Spurs win their cup final whilst Arsenal chase real honours

It is all a bit hilarious, a tad cringey, one big joke. As Spurs fans started to sing “North London is Ours”, “Arsenal mind the gap” and “Arsene Wenger we want you to stay” I struggled not to laugh.

Yes, Spurs have been superior than Arsenal this season. They have built a good side on a low budget, spending a lot less than those around them in transfer fees and wages. They have played a brand of attacking football which has also been offset with a defensive steel. They will finish the season with a goal difference of 50+.

But ultimately, and Spurs fans seem to forget this fact, Spurs will finish trophyless once more. They do not get a trophy for finishing 2nd.

The way their fans have gone on this season, you would think they have won a historic treble:

  1. Highest Domestic Attendance in English Football Cup
  2. The Finishing Above Arsenal Trophy
  3. PFA Young Player of the Year

The reality is, these are all meaningless if you do not end the season lifting a major honour. Yesterday was Spurs’s cup final. It was their most important game of the season, just like it is every year over the last 3 decades.

And like the majority of seasons over the last 30 years, Arsenal have more important fixtures on the horizon. We have real finals to play, real honours to challenge for.

Yes, Spurs have finished above Arsenal once in 22 years, but they have:

  • Won nothing for the 10th season in a row
  • Failed to win the FA Cup for the 26th consecutive season – losing their 7th FA Cup Semi Final in a row
  • Not won the league for 56 years

To put it in perspective, since Spurs last finished above Arsenal – 1995 – Arsenal have won 3 league titles. That is more than Spurs have won in their history.

So well done Spurs, you might have finished above Arsenal for the 1st time in 22 years. There will be DVD’s, open top bus parades, Spurs fans will talk about the 2016/17 season for years to come. The season they finished above Arsenal. But the history books will have it down as just another season when Spurs won nothing.

This is the best Spurs side in half a century. They have won nothing, yet talk about it being a successful season.

The worst Arsenal side in a quarter of a century could end up with the FA Cup, and fans will be disappointing, see it as a failure.

And that highlights the lack of a power shift. Arsenal fans see an FA Cup final as a season of failure, Spurs fans see winning nothing as a season of success.

As for Mauricio Pochettino, in 8 years of management, he has won nothing…

Spurs, well done, you finished finished second.

There are no prizes for second place. You are just the first loser.


34 thoughts on “Spurs win their cup final whilst Arsenal chase real honours

  1. Dee

    hahaha..someone is hurting..BITE…HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Power shift, hahahahaha..oooh..its hurts to the core. Took you a whole sleepless night to write this up did it. go get some sleep little boy.hahahahaha
    When you loose to Chelski in the cup final what rubbish you gonna come up with them..Better start think up the rubbish write now..2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,…17 points gap in the modern day against your rivals. hahahaha….Palace gave us a tougher game and they are fighting relegation..Clueless, joke of a club..2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0,2-0…..
    We are on the up…you are on your way down. The home of the tippy tappers!!!
    Enjoy your losers medal at Wembley..Don’t ruin the turf for when the big boys roll in next season..COYS!!!!

  2. runicles

    Not quite true to say there are no prizes for finishing second, there is the financial reward, the possibility of attracting quality players, the automatic qualification for Champions League, and the hope of better things to come. Last year we finished third, this year second, unless you have been a Spurs fan you will not know how important this feels in terms of the future. All credit to you guys at Arsenal for playing some great football over the last 20 years, you have deserved more, but please allow us to enjoy a period of improvement that we hope will make London Derbies more of a close affair than they have been of late.

  3. Dwayne officer

    Wow, you do realise posting articles like this just optimises the true Arsenal fan. Embarrassed about the fact your club are toilet and on the way down faster than gravity can take you. Good luck in your fa cup final, we all know how that’s going to end.

    Fact is I could give a toss about the north London derby, I’m more concerned with real rivals like those actually competing with us rather than those in 7th or 8th position.

    1. HighburyWestUpper

      What did you think was going to happen in the semi when we played City? You or I don’t know what will happen at Wembley in the final you wish you were at.

  4. next bus to woolwich!

    haha suck it up, all those resources, money, fan base and you’re still rubbish. A sore article but what do you expect from the red half of sarf london

  5. Dickspur

    When clubs are on the slide, I’ve always noticed how their most loyal fans suddenly morph into avid historians. I guess you have to take comfort where you can find it.

  6. EssexSpur

    Plus, numbnuts, we have not ‘finished second’ yet. We are the only other team still capable of stopping Cheatski and winning the league!

  7. Andy McGowan

    It’s funny how you now rate 2nd as “1st Loser” spot where as last season you considered it “Progress” for Le Fraud #fuckoffwenger #nonewcontract

  8. Will

    The really only schadenfreude coming out of a match like this is to read the way that the Woolwich Wanderers(WW) implode and start blaming everyone. FFS! 22 years and you still think that WW have a divine right to the CL spots. Do you ungrateful b*****ds actually realize just how lucky you have been to have Wenger (and I am NOT being sarcastic here as he has given WW the high expectations that when they go amiss, you cannot handle it). The real irony is that it is CFC who are the most deserving of hatred from both THFC and WW as it is these upstarts who have intruded. Most of us do not even see you as the “ones to beat” now, although the way that you lot behave almost gives us a reason. Grow up and get over it!

  9. Bob

    Yea but, yea but….. seriously how shit are Arsenal eh?? But you are right in how you started this article, as you perfectly put it…….It is all a bit hilarious!!!

  10. Stoney

    They can give it out but they can’t take it… and take it they shall, for many years to come. Seeing and reading how much ‘history’ the goons have been raking up just proves how much it hurts. They pretend that it doesn’t but the more they write, whilst wiping away the tears, just emphasises the fact that the power has shifted and that they support a failing stagnant club. They are trying to deny what has happened, it’s a living nightmare for them, but we all know the easiest person to deceive is yourself. Stop kidding yourselves goonies. You are so last year. Into the shadows you crawl. Loving it, loving it, loving.

    1. S-P

      Ssssshhhhhh – they might bribe, threaten and cajole the other league members to have themselves promoted to the top four at our expense. They have form for that type of thing, y’know.

      Goonies, you had best start praying to Gawd that this really is just a one season blip – ‘cos you have given out so much shite with your ‘always in our shadow’ and At Totteringham’s Day nonsense, that what you are getting back now will nothing to what you will get if it isn’t. LoL. Us, well we’re used to it and besides we ain’t butt-hurt glory hunters πŸ™‚

  11. Thfc

    To put yesterdays result into perspective, that wouldn’t even rank in our best 10 performances of the season. Won without Rose, Walker and Dembele starting. We played at 60% and a 6-0 score line would of been a fairer reflection of the game.

    Whatever makes you feel better. All this done on half your wage bill and a third of your match day revenue and a fraction of your transfer budget.

  12. Johnno

    Let the stinking Yids enjoy their moment in the sun. Its fairytale stuff, little old spurs finishing above The Arsenal, similar to Leicester winning the league last year. Bless their cotton socks, they`ll be talking about this for years to come and they`ll be able to tell everyone that they were alive when little old spurs finished runners up. Of course they will win fuck all but thats nothing new, they`ve won fuck all since 1991 if the truth be told. I had to laugh at one of the posters above talking about Cheatski, especially after seeing Harold Kane yesterday. Talking of Harold, the stinking Yids claim he is one of their own and I must say he is beginning to look more and more like one of them as well. The long chin, the horrible wispy attempt at a beard, all he needs now is the daft hat and a more modest set of clobber and he`s there. You`d think with his dough he might invest in a decent speech therapist but you know what that lot are like when it comes to money.

    1. Mark

      Ah Johnno you despicable racist twat. Lovely to see you are hurting soooo much. Scum like you make it so enjoyable. Crawl back under your stone

    2. Steven Morris

      Sad little man, the power has shifted, Spurs are a better team by a country mile and that’s not going to change next season. Arse have some serious rebuilding to do and that will take seasons, not one. You are in decline, lap it up because it’s not going to change any time soon. And the only people saying Harry Kane cheated are the Arsenal scum, typical, you just can’t take it, even your beloved Ian Wright has stated it was definitely a penalty, grow up and accept what is coming. Spurs and Chelsea are streets ahead of everyone else in the league, the power shift is definitely happening. Spurs will improve next season even while playing at Wembley ( we were the better team in the semi final). The fact is, yesterday you were beaten by a Spurs team playing under par and as already stated in another post, without your keeper playing a blinder, it should have been 7-0.

    3. S-P

      Your desperation to believe this can’t possibly be anything but a blip is hilarious.
      Almost as hilarious as inventing reasons why the thing you have been claiming for years to be the only thing that matters, finishing higher in the league, doesn’t really matter that much now, after all.
      Possibly the funniest thing is the way, with four games to play, Spurs are on 78 points,, in a league where the top clubs (and Lollerpool) have hired uber-managers and spent fortunes and the rest have had bumper TV money to spend, but the Goons are trying to claim it’s just a weak league (that they are performing shite in…LoL).
      But, no, I think THE funniest thing is that it is mathematically impossible for your scabby bunch to catch us – with four games to go. LoL. I mean, like, that was the original meaning of At Totteringham’s Day, wasn’t it!?! To hammer home just how big the gulf was between the formerly close rivals. Not, like, squeezing past on the final day thanks to goal difference or implosions or lasgne or shenanigans or dodgy officiating or a former Spurs keeper with a grudge being rushed into someone elses team and throwing the ball into his own net three times – which is how you repackaged At Totteringham’s Day to pretend you were still celebrating the same thing. No, it was supposed to celebrate the day when it was impossible to be caught while there were several games left to play. And, y’know what? There are FOUR games to play and even if our lot down tools now and your lot get walk-overs…you can catch us!!! LoL.

      By the way, see the Mind the Gap trophy banner, above, well it’s a bit selective, isn’t it. Did you know, for instance, that Spurs have won three major recognised by UEFA European trophies – and they aren’t on there? How many major recognised by UEFA European trophies have the Woolwich won, again, could you remind everyone? I’ll give you a clue it’s less than two πŸ™‚ It’s important, you see, because some folk consider that the real measure of a BIG CLUB is in major recognised by UEFA European trophies.

      LoL. All this ego massaging…you would embarrass yourselves less if you went into hiding.

  13. Mark

    You do realise that these articles are making things even sweeter don’t you. If Arsenal ‘fans’ really didn’t care they wouldn’t be writing non-stop nonsense like this. Tottenham are together on and off the field playing a modern exciting brand of football. I couldn’t give a flying fuck want Arsenal ‘fans’ think or that we’ll end second. We have pride, passion and belief. Arsenal demonstrated that they are a gutless bunch of over paid prima donnas with a devicise support who stopped singing as soon as Tottenham scored. Carry on writing about the past but football is about today. Arsenal have a 50/50 chance of winning a trophy. I’d worry about whether the rabble I saw yesterday should bother to turn up. Stop obsessing about Tottenham it really isn’t healthy

  14. Erik

    The last 20 years or so are no more relevant than the 100 or so before that. All of it’s the past.
    We (Spurs) won the double in 1961. We’re the first English club to win a European trophy. We’re the only English club to win the FA Cup as a non-league side. We (like you) are one of only six clubs to have played in every season of the Premier League. Our history is prestigious. You talk as if only the last 20 years matter (an unsuccessful period for Spurs in which they still won two major trophies and were regulars in Europe – Champions League or otherwise). And the fact is, that’s because you’re shitting yourself about the next 20. To suggest we’ll celebrate “the one season we finish above Arsenal” is ludicrous. We have a better team – better in EVERY.SINGLE.AREA. We have a younger team. A better coach (albeit with A LOT less success in the past, but Pochettino is currently better than Wenger in terms of the modern game). We have the best stadium in the country waiting for us. You have a lot of catching up to do and it’s going to take a while.
    Hype up our Wembley season as much as you like. We’ll change the pitch dimensions to suit us and we’ll then move into a stadium that makes yours look like Highbury.
    2-0. Easy.

  15. capsharpe

    No cups for coming second, how many times has your manager claimed that reaching the top 4 is the same as winning a trophy hahahahaha sad little losers who can’t take what’s coming to them. History means nothing and the present means everything, we have achieved things in OUR history that your little nomad club can never equal, but it means nothing, it was in the past just like your last 20 years are in the past, meaningless. Your team is shit and your manager refused to admit it’s time to go. The game has moved on yet Wenger refuses to see it. Sad club, sad supporters and a sad future awaits.

    1. S-P

      Ask them about the corner of their trophy cabinet… the one they reserve for the major recognised by UEFA European trophies.

  16. Arty

    Great article…and thanks for putting some things in perspective, unlike the bunch of Spud muppet trolls above. They’re going to finish above us for the first time in 22 years, YES 22 YEARS, and they’re going mental, you’d think they’d won the league and the FA cup…You’ve won nothing, and are not going to. I would’nt be surprised if you lost all of your remaining games…now THAT would be funny.

    And by the way, we are in another major FA cup final, unlike you, the 3rd in four years and we’ve won 2 out of 3 so far, at least we have the possibility of winning another and making it 3 out of 4, you don’t.

    You have a long, long, long way to go before you overtake the achievements of The Arsenal, until then we are and will remain The Kings of North London. See you next season.

    Note to: Thfc, Stoney, Bob, Andy McGowan, EssexSpur, Dickspur, next bus to woolwich, Dwayne officer, Jack, Dee. Do You have any idea how sad and pathetic you coming on here and trolling an Arsenal blog just because you won a north London derby really is? Please don’t answer it’s a rhetorical question.

    1. Mark

      Arty you are so stupid it beggars belief. We are not giving it large we are responding to the thousands of articles by pathetic little gooners who are desperately trying to pretend it doesn’t matter. Everyone says you’ll never match our trophies. This is the most pointless part. Man City will never match Man United’s or Liverpool’s. Chelsea won’t match them or Arsenal’s but they’ve overtaken them. When Chelsea win the league by winning their last 4 games presumably you’ll be out celebrating saying you’ll never match out trophies. Do you not realise how ridiculous that sounds. It’s also part of everything that is wrong with your club and your fans. There is no desire left to win things. It’s a money making organisation for a rich American. The fan base is a bunch of Jeremys and Nigels – Piers Is your celebrity mouth piece FFS. The club has changed beyond recognition and the little team down the road have gone past you while you squabble eating your prawn sandwiches. So carry on trotting out your trophy haul while we carry on enjoying you all pretending you don’t care. We are just finding every blog and every comment very very funny so please keep them coming

  17. Arty

    “pathetic little gooners who are desperately trying to pretend it doesn’t matter”. What dosen’t matter? If you mean you beating us in a derby doesn’t matter then it’s you who is incredibly stupid. It matters, but we’ll be seeing you again next year.

    “When Chelsea win the league by winning their last 4 games presumably you’ll be out celebrating”! If there’s one club I can’t stand even more than Spurs, it’s Chelsea.

    “There is no desire left to win things”! We’ve won 2 FA cup finals and are now in a 3rd in 4 years.

    “The fan base is a bunch of Jeremys and Nigels – Piers Is your celebrity mouth piece FFS”. You clearly don’t realise how disliked the prawn sandwich birgade is, and Piers Morgan is on the verge of being hated by the vast majority of fans. And by the way you have your prawn sandwich birgade as well.

    “So carry on trotting out your trophy haul while we carry on enjoying you all pretending you don’t care”. Oh we care, and my point about trophies is to overtake us as a top team you really have to win trophies, not just a London derby, or just finish above once in 22 years .

  18. James t

    Great article keenos. Succinct and to the point.

    Although we should give the yids their due, they did win the second division in 1950. Something we have never done thus they are the much bigger club.

    1. EssexSpur

      Maybe you would have if you hadn’t bribed your way back into the old first division, or maybe you would still be down there. But here’s hoping that will happen in the near future!

  19. Dan

    wow. you’re really hurting badly.
    how at no point did you not stop and think “I sound like a right pathetic oddball writing this”?
    strange strange ginger weirdo.

  20. yidney poitier

    hahahahhahaa. you lot celebrated finishing above us with the toe culrlingly cringeworthy st totterings bullshit. now we finish above you, conveniently, it doesn’t mean anything. Me personally, i’m happy to finish above you but didn”t celebrate at all. also you’ll notice that none of our players went on twitter rants about it ala wheelchair/podolski/schezny/that shit left back that isn’t giod enough for west ham/that shit centre back that cost 3.3 dele allis. hahahhahaha clib on the decline, liverpool of the south mjnus decent manager


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