Spurs win the battle; But Arsenal winning the war

Spurs beat Arsenal. They deserved to win.

And as predicted, what followed their victory in the North London Derby was a string of tweets and comments about how the win proves their has been a “power shift” in North London over the last 5 years.

A power shift that has seen Spurs finish above Arsenal once.

A power shift that has seen Arsenal win 3 trophies (and in the final for a 4th at the end of the month).

In that same time, Spurs have won nothing. And the only time they have played at Wembley is when they had to hire it.

Spurs fans use “records” such as “highest Premier League attendance” and “most Premier League goals in a calendar year” as proof of the power shift.

Meanwhile, Arsenal win actual trophies.

It is actually hilarious to watch the media try to justify this power shift. So desperate are they to report on Arsenal’s demise that they are creating records and new barometers of what success is.

Only last week, a Chief Sports writer for a British paper declared “Spurs do not need to win trophies to be a successful club”. OK.

And then yesterday, the leading story on BBC Sport was about how “Spurs victory over Arsenal shows they are best of the rest.”

That beating Arsenal proved they were the second best team in England – behind Manchester City. Even though victory took them to 3rd in the league. After Liverpool’s win yesterday, they have already dropped to 4th, and if Chelsea win tonight, it will be back to 5th.

2nd best team in England, but 5th in the table? Better than Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U, but are the only side of the 4 not to have won anything last year.

In fact, Spurs are the only side in the top 6 to have not won anything this decade.

Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups since 2014. For Spurs, you have to go back to 1981 to capture their last 3 FA Cup wins.

The last team to win the league title at White Hart Lane? Arsenal.

The weekend’s victory was deserved by Spurs. Just like Arsenal deserved to beat Spurs when they won 2-0 earlier in the season. That seems to get forgotten about when talking about power shifts.

I saw a tweet floating about late yesterday.

“Spurs have won 6 of the last 9 Derby games against Arsenal, with 2 draws and only one win for the Gunners”. It was created to try to highlight the power shift.

Yet a quick check of the records shows it is fake news.

In the last 9 North London Derby’s, Spurs have won 3 (not the 6 the tweeter claimed). And that is if you cut it off at 9. If you increase it to the last 12, it is still just 3 wins for Spurs. 3 wins in the last 12 North London Derby’s.

So this Spurs power shift has resulted in 3 wins in the last 12 games, and finishing above The Arsenal once in 21 years. OK.

Spurs should finish above Arsenal again this season. The second time in 22 years. But what does it all mean if they do not win a trophy?


The sadist inside me actually wants Arsenal to finish 6th this season. Finish 6th with Spurs 5th. Finish 6th with Spurs 5th and Arsenal winning a trophy. Finish 6th with Spurs 5th and Arsenal winning a trophy and Spurs winning nothing.

13 league titles, you’ve only won 2.


60 thoughts on “Spurs win the battle; But Arsenal winning the war

    1. Mesuts Thumb

      We dont need luck. Unlike the TottenSpuds. Fact. Harri Kaine is a Gooner. Fact. Arsenal is red. North London is Red. Fact. TottenSpuds is dives. Fact. Arsenal will win CL next year. Fact. TottenSpuds.

    1. Dr G

      Wow Ian, not much gets past you does it? A ‘red tinted article’ – who would of thought that an Arsenal supporter, on an Arsenal blog, talking about Arsenal would have the temerity to produce a ‘red tinted article’.

  1. Alan

    Awww I can imagine you sucking on a lemon all weekend and thought penning this article would make things better. Keep living in the past. It what makes Arsenal fans the laughing stock we all know and love

  2. Harry

    Oh dear we do seem to have hit a nerve don’t we? Still no school this week so you won’t have to face all those Spurs kids will you?

  3. Den Fitz

    Is ten you dumb ass gooners.
    For yrs you mocked the littlewood/now carabo cup , yet you go all out to win these cups now as you can’t win anything else. Spurs focused on these cups until we stepped up to champions league.
    We have hit semi finals – arsenal only done this once in their history.
    We have finished 2nd and 3rd in the prem .
    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE STSND STILL COMPLAIN AND WATCH US RISE. KEEP LOOKIING UP CAUSE THATS ALL YOU WILL BE DOING FROM NOW ON. While we look down from our larger stadium and points tally every season.
    Agemang and Mikshitatrian – Dembele emptied his pockets this morning and those two fools were still in there. As he’s our aging player apparently. Arsenpanikbuyingfakedarrenbent.

  4. keith green

    You’re deluded me old mate. It’s today what matters, if you want to reminisce in the past it’s up to you, we don’t give a toss how many FA cups you won. Today is here now, we’ve got the best stadium in the world coming in the next few months. You can carry on suffering in the atmosphereless library.

  5. Mark

    I’ve been waiting for half term to arrive so this friendless boy can write his usual article about why Arsenal are still better than Tottenham. If they are there is no need to write about it of course. A BBC journalist wondered whether right now Tottenham might be the second best team in the league. Having taken 7 points from Man U Liverpool and Arsenal it’s a decent question. How stupid must you be to respond: how can they be they’re not even second in the table?

    I do hope Tottenham fans treat keenos gently. He is really hurting and it would be unfair to kick a child when they are down. Let’s just enjoy supporting a proper club with ambition and vision and leave Keenos and Piers Morgan to the soulless divided bunch down the road. If they weren’t so obsessed by Tottenham and looked a little closer to home they might improve.

    I do genuinely feel for you. I have a son at school as well so i know what it’s like but help is available. Get it urgently lad

    1. Tom

      I think Piers Morgan plays it up a bit. For the banter. Unfortunately, I think this fellow here might be serious. Hopefully now he’s written in his little blog the world won’t seem so bleak. I’ve heard it helps.

  6. chris

    This article is nonsense. Spurs have become the better team. Despite smaller resources Spurs have got better and better – while Arsenal have declined. One reason …. the Managers.

  7. Brian McLeod

    What a sad man you are face up and except it. If it wasnt true why are you whining about it.
    As they say the league doesn’t lie.

  8. Mark

    The only time anyone visits his pathetic blog is when he writes about Tottenham. As usual no response from Arsenal fans who no doubt feel for him as well

  9. DaveRay

    It’s been coming for a while though hasn’t it? What you’re neglecting to note in your one-sided analysis is that Spurs were getting closer and closer in the years running up to finishing above Arsenal. And it would take a brave man to bet against it happening this year too.

    15 years ago a power shift went from Arsenal to Chelsea and Arsenal haven’t been the same club since. Now Spurs are also visibly overtaking Arsenal on the pitch, and it looks like they’re building something at the north end of Seven Sisters to help them overtake Arsenal’s muscle off the pitch.

    If I was a Gonner then I’d be very concerned that the club is on the wane and wondering how to stop the obvious slide not desperately trying to defend a historic position.

      1. DaveRay

        Hmmm … “Eventually” …
        Point is that there is an obvious trend. Sticking your fingers in your ears and “la la la-ing” won’t change the direction of travel of either club. And my point is unarguable that it’s not just Spurs who look like they’re moving ahead, Chelsea have already done it 15 years ago and I guess Man City have already moved past Arsenal it in the past 5 years.

        Completely contrary to your article headline, Arsenal are actually winning a few minor skirmishes (aka domestic cups) and losing the big battles (aka titles – Chelsea / Man City; CL qualification – Spurs / Liverpool).

        Unless something dramatic happens (major investment / new management) we’re witnessing the cyclical demise of a power house from the late 90s / early 00s.

      2. DaveRay

        Arsenal are on a downward trend: 1990s / 2000s were winning Prems, domestic cups!, qualifiying for CL every year; 2010s are winning domestic cups, no Prems, not qualifying for CL every year
        Spurs are on an upward trend: 1990s / 2000s won the odd domestic cup, didn’t always qualify for Europe; 2010s are regularly qualifying for CL.

        The Arsenal of 2000 was competing with Man Utd to be the best team in the Prem, and sometimes won that battle.
        The Arsenal of 2018 is competing with Liverpool and Spurs to be a top 4 team, and is not winning that battle.

        The trend lines are going in opposite directions and your desperate search for an argument against the obvious is a bit embarrassing really.

  10. Jamie

    Sing with me:
    “We’ve got Alli. Dele Alli. I just don’t think you understand. He only cost five mill. He’s BETTER THAN OZIL. We’ve got Dele Alli.”

  11. gman71

    Better still. Spurs finish 5th, Arsenal win the Europa and play Champs League next year, leaving Spurs in the Europa.

    1. Alan

      This is priceless. The author is living in the past, and you’re in dreamland. You couldn’t make it up. Come back to reality lads!

      1. Alan

        Here we go. I’ll wager £10 that every single response of yours will be along these lines. C’mon, try harder. We get it. Arsenal won a trophy. And yet they’re still a laughing stock, and deserving of ridicule. What gives? Why is this? It’s just so gosh darn unfair!!!!1

      2. Alan

        Yep. I just read up. There we are. Every. Response. The. Same.
        No imagination.
        (and lacking in literacy skills too, might I add).

  12. Dave

    Credit to Arsenal. Like Swansea, West Brom and West Ham they kept it tight and defended well in the first half. As with all the so called ‘ minnows’ if you get one you might get a hatful but if you don’t take the chances then there is always a risk they might sneak one on the break.

  13. Ivan the Terrible

    Hahahahaha, what a sad time for gooners and their ArseAnal. Keep clutching at straws. North London is lilywhite, and there’s nothing The Arse can do about it. The funniest fact is that if you get rid of Wenger, you’ll be fighting against relegation. Spurs is fighting for titles that mean something, the Arse is plying its trade in the secondary competitions and falling FAR behind in the EPL, the only top tier competition they are allowed to compete in. On par with Burnley, only Burnley have heart. Good luck with trying to keep 6th place this season.

    1. No Way Jose

      Be fair, Ivan. Arsenal WILL finish sixth. Not quite good enough to be called one of the big 5. But better than the rest. Sure, they’re no Spurs or City. But they’re better than Burnley and West Ham. And I’m a Utd fan.

    2. keenosafc Post author

      Spurs “fighting for titles” yet winning nothing. Arsenal “fighting against relegation” and winning trophies…Chelsea win tonight, Spurs are 5th…trophyless and 5th…let that sink in

      1. No Way Jose

        I couldn’t give a rats arse where Spurs finish. Did you even read my post, moron? Though I think they probably come 3rd. Behind Utd. It’s certain that Arsenal come 6th though. Mid-table has beens!

    3. wayne g

      Arsenal have won the league more times at WHL than you have that’s why sol Campbell left you.mugs to join us,nothings changed nothing ever will change you’ll always be Tottenham always in our shadow even when we are shit..

  14. Bill Nicholson

    Get over yourself!! You’re bigger and better than us. Feel better now? Just show at least a modicum of humility that despite 25 years of, in the main, mediocrity and failure, your great North London rivals (that’s Spurs by the way) are showing signs of becoming seriously competitive. And then perhaps we can both agree that it doesn’t matter how well either of us do, the Manchester clubs have so much spending power that they’ll be contesting most of the major trophies for the foreseeable future.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Spurs are becoming “more competitive” but are still failing to win things, whilst Arsenal are “less competitive” yet have won more in 4 years than Spurs in 30+

  15. Mclovin

    Oh come on, don’y cry, it’s only a game, you’ll be fine. Where’s your mummy do you want someone to find her for you?

  16. Mark Turner

    Have to agree with both views although to Mesuts Thumb do us all a favour if thats your only come back dont bother son! idiots like you are an embarrassment but unfortunately we got too many like you following The Arsenal coming out with shit on social media. You aint just making yourself look stupid remember that!
    Look end of the day that lot down the road deserved to win at weekend just like we did at home simple as. History tells you we are the better over the years we know that, they know that so whats the point in keep alluding to it? Its not about what youve done its what youre doing now that matters and right now our club is a fucking shambles run by a bloke whose candle burned out long ago and a board more interested in the money they can make off the pitch rather than what goes on it. Its great winning the FA Cup 3 times in 4 years and having a laugh at the so called power shift when they win fuck all but whats the point of winning them if dont build on it? Tottenham today are similar to where we were in 87 thats how wide the gap is and that aint meant as a dig. What i mean is back then when Graham came in we were a club run by football men with ambition that brought in a manager who didnt just give young players a chance, one who built the team around them with decent players that want success just like Tottenham have been doing over the last few seasons and not spending huge amounts in the process. We had success but when George got greedy and things went stale those same football men running the club turned to Wenger and whilst the nationalities were different the concept was the same and success continued. Today we are a club owned by some fool who owns a number of sports clubs that are all in the same boat where it matters and run by people who wouldnt know a football if it smacked them in the face. While we spent shit loads of money on Xhaka or sign Elneny on the cheap , turned down the chance to re-sign Fabregas, bought Welbeck, Mustafi, Gabriel, Sanogo, Chambers, Campbell, theres too many to mention and god knows how many kids from abroad that have never played for the club cause they had to be shipped off to get a work permit they have been spending money on someone like Wanyama who should be playing for us but we wouldnt pay the money or Alli, Dier, Eriksson, Lucas MouraThat is where we are going wrong on the pitch too many poor signings because they cost less money while they have been like we were in 87. It might have taken them 12 odd managers to do it but theyve got a young manager who is turning them into a pretty decent team, no matter how much we hate it thats the truth, while we stagnate with a manager that has made mistake after mistake since breaking the invincibles/champions league finalists team up too early, has run out of ideas and is basically destroying players confidence as a result. It aint nice admitting to it but its the facts. We can keep banging on about trophies and records and singing about 49 undefeated and laughing when we win one and they dont but seeing them in better shape than us at the moment is down to our clubs complacency and lack of real ambition and we dont like it. I mean imagine how they felt since 87 seeing us win a shit load of trophies and watching their club trying to catch up? Seems as though some of us are feeling the same way without them winning a trophy and worried at the thought they just might when we should be more worried about what is going on at our own club

      1. Mesuts Thumb

        lol you got rekt my freind! TottenSpuds Marky Mark. You dont deserve’s a comment. Fact. Always in our shadow. Yous will get knocked out of CL by Juventus. And Arsenal will win d Europa and CL next year. Fact. Hes not one of your own. Harri Kaine he’s of of Arsenals own. Fact. Arsenal fan as a boy! ROFL!!! Sing that in ur pipe!!! TottenSpuds ShadowSpurs. hahahaha.

  17. Danny

    Crumbs of comfort. Straws to clutch at.

    Winning the FA Cup countless times and the obsession with winning trophies (even though there’s no prestige attached to them) is no way to be a gracious rival and admit that Spurs are closing the gap. You’re on a downward curve (Wenger has lost his mojo sadly, by holding on too long to power at Arsenal) and Spurs are on an upward curve (even though we pay to play at Wembley – you love those stickers so much you post them twice)

    So there is a power shift, it’s small and there’s still a shit-tonne of ground to continue to make up. But it’s there, it’s evident and the trend seems to be continuing this season.

    But this bitter load of crap. Come on man – you’re better than that.

    Oh wait… no.

  18. JohnMcT77

    I think it’s time Keenos stepped down from this blog. There’s some good writers on here and he’s making us rational Arsenal fans look like idiots.

    1. Charles Charlie Charles

      Regrettably, I agree.

      ArsenalFanTV. Ty. Troopz. Mesuts Thumb. This millenial generation of Arsenal fans, and their bitter sense of self-entitlement is what’s ruining the rational banter we used to have with the other lot from down the road.

      1. Mark

        Well said. Keenos must know he’s making an idiot if himself. Showed 2 gooners a short cut to Wembley Park after the game and had a good chat about our teams then you get this juvenile garbage

      2. wayne g

        as an arsenal fan some of these posts/topics and our support or 99% in the ground and the ones on social media are a fucking embarrrasment ive argued more with fellow” supporters” for being absolute c…ts than i have any tottenham supporter(while we are at it do you realise that using the term spud is fucking cringeworthy,i suggest you use the term yid while sipping your pre match lattes on upper street),i genuinely want relegation for us the reason being this will cure us of these embarrasing c..ts and the parasite aka wenger,dont get too smug tho as you may have all this to come high prices new “fans” but to do this you will need to be successful and better than us and thats something that has never been your strong point to be fair

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