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Spurs set to hire Wembley like a fat lad hires a prostitute

Everyone has a mate. They are a tad overweight. A little bit weird. In their mid 30s. And never get laid. Eventually they crack and go onto adultwork.com. They find a nice cheap Eastern European. Usually Romanian or Bulgarian. They look for the cheapest. £50 for half an hour. Cum twice. Once from a blow job, the second from full sex. And they bite the bullet and pay for it.

We Spurs are that fat mate.

A lack of success over the last half a century, a lack of any sort of major honour over the last quarter of a century, a lack of Wembley visits, have left them in an awful state.

Instead of working at their game, improving, getting fitter, they have taken the easier way out by hiring Wembley for the next season or so. 27 games at full capacity.

Of course, their fans will boast about how they have played at Wembley more than any other club. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really count if you have to pay for it.

Spurs are the fat lad who never gets laid. The fat lad who has to pay for it. The fat lad who boasts of his ‘success’ to his mates, who get a lot more of real success.

Everyone laughs at Spurs behind his back. They know the truth. A bit of a loser. Always trying to make up silly handshakes. Paying for sex, then boasting about how many different women he is has slept.

Enjoy Wembley Tottenham fans. Enjoy the commute. Enjoy the soulless atmosphere. Enjoy the lack of pubs in the area. Enjoy watching your team get spanked every week. Enjoy the feeling of winning nothing.



Mesut Ozil v Dele Alli

“If he Mesut Ozil had half of what Dele Alli has got, that nasty streak, he would be ten times a better player than he is because he hasn’t got what Dele Alli has.

They are the words uttered by Lee Dixon during England’s defeat against Germany.

Now I am not in the business of abusing Arsenal legends. And I will not abuse Lee Dixon. Legends have a right, and a platform, to give their opinion. Often the abuse on social media platforms they get from so called “Arsenal fans” is nothing short of a disgrace.

Even though you might be an Arsenal legend, it does not make you immune for criticism, and Lee Dixon’s comparison of Alli and Ozil is laugable.

It is that last line I find hilarious. Mesut Ozil hasn’t got what Dele Alli has.Let’s compare what both players ’have’:

One is a world class player who has won trophies throughout his career for club and country. The other spends his time making up silly handshakes.

Dele Alli is a player who I have rated since his days at MK Dons. I, like most, surprised how much he has developed. But he is yet to reach anywhere near the level of Mesut Ozil. Alli is a good player, but not a world class place. Germany won without Ozil. England lost with Alli in the side.

I think in summary, if Dele Alli achieves half as much as Mesut Ozil in his carer, he would be a ten times more successful player than he is, because at the moment, Dele Alli hasn’t got what Ozil has. Trophies.


The future of Wenger, Sanchez and The Ox

In the second leg of a series of 2 blogs that I am going to call random stuff I am predicting because I am bored of the international break and football in general we look at the future of 3 men at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger

We have all known it for months. But buried our head in the sand hoping it was not true. Arsene Wenger is going to sign a new contract at Arsenal.

He probably agreed the deal back in January, and was just waiting for the right time for the news to be announced. But with our bad form, there has simply not been a right time.

The hopeful in me would like to think that Arsenal have actually spent the last 2 months since the contract was signed exploring their options. Approaching various other managers on the quiet, whilst also attempting to negotiate a way out of the contract agreed with Wenger. Maybe we a well p[aid move upstairs.

The realist in me knows this has not happened. The board are happy with Wenger. Wenger thinks he is doing a great job. And the new contract will be announced after our season tickets have been renewed.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez has never stayed more than 3 years at a single club. He has never signed a second contract at any club he has been at. After 3 years, he packs his bags and moves on.

He is. Whether his destination by Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid or PSG, I predict he will not be at Arsenal next season.

With just a single year left on his contract, Arsenal are not in a great position to negotiate. The main hope is that all 4 of the above get into a bidding war, pushing the price up. But ultimately the ball is in Sanchez’s court, and a bit like Robin van Persie a few years back, he will be able to force a move to the club he wants to join, not the club Arsenal want to sell him too.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Recently I have felt a bit sorry for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He has been thrown to the wolves a few times in recent weeks, facing the media after a defeat because no one else has the testicles to do so (when was the last time Laurent Koscielny faced the media?)

He has also been the sole man coming across to the fans.

He is one of the few players who seems to feel the pain of defeat that the away support do. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He has shown captains material in recent weeks.

But I predict if he does become a captain, it will be for another club.

He has never really settled at Arsenal, in and out of the team due to injury, form and non-selection. Played in many positions. Many times out of position.

But he is talented. With the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea in desperate need of home grown talent, and with one year left on his contract, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be playing in blue next season. The only question will be; Dark blue or light blue?