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Fantasy Football:  – 249754-67737


11 thoughts on “Contact Us / Links

  1. Tony warren

    Why can’t I comment on your Facebook page,been a gooner for 46 years and feel I should be able to comment,if for some reason you have blocked me I would like to know why

  2. Pete Tamplin


    I am going to start commenting a hell of a lot on anything I see relating to the shewore site and review it with all my feelings. I did say I would

    Best regards

    Pete Tamplin

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Will be dispatched Monday at the latest. Every clock is made by hand to order. We like to check they are all operating before posting

  3. K Anderton

    What poorly researched articles you write.
    Do some real research and avoid platitudes and subjectivity please.

    Arsenal have caused immense damage in football by not backing calls for better governance. Meanwhile happy to get the lion share of media contributions.


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