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5 Spurs Wembley Facts

Arsenal last 9 games at Wembley:


Spurs last 9 games at Wembley:


Wins at Wembley since 2014:

Anthony Joshua – 2

Tottenham Hotspur – 1

Spurs now hold the record for the most fans to see their side lose a domestic game at Wembley

Teams to have won more games at Wembley since 2009 than Tottenham Hotspur:

New England Patriots
Warrington Wolves
Whitley Bay

Club wins at Wembley:

Yaya Sanogo – 2
Harry Kane – 1




Julian Draxler, Spurs and Gabriel

Julian Draxler

PSG are reportedly accepting bids for German international Julian Draxler.

With the Thomas Lemar deal now seemingly dead, or dying, Arsenal need to look elsewhere for reinforcements in the final third of the field.

Up front, we are set. In Alexandre Lacazette, Danny Welbeck ,Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez, we have options, even after Lucas Perez departs. But behind that, we are struggling.

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are both world class performers, there is no debate. But who is competing with them for attacking midfield spots?

The only other player we have who is a natural number 10 is Alex Iwobi.

We can also play Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla behind the striker, but none of these are ideal. We then have Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott who have done the job – badly – in pre-season.

Add in the contract situation of Sanchez and Ozil and you can see why Thomas Lemar was so aggressively target this summer.

I love Julian Draxler. I first spoke about his potential way back in October 2013 add my opinion on him has not changed.

If he is available for as little as £32m (in current prices), Arsenal need to ensure they are at the front of the queue.


The gift that keeps giving. Some people say I blog about them too much, question why I am bothered, even say I am deflecting away from Arsenal’s problems, but when your nearest rivals are such a joke, it is impossible not to take notice.

Firstly we have the debacle over their temporary move to Wembley. They spent ages negotiating with Brent Council to allow them to use the stadium at its full capacity – 90,000 – only for the council to restrict ticket sales for major games to those that know the club.

For this weekends game against Chelsea, you could only buy a ticket if you had an interaction with the club since July 1st. Now what interaction means is unclear? Is it own a membership? Or is it bought a DVD from the club shop.

What is known is that they have only sold 70,000 tickets. This once more raises the question as to why they are building a 60,000+ stadium?

This is a side, remember, who had an attendance low of 24,712 against Gillingham in the League Cup last year. 26,463 was their low in 2015/16. They have a history of fans not showing up to games.

Of course, Spurs fans will come on this blog (they are drawn to it likes flies to a light) saying it is only the League Cup. Well Arsenal got hammered in the press back in 2011 for having only 46,539 turn up to a League Cup game against Shrewsbury. Whilst this is 15,000 below capacity, it is still more than 20,000 than Spurs got against Gillingham.

Stupid Spurs fans will say but Arsenal have a bigger stadium, so will get bigger attendances. This rationale would be correct if both sides sold out. But Spurs had 10,000 unsold tickets v Gillingham. So if they had a 60,000 seater stadium, the amount of tickets would not rise, just the amount of unsold.

I look forward to Burnley turning up to North West London. Tickets are on general sale. 20,000 Burnley fans in the home end. Hopefully Spurs get put in their place.

The second part of this mini blog is over the press love in with them. We all know the press love Spurs and gloss over their lack of success. It is because they are not a big club.

In one of today’s paper, the headline is;


Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy Sure gets a lot of stick for having one of the most successful business models in football.

Well if the barometer of a successful football side is trophies, then the Spurs model clearly is not a success. 1 League Cup in 18 years. No FA Cup in 26 years. No league title in 56 years. I know Levy was not at Spurs for this entire period, but ENIC bought Spurs in 2001. 1 League Cup in that time is not a success.

It later go’s on to call Spurs One of the best sides in the Premier League. Under Daniel Levy’s stewardship, their every Premier League finish is 7th. They have finished below 8th 6 times in the 16 years of Enic. This against top 4 four times. A good two seasons does not make them one of the best in the league.

It seems Levy is being praised for turning a profit, selling his best players. And not for winning things. Well done Spurs for winning the best run club that never wins stuff trophy. It can go in the cabinet alongside your Put the Pressure On and finish Above Arsenal Once Cups.


Thanks for the memories. It never quite worked out. You never really adapted to English football. You still can not speak a word of English. Good luck in the future. Enjoy your 2 FA Cup winners medals. It is more than what other players win in their career. It is more than Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

You did not work out, but you were certainly not a flop. Hopefully we see you stick one on Diego Costa in La Liga in the new year.


Alexis Sanchez, Thomas Lemar, Chelsea, Spurs & more

Alexis Sanchez

Is anyone else getting a little bored of it all the Alexis Sanchez stuff now?

At the weekend, he flew to France with his girlfriend, his agent and his lawyer. Then social media exploded that he was there to speak with PSG. A few hours later, someone mentioned he was there to get his visa. Or maybe his girlfriends visa. Or maybe his girlfriend had a modelling shoot?

All the ITK’s who bore the hell out of me seemed to know exactly why he was there, what flight he was on, and what colour underwear he was wearing. It is all a little boring lads. Give it up. You do not know what is happening. Stop pretending you do.

Arsenal players had been given the weekend off. Granit Xhaka posted a picture of himself on a balcony over looking a body of water. It certainly was not the River Lea.

As for Sanchez. I am at the point where I really do not care if he stays of go’s. We have lost better players. We will sign better players. It is Arsenal FC, not Alexis FC.

Thomas Lemar

I am as equally bored by the Thomas Lemar saga.

As predicted, the ITK’s claiming it was a “done deal” have been exposed as liars. They have basically made up that they knew what was going on to build a 14,000 twitter following, before launching a blog. Well done lads. Great way to lose any credibility before you have even started.

I will never understand why a chap living in a bedsit pretends to know what is going on at Arsenal. It is dull, and it just draws transfers out further.

The bigger joke is the people who follow these muppets. Asking questions about players or contract situation.


Like with Alexis Sanchez, I am now bored with Thomas Lemar. If the deal is deal, let’s move on to the next one.


You have to laugh at Chelsea. The club and the fans. Yes they have won 2 league titles in 3 years – something which we should all be jealous of, but the attitude of their nouveau riche fan base, the majority of which have only followed the club for a little over a decade, is hilarious.

At the final whistle, chants of “spend some f**king money” went up. So entitled a fan base that they are demanding Roman Abramovich, a man who has spent the good part of £1bn of his own money on players, spend some more.

And then we have questions aimed at Antonio Conte about his “lack” of transfer activity.

This season, Chelsea have already spent £130m. They have signed a new striker, a new midfielder and a new centre back. They have spent the cash.

It is not like the season Arsenal bought Petr Cech and no outfield players. They have spent, and spent big.

They are the type of spoilt fans that complain when their mum brings home Ben and Jerry’s ice cream but they wanted Haagen Daz. A joke of a fan base.

Although maybe it is this “always demand more” mentality that leads to 2 titles in 3 years.


The other side of the coin is Spurs. They have yet to spend a penny, yet there have been no articles of them being in crisis.

In fact it is completely the opposite.

Their fans and the media are almost accepting that Spurs are not going to sign anyone. “We are doing it the right way” they keep claiming.

If the right way means no league titles in 56 years, then that is laughable.

Top 4 now a trophy?

In the last week, I have seen fans of both Spurs and Liverpool boast about their sides success in the last 12 months.

A Liverpool fan, when saying that his club should sign Alexis Sanchez, defended his reasoning that The Chilean would want to join them by calling the club “upwardly mobile”.

If 1 League Cup in 11 years is what thy now define as success and being upwardly mobile, then have a weird barometer of success.

Of course, what he meant was that they had qualified for the Champions League for the second time in 8 seasons.

Arsenal won the FA Cup last season. Liverpool finished 4th, 1 point ahead of the Gunners.

You don’t win a trophy for finishing 4th. You do if you win the FA Cup.

We have also had similar comments from Spurs fans on the blog. Boasting about how successful they were last season. Saying that they are a bigger draw then Arsenal. Laughing about their rivals having Thursday night football. Spurs are in the Champions League. Arsenal are not.

But Arsenal won a trophy last season. Spurs nothing. So who really should be laughing?

Suddenly to Liverpool and Spurs fans, top 4 is more important than a trophy.