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Spurs new stadium warning for Arsenal fans

And so we laughed and mocked.

As Spurs released the season ticket prices for their new ground yesterday, it became apparent very quickly. They were charging the highest prices in Europe.

For a long time, Arsenal has been hammered in the press for exactly same thing. Even though BBC’s Price of Football study always ignored that Arsenal fans get 26

games for their season ticket rather than other clubs 19.

Here were Spurs announcing that their cheapest season ticket in their new ground would work out to £41 a ticket. Arsenal’s pre-Europa League discount is still under £40 a game.

And as football fans will always do, we Arsenal fans mocked out rivals. Even if we always we moan that local fans are being priced out the game. And regardless as to what Tottenham’s pricing strategy could mean for Arsenal.


The issue is that Arsenal, Chelsea and other clubs will be keeping an eye on Spurs.

Here you have a club who have won 2 League Cups in nearly 30 years. Have not won a league title in nearly 70 years. Charging the highest prices in Europe.

If they sell out, and I am sure they will, it will get the nose twitching of Ivan Gazidis. He will think to himself “are Arsenal charging too low”. Of course, that is absolute bollocks. But football is a business these days. If one supermarket puts up their price of a pint of milk, and sales don’t drop, others will follow suit.

Arsenal would generate an additional £5-10m by marching Spurs’ pricing plan. They could generate even more if thought to themselves “we are bigger and better than Tottenham; we should charge more”.

So whilst in the short term, we might laugh and mock Spurs for their clubs new shown greed, in the long term it will just push prices up for us all.



A poem for The Arsenal

Arsenal, my Arsenal, oh what have you done

You’ve turned the love of my life, into something not fun

We used to be one, now there is one great big split

So what happened to our, ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’

For me it started when you ditched our great crest

Our emblem, our history, the badge we wore on our chest

Our left facing Cannon, was now pointing right

But at the time we were successful, and the future looked bright

So next came the news “we need to move to compete”

“Highbury’s too small, can’t take any more seats”

as things were good on the pitch, with our Double – Double Team

we all bought in, as you sold this new dream

So we finish at Highbury, and we all shed a tear

But your promise of bigger things, made us leave with a cheer

But by selling Invincibles, you were just getting set

to soften the burden, of our Emirates debt

So we move in to our new stadium, and to be fair it’s a beaut

But we realise that quite soon that someone’s hit ‘mute’

No real atmosphere, as our heart’s up the road

and a hoiyk-up in prices, gave club coffers a load

We’re told that “in a few years the Stadium’s paid”

And when that is so, we’ll give the transfer market a raid

So we accept at that time, title challenge no more

And make our seasons aim, to target top 4

Then comes dear Ivan, the club’s lying hound

“By summer 14, we’ll have paid for the ground”

“we’ll soon be in position, to compete with best”

“On and off the pitch with Europe’s elite”……….yeah right, and the rest !

While all this goes on, our stars walk out the door

We hear ‘keep faith in Wenger’, as we reach the top 4

Now credit where due, to Arsene’s Champions League run

With the likes of Denilson, Squillaci, Chamakh……… no one else could have done

But we start to get thumped, when we play all the best

Money still pores in, and you feather your nest

A rift between Gooners, some claim AKB

The WOB s know time’s up…….born is AFTV

Media add year on year, counting our trophy drought

And to deflect from the failings, the excuses come out

On field failings are Arsene’s, but what does he blame

Poor Officials, us Fans, or Financial fair play

The cycle continues, more years of groundhog,

But the FA Cup gives success, and a lift from the fog

3 in 4 years, Wenger should have gone then

With a bow out of success, we could move on again

But he decides to stay on, despite the media knives,

The Shadow Dwellers get it together, and things start to dive

The emergence of Tottenham, to ‘put pressure on’ 😉

Would you adam n eve it, our “4th place is a trophy” has gone

Then Ivan again spouts his “catalyst for change”

But within 9 months, the sale of Sanchez arranged

The downward spiral, it begins to get worse

Everyone in football knows, Arsenal’s bubble has burst

But the stubborn old fool, still won’t change his style

any half decent defence, sees it coming a mile

All this pass pass pass sideways, then through the eye of a needle

Its failing, Is he winding us up ?…… Where’s Jeremy Beadle ?

Continually spanked by the big boys,  time after time

Europa League & a Cup run, you tell us that’s fine

The odd signing is made, to keep us believing

But according to Ivan, we’re “over achieving”.

Given your promises, you’ve come up well short

So why not make changes ? ….. Project Wenger abort

So many insipid performances, means our league challenge over

How can ‘compete’ mean, we’re out the race by October

You treat us like punters, we’re pounds, shillings and pence.

Put some of that money, into coaching defence

From our point of view, you just don’t give a toss

As long as turnstiles keep clicking, to come watch this dross

We are not fucking customers, you sold us a dud

A customer goes elsewhere, but this club’s in our blood

You know we can’t do that, we cannot resort

But in truth you are nothing, without our support

So as we stand now, our club has gone stale

and generations of Gooners, are starting to bail

But no change from the boardroom, they don’t think like a fan

Coz share prices are up, to fund a new Ranch for Stan

This season for many, is the final straw

30 points behind Leaders, and our football’s a bore

We’ve gone like this for too long, it’s time for a change

That City Cup Final showed the world, we’re well out of range

Our match support wains, so many empty seats

My boy won’t go anymore, it’s the same old repeats

We look at the crowd, and wonder what the amount

You announce 58,000, do you think we can’t fucking count ?

What next for our Gunners, we really don’t know

But one thing’s for sure Arsene, it’s passed time to go

The Board have put Gooners, at fan civil war

as ‘The Arsenal’ we fell in love with, is sadly no more

But we cling on in hope, that our Gunners pull through

will Kroenke and board, appoint a boss with a clue ?

One day ‘the Syrup’, Gazidis, and Wenger will exit

then perhaps we’ll get back to, Victoria Concordia Crescit


Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal TONIGHT

Or that would be the headline if anyone at Arsenal actually cared about the future of Arsenal Football Club.

Putting the result to one side for a second, it is an absolute disgrace that not a single member of the Arsenal board felt the need to make the trip down to Brighton to watch The Arsenal play.

In the past, board members have claimed to be the custodians of the club. Owning and running it on behalf of the fans. That is clearly no longer the case.

Back in the day, the likes of Danny Fizsman and David Dein would be seen at every game, Home and Away, over land and sea. They would even be seen at most reserve games and even some ladies matches.

So here was The Arsenal senior team, playing in the top division of England, a side in crisis, and every senior member of the club stayed away.

No Stan or Josh Kroenke (although this is not a surprise), no Ivan Gazidis, no Sir Chip Keswick or Lord Harris of Peckham. No senior Arsenal employee, or so called custodian at the game.

And that is the reason why Arsene Wenger is still in a job tonight.

If the board had anything about them, if they had any of love for the club, Wenger would be gone tonight.

You can not expect Wenger to walk away on his own accord. He is an employee of the club, on £10m a year. Why would you walk away from that? Even if he is already a rich man, he wants to be even richer. He will still until he is sacked. Until he gets his contract paid in full. He won’t walk.

That leaves it to the board. The absent board. People who are more interested in their own pay cheque (Gazidis) or sipping whiskey and smoking cigars in their old boys club (Keswick and Harris). They are just as culpable for the situation Arsenal are in as the manager.

4 defeats in a row; 8 defeats in 2018. It is March.

Any other club would be sacking the manager on the way home. But not Arsenal, not with our board that does not really care.

They will hide behind the Europa League. Behind AC Milan on Thursday. A game they will probably not even be at (unless their wives want to go shopping in Milan).

You could argue that as Raul Sanllehi has only just begun his job as Head of Football Relations, that it would be down to him to sack Wenger. And that he is 2 weeks into the job and should be given time.

But this would just represent more passing of the buck from the gutless board. That they have done nothing previously when it was their job, and have taken at least 5 years to get a serious football man above Arsene Wenger. Now they will hide behind this man so that they do not have to make a decision.

Arsenal are broke. The manager needs to go, we are performing poorly on the pitch and off the pitch.

Wenger is only part of the problem. The absent board members have a lot to answer for – and will refuse to answer anything.

Wenger Out.