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Xhaka staying at Arsenal “best of a bad deal”

In recent years we have moaned about under selling players.

Had we sold Granit Xhaka to Roma for just £10million this would have been an awful deal.

Whilst Xhaka’s time at Arsenal should be coming to an end; a sale should only be made if it benefits the club.

£10million for Xhaka would not benefit Arsenal.

The sale of Xhaka would have raised some funds towards replacing the Swiss midfielder. £10m would not find a replacement.

So play out the scenario.

We sell Xhaka on the cheap. As a result we have to look a few rings down the ladder for a replacement. We end up spending more money on someone not as good.

It just would not make sense.

People will be miffed at Xhaka getting a new deal; but once an agreement has been reached that he will stay a new deal is the sensible option.

Xhaka has 2 years left on his current deal.

Were we to keep him and not offer him a new deal his transfer value would plummet next year.

At least with a new deal it gives us a better chance of getting better money next summer.

Xhaka staying might not be what the majority want, but better that he stays than we sell him for £10million. It is the best outcome of a bad deal.


Danny Bailey – Legend of the Concourse

I remember the first time I met Danny.

It was on the train back from Sunderland away. I don’t remember the year.

There were 3 of us on a table, another 2 in the seats behind. And then Danny just plonked down his plastic bag of beer on the table and took a seat.

He joined in straight away and from the outside you’d have thought he was part of our group.

At one point, one of my pals (let’s call him Simon) decided to start rapping – it wasn’t very good. Danny was sitting next to him and suddenly transformed into his hype man.

They made an odd couple. Certainly no Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. There was zero timing and all Danny was actually doing was shouting “YEAH” at random points. But it was hilarious.

And this sums Danny up.

He could walk up to any of the different groups of fans that follow The Arsenal and instantly fit in.

One of the great things about doing aways is you see the same people over and over again. And Danny was one of those you would always see. Always recognise.

Everyone knew him. Everyone liked him.

I hated when Danny would see me at games.

He would shout “Keenos” at the top of his lungs across the concourse. He would never call me Dan.

I always try to distance myself at away games from my blogs. I don’t go round looking for attention, and feel uncomfortable when people tell me they ready my blogs or call me Keenos.

Danny didn’t care about this and would always just call me Keenos, and loud. There was no hiding from him.

Another memory is being in the White Swan on Highbury Corner.

He had bought one of those remote control key rings and had somehow managed to programme it to control the TVs in the pub.

Danny spent the entire evening changing the channel, stick Babestation on or turning the TVs off.

When you’re 10 pints in something like that becomes one of the funniest things in the world – we all remember the kid at school doing it!

One post game drink up we were showing Danny how to get bubbles back into your pint by taking another pint glass and tapping its bottom onto the rim of your drink.

Danny then proceeded to miss the rim of his glass and smash through the middle of his pint, shattering the glass and losing a whole pint in the process. Beer was everywhere. We were in hysterics again.

Whether it was the Bailey, Wig, George or Swan, you’d walk in and Danny would be there.

He had this infectious craziness. Always up to something. A bundle of energy.

In all the time I knew Danny, I rarely saw him actually watching a game. He always seemed to be down in the concourse. Beer in hand. He was the King of the Concourse.

Everyone will have their own story of time spent in Danny’s presence. He was just one of those sort of people. You saw him at every game home and away, no matter what time of day. He knew everyone. Everyone knew him.

He was a quality guy and will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Arsenal will be a quieter place without him.

RIP Danny Bailey


Emile Smith Rowe Easter Eggs

This will be geekish but did anyone else spot the Easter eggs in the Emile Smith Rowe contract announcement?

Firstly we have the new number announcement. Number 10.

This announcement was made on the anniversary of Arsenal’s last great number 10’s testimonial game – Dennis Bergkamp.

Not only was it the number, but look at the length of the video.

32 seconds.

Smith Rowe’s old number? 32.

It will mean nothing to most and the majority won’t care. But stuff like that I love.

Have a good day.