Royal Mail agree to Arsenal postcode change

This is home. N5.

Adidas used the tag line on all advertising associated with the new kit releases back last summer.

The only problem was Arsenal no longer play in N5 but N7.

Highbury was in N5. The Emirates Stadium, whilst just 2 roads away, Is actually in Holloway, N7.

Reminiscent to TfL renaming of Gillespie Road to Arsenal station back in 1932, the club have recently been in discussions with the Royal Mail to move the postcode boundary to the West of the stadium, moving the ground from N7 to N5.

Arsenal had already agreed with the Royal Mail that Highbury House (Arsenal’s stadium offices) would keep the N5 1BU that was also the postcode for Highbury; but now it seems that the Royal Mail and Arsenal have agreed a postcode change for the stadium (currently N7 7AJ).

Following successful negotiations between the Royal Mail and Arsenal, from 6th April 2020 the postcode for The Emirates Stadium will change from N7 7AJ to N5 1AF.

Arsenal have reportedly agreed to pay for a £1m refurbishment of the Royal Mail Islington Delivery Office on New North Road.

The change will not affect any other building surrounding the stadium.

Arsenal back in N5. Arsenal back home.


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