the air that is free at the Emirates. For the moment anyway.

    All authority, no responsibility; all loss, no profit? If Arsenal were a normal business we would have been bankrupted long ago. At the very least the current top brass would have been fired long ago. Bring on Lord Sugar cos, AFC management, you’re fired!


  2. Ukaz George

    What do you mean by Aubanyang absent makes Arsenal look better it is a big lie because when you remove the masquerade from the man that wear it nobody is afraid any more that is how Arsenal looks now because Aubanyang Is being feared by opposition teams because he is a player no one will write off he can strike at any time so because Arteta is not a top coach that is why he allowed Aubanyang leave he want to save three hundred and fifty thousand pounds a week wage for Stan Kroenke and make Arsenal look like a college team it is a very big shame to Arteta and Stan Kroenke because they want to reap where they did not sow in the modern day football you can’t win trophy without spending Aubanyang is world class player and need to be respected Arteta miss timed Aubanyang saga because he took excuse to go and bring his mother only that alone Arteta has no business sanctioned Aubanyang at least you respect that he went for the mother and everyone knows the edge they have over their children so Arteta have no excuse period



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