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Back to the football..

I wish we could get back to talking about football was what a pal solemnly said last night.

He was fed up, we were all fed up. No game at the weekend had led to us having very little to talk about bar the fall-out from the Hector Bellerin comments. It had become dull and was giving hot hair to those that really do not deserve the attention.

So it is a new week, and with a new week brings new vigour. Bellerin’s comments are last weeks chip paper. The 3-0 victory away from home in Europe ended up a side note. Time to move on and concentrate on the next 7 days.

Beating Ostersunds so comfortably in Sweden means that the pressure is off for the first half of this week. The side can train with one eye on next Sunday’s game – the League Cup Final against Manchester City.

Whilst it is still important to take Ostersunds seriously, they showed nothing when playing in the sub-freezing climate of Scandinavia. We basically need to split the squad into two groups this week.

Those who are set to start Sunday. Those who are set to start Thursday.

The likes of David Ospina, Calum Chambers, Rob Holding, Per Mertesacker, Saed Kolasinac, Mohamed Elneny, Riess Nelson, Joe Wilock, Danny Welbeck, Henrikh Mkhitaryan (cup tied) and Eddie Nketiah should all get a run out on Thursday.

This leaves Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, , Laurent Koscielny and the rest of the strongest XI available free for the week to concentre on Manchester City.

Ostersunds should be comfortable. Get an early goal and it is done. It is probably done already. The Ostersunds players have the game of their life. A match against a big team from London, England. They will be star struck.

That brings us to Sunday.

I do not care what anyone says, the League Cup Final is important.

It might be 5th on the wish list behind Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and the FA Cup, but it is still a final, still a trophy.

Perhaps it shows how spoilt Arsenal fans are that some are disregarding it. Saying they do not care – and in some cases saying that they want Manchester City to win. We should be excited about playing in yet another domestic final.

You never know when your next chance to play in a final is. Next time you have a chance to win a trophy. Look at the likes of Aston Villa & Everton. Back 30 years ago, they were big names in English football. It has now been over 20 years since either won a trophy.

Chuck in Newcastle as well. What ha sit been? 50 years without a trophy?

Liverpool have not won anything since 2012. Spurs 2008. You never know how long your side might go between trophies, so to write off a chance of winning one as unimportant, even if we have labelled it the Micky Mouse Cup in the past, is just silly.

I want us to win the League Cup. I want us to win the Europa League. I wants us to win the Premier League, the Champions League and the Super Bowl. A day out at Wembley without needing to hire it. A trophy lifted above the grey skies of North-West London. Not much get better than that in life.

It might be a low priority at the beginning of the season, but for this week, the League Cup is the priority.

For those saying Arsenal will not win. Well you probably said the same last season when we played Manchester City in the FA Cup, and the same again in the final against Chelsea. In recent years we have shown up in these games. There is no reason to not expect us to show up again.

I look back at 1993. Does anyone care that we finished 10th? No you do not. That year we won the domestic cup double. The first team to do so.

So we have football to look forward too this week. And I am buzzing for Sunday already.



Backing Bellerin

Hector Bellerin has come in for some stick this season. To a point where some Arsenal fans say they would be “happy if he leaves in the summer”. For me, the Spanish right back is taken for granted. And the fact that it has taken me so long to defend him shows that even I take him for granted.

Bellerin has not had the best of seasons. He has been up and down. Maybe even regressed a little. But it needs to be remembered that he is still just 22 years old. He seems to have been around for a long time – he has – but there is still plenty of time to improve.

As fans, we continually moan our players are not good enough. “They would not start for any other top side” I often hear. Yet Bellerin would.

If Bellerin left, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid will all want him. He would walk into every single one of the their sides. He is in the top 1 or 2 right backs in the Premier League, and amongst the best in Europe.

He has had two major issues holding him back this season. Tactics and competition.

His main problem is he is being left isolated by Wenger’s line ups. He has played all season without a winger that gives him any defensive cover, and going forward a winger who doesn’t help him out. He is always left 2 on 1 – both in defence and attack.

This causes him to be over exposed when defending, and isolated when attacking.

He has also struggled due to lack of competition for his place.

Bellerin has played every minute of every Premier League game this season. We moan about the fitness issues of Koscielny, Ramsey, Welbeck and Wilshere; Mesut Ozil loves a sick day. But here we have a player who is available every weekend. And yet we want him out?

There are times this season he should have been taken out of the first team. Either due to a drop in fitness or drop in form, but we do not have a quality back up.

Bellerin does not have someone to push him. Look how Nacho Monreal has performed this season since we signed Saed Kolasinac.

On that, before yesterday’s game, I saw many comments along the lines of “what does Kolasinac need to do to get a game”. He needs to perform better than Monreal, who has been or player of the season thus far, that’s what he has to do.

In the right hand side, Bellerin has no completion. No one to drive him forward, to replace him. He has perhaps got a little bit comfortable with his guaranteed place in the team.

The criticism has got so silly people have started to criticise his dress sense. Having been to Spain, you see a lot of young 20-somethings dresses like him. The long hair, the earring. They dress like weirdos. It’s their culture. And as for the modelling, we all enjoyed Freddie Ljungberg’s Calvin Klein photoshots. Leave the lad alone. I’d rather Bellerin models in his spare time rather than gambles, part takes in sex videos or sleeps with his best mates misses. Or drinks until he vomits, strips and starts abusing US tourists stranded at Heathrow after flights were grounded following the attacks by terrorists on the World Trade Center.

A few have abused Bellerin over his comments that what Alexis Sanchez ‘Demands from everyone, sometimes it can be too much.’ Some have labelled this as showing he has a weak mentality.

But we have all been there. Given 100%, only for a boss to demand more from us. And what happens? Rather than your boss being motivational, he ends up demotivating you. Demanding ‘too much’ can be detrimental.

I always feel with Héctor Bellerin, with his cockney/Spanish accent that he is as close to being a fan of Arsenal as any other player. In his recent Q&A with Oxford University, he talks about the joy of hearing his song sung for the first time – one which is not sung enough.

He talks about Arsenal Fan TV. About how “it’s so wrong for someone who claims to be a fan and their success is fed of a failure. How can that be a fan? They just people hustling. Trying to make money.”

He talks about how he tries to listen to what managers and coaches say on how to improve, about how he has learnt to ignore those commenting from outside the game who just like their voices heard.

Bellerin comes across someone who is smart and passionate. Passionate about Arsenal.

We should be backing the likes of Bellerin, not starting a hate campaign to get him out of our club.

He is already one of the best right backs in Europe. Within a few years he will be the best right back in the world.


Introducing: The Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club

Long time readers of this blog will now that we have been long terms supporters of both the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and The Royal British Legion. For these reasons, we were delighted to have a sit down with the founder of the Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club – who have recently been given official supporters club status by The Arsenal.

The group was originally founded by Chris Mead, an SAC in the Royal Air Force and lifelong Arsenal fan.

“I started the Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club after seeing some chaps cleaning up a memorial before Armistice Day. Helping them out were a couple of former Spurs players. After a discussion with them, it transpired that they belonged to the Armed Forces Spurs Supporters Club.

I came away from the discussion wondering if Arsenal had a similar supporters club. A supporters club  which could unite Arsenal fans in the military no mater where they were stationed across the globe. It was quickly established that they did not. So I took it upon myself get in contract with Arsenal and form one!

The majority of supporters club are regionally based. I wanted to set up a club that when I got posted, whether it be with the United Kingdom or beyond, would cater for my needs. It was always a frustration of mind having to track down and make contact with a new supporters club everytime I was posted elsewhere.

Despite only having been up and running for a short time, Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club already have a good and safe network of people who attend games as a group. We arrange to meet up before and after games – both home and away.

We are now looking to increase our network, and bring awareness to both serving military personnel and veterans that Arsenal has a place for them.

Over time we intend to use our position and association with the club to raise money for the various military charities, as well as thebe invited by the club to be involved on Remembrance Sundays and Armed Forces Days to assist the paying of respects.

We hope to continue to grow and evolve to encompass all UK service personnel worldwide.

Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club already has a pot of tickets that can be purchased through the club, via safe and easy ticket exchanging.

The supporters club is open to all Arsenal fans that have served, or are currently serving, in any of the British Armed Forces. Membership is currently free.

If you want to join, please get in touch through Twitter: @ASCArmedForces

Additionally all non-military Arsenal fans are invited to show their support for the British Armed Forces by following their twitter feed: @ASCArmedForces.

We wish the lads running the supporters club luck and hope that it continues to grow and support the British Armed Forces and The Arsenal.

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