Gabriel Jesus set to have “huge impact” on Arsenal team

Morning and happy Tuesday.

Yesterday the Gabriel Jesus signing was finally announced. No idea why it took so long. Maybe visa applications?

He will transform our front line and is the striker we have been crying out for.

Last season, our highest scoring striker in the league was Eddie Nketiah with 5. The season before it was Alexander Lacazette with 13.

Last season we lost 5 games by a solitary goal and failed to score in 11 games. We also had 2 0-0 draws. The 8 goal difference in striker output from the season before probably would have been enough for another 6+ points.

Do not estimate the huge impact Jesus will have.

I have seen a  few comment that “Mikel Arteta wants defenders that can attack and attackers that defend”. It comes from an article in a rag that sits behind a paywall.

Whilst the tagline is correct, it is not something which should be seen as a negative.

Defenders usually have more touches of the ball than almost any other player.

It therefore makes a lot of sense that your centre backs should be amongst the most comfortable on the ball, whilst your attackers should be amongst the best off the ball.

In Ben White and Gabriel, we have two fantastic ball playing centre backs. In the new Gabriel, we have one of the best “off the ball” strikers.

Expect Jesus to pick up a few goals this season through running the channels and pressuring the opponents.

In other news, by now you would have all seen the story about a player in Barnet arrested on suspicion of rape.

Now there are lots of rumours out there about who it can be. But there is an injunction in place and a correct legal procedure that must be followed.

As it stands, the player has been arrested. He has not yet been charged or found guilty. Those spreading names and false rumours need to be careful as it could damage a future case. Breaking the injunction is also illegal, as is naming someone who did nothing wrong.

All we will say on it for now is if it is an Arsenal player and they are charged, they should be immediately suspended. And if they are found guilty their contract should be ripped up and they should never play football again.

Enjoy your day. Hopefully we get a result in the cricket today.


Former targets back on the radar after step away from Martinez & Raphinha deals

Weekend news is that we have pulled out of the deal for Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez.

This is being promoted as a “huge snub” for Arsenal, compounded by the Raphinha “rejection”.

Like Raphinha, the truth is very different to the narrative taken by the media.

Arsenal have not been rejected by Martinez. We have decided he is not worth spending £45million on him.

To those that demand we “pay the asking price”, let’s break it down for you.

Leeds United we’re demanding £65m for Raphinha. Martinez looks to be off to Manchester United for £45m. That is £110m combined.

Should we really be spending £110m on players that are not guaranteed a start?

Martinez was always going to come in as dual competition and cover for Kieran Tierney and Gabriel. Raphinha would have to compete with Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli on the wings.

Arsenal were looking to get the deals done for a combined £70m (£40m for Raphinha, £30m for Martinez).

£70m for the pair feels good – especially after the investment in Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira. £100m+ feels steep.

Stepping away from the deal does not mean we need to go “back to the drawing board”.

We will be interested in many players at the same time. Martinez would not be the only left back we were keeping an eye on, talking to representatives.

Remember Aaron Hickey?

We were linked heavily with him at the beginning of the transfer window before seemingly switching to Martinez as our priority.

He looks set to join Brentford but it might not be too late to sweep in.

Likewise Olexsandr Zinchenko was linked to us prior to the Martinez “interest”.

This was of course press speculation and they never know everything.

We were getting linked with Zinchenko at around £25m. That is £20m less than Martinez’s impending move to Man U.

He might not cover centre back but he does cover central midfield. Arteta loves versatility.

Another forgotten man is Youri Tielemans.

The Belgium midfielder seemed to be our number one target back in June. Then we signed Vieira and began to target Raphinha.

The fee for Tielemans was rumoured to be around £30m.

Could Arsenal go back in for him and then utilise Vieira’s versatility as another option on the wing?

Edu and Mikel Arteta would likely have preferred Martinez and Raphinha for £70m ahead of Hickey and Tielemans for £55.

But Hickey and Tielemans for £55m feels much better business than Martinez and Raphinha for £110m.

So we move on to our next targets. Potentially going back to the two lads we were heavily linked with earlier in the summer.

And at £55m for them, it could leave us with some money left on the pot to improve elsewhere. Has we spent £110m that would have been our transfer budget blown.

I would not be surprised if we see links to Zinchenko and Tielemans intensify this week.

Final thought: We could potentially sign Zinchenko, Tielemans and Cody Gakpo for the price of Raphinha and Martinez. That is sort of business we should be doing.


Is this the worst transfer window ever?

£125million spent.

A striker that has never scored more than 15 goals in a single season. £60m.

A midfield facing sexual assault charges. £25m.

A 33-year-old that Arsenal rejected for being too old 3 years ago.

A 34-year-old goal keeper who has been second choice at Southampton for the last 5 seasons.

And finally the £40million spent on the centre back they had last year on loan.

If you take the Romero deal aside, the rest is simply horrendous business.

If Arsenal had have signed Richarlison, Bissouma, Perisic and Forster we would be unanimously criticised.

Yet Tottenham are celebrating this window as if it will turn them into title winners.

I have seen them stating that they have the best striker in Europe. The best in Asia. The best in Brazil. The best CB in South America. The goalkeeper of the world champions. The best manager in the world. That no Arsenal player would start for them.

Yet if they were so good why did they only finish 4th? Just two points ahead of an Arsenal team that lost its first 3 games of the season? And trophyless for the 14th season in a row.

That lot really are deluded. Celebrating winning the transfer window when buying a load of duds. They will finish 8th this year.

Moving onto us, there is still plenty of white noise out there regarding transfers. We really need to ignore it.

Just because a reliable journalist has stated we are in talks for a player, does not mean they will join.

There is a huge step from being interested in a player and getting a deal signed.

We pulled out of the Raphinha deal as we were unwilling to meet Leeds United’s ludicrous valuation and it looks like the deal for that Ajax defender is going the same way.

If Chelsea (or Barcelona) want to pay £65m for Raphinha and Manchester United pay £45m for Martinez then let them.

That is £110m for two players who would not be regular starters for us.

If we still have that kind of money left after the Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira signings I would rather get in Aaron Hickey and Youri Tielemans for a reported £60m combined (less than Raphinha on his own) and then invest the additional £50m elsewhere.

A transfer window is like a big jigsaw. It takes a while for all pieces to fit into place.

There is still just under 2 months left of it, so plenty of time for my deals to be made.

Enjoy your Sunday.