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Spurs new stadium warning for Arsenal fans

And so we laughed and mocked.

As Spurs released the season ticket prices for their new ground yesterday, it became apparent very quickly. They were charging the highest prices in Europe.

For a long time, Arsenal has been hammered in the press for exactly same thing. Even though BBC’s Price of Football study always ignored that Arsenal fans get 26

games for their season ticket rather than other clubs 19.

Here were Spurs announcing that their cheapest season ticket in their new ground would work out to £41 a ticket. Arsenal’s pre-Europa League discount is still under £40 a game.

And as football fans will always do, we Arsenal fans mocked out rivals. Even if we always we moan that local fans are being priced out the game. And regardless as to what Tottenham’s pricing strategy could mean for Arsenal.


The issue is that Arsenal, Chelsea and other clubs will be keeping an eye on Spurs.

Here you have a club who have won 2 League Cups in nearly 30 years. Have not won a league title in nearly 70 years. Charging the highest prices in Europe.

If they sell out, and I am sure they will, it will get the nose twitching of Ivan Gazidis. He will think to himself “are Arsenal charging too low”. Of course, that is absolute bollocks. But football is a business these days. If one supermarket puts up their price of a pint of milk, and sales don’t drop, others will follow suit.

Arsenal would generate an additional £5-10m by marching Spurs’ pricing plan. They could generate even more if thought to themselves “we are bigger and better than Tottenham; we should charge more”.

So whilst in the short term, we might laugh and mock Spurs for their clubs new shown greed, in the long term it will just push prices up for us all.



You are allowed to want Arsenal to win (and want Wenger Out)

I want to be positive. I really do.

Arsenal face AC Milan tonight in the Europa League. Defeat will make it 5 losses on the spin. One of the worst runs I can remember in my lifetime. A run that would see Arsene Wenger surely lose his job (if our board had a pair).

I will never be one of these fans who says they want Arsenal to lose so that Wenger is sacked. I want Arsenal to win the Europa League. And in my mind, all true supporters should want us to win the trophy.

Many fans will see that winning the Europa League will give Wenger a lifeline. The truth is, he should leave Arsenal even if we win the Europa League. But the reality is that even if we do not win it, the board will probably let him see out his last year of his contract.

Or they might not. Moves might already be being made to replace him this summer. Regardless of performance.

Who knows what is happening at Arsenal. I do not think Wenger’s future is tied to success in Europe.

So having made that statement, I want us to win the Europa League.

Arsenal have not won a trophy in Europe since 1994. We have lost 3 finals in 3 difference competitions since then.

European success is the only thing Spurs fans have over Arsenal. They have 3, we have 2. Winning in Lyon in May will even things up.

If wanting Arsenal to win trophies is a bad thing, something that can not make you happy, buzz your tits off, then I am sorry. Actually, I will not apologise for wanting to see my club win things.

Changing manager will not guarantee success. Liverpool have shown that with the appointments of both Brendan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp. 6 years with no trophies.

So if changing managers does not guarantee success, we should not be saying that we do not want to win trophies so that we change manager.

Live in the moment, in the here and now. You can not predict the future, so cheer on a win against AC Milan.

They are not as good as some think.

Like Arsenal in recent years, they are a big club whose star has fallen.

I saw someone on Twitter state that AC Milan were as good as they were when they beat us 4-0 in the San Siro a few years back.

Well if your agenda pushes you to say Fabio Borini is as good as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, then live in your cloud coo-coo land with your fairies and expectation that changing manager will mean instant success.

A few other things just coming to mind…

A lot of fuss has been made over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain “making the Champions League Quarter Final for the first time in his career”.

On the face of it, you would say that this highlights the massive underachievement by Arsenal in the Champions League, and it perhaps does. But it also ignores that Oxlade-Chamberlain was complicate in that underachievement. He was in many of the starting XI’s that saw us get knocked out.

So Liverpool fans are celebrating Oxlade-Chamberlain making the QF of the Champions League for the first time in his career, even though he did not play a single minute? So he is still yet to win a Champions League knockout tie.

Maybe that is where Arsenal went wrong? They should not have played The Ox? And this is perhaps my favourite…

The way some Arsenal fans and the media big up Oxlade-Chamber like he is performing any better for Liverpool than Arsenal is hilarious.

At Arsenal, who would have a spell of 2/3 games in a row of great performances, followed by 10 games of doing nothing. Not much has changed – we as Arsenal fans now just no longer see the poor games.

He has 3 Premier League goals this season. That is one less than Nacho Monreal, and one more than Alex Iwobi.

Lets calla spade a spade. He was average at Arsenal, is average at Liverpool, and is simply an average, inconsistent player.

On a final note (in an attempt to be positive) I had a it of fun with this tweet from friend of the page AFC_Glen.

A 3 year old arsenal fan would have seen his side win 2 FA Cups. Compare that to his playschool mate who support Liverpool. Nothing. Or Spurs. Nothing.

Come to think about it, the 3 year old Arsenal fan has seen more success than a 27 year old Spurs!

There are granddads in Cheshunt who have seen Tottenham win less than that 3 year old Arsenal fan.

Hopefully all those out in AC Milan get around OK, despite the widespread transport strikers. I went their when we lost 4-0 and it was a great few days at the football. Top city, top drinking, and they sell mini bottles of sambuca in the ground.

Up the Arsenal


Tottenham Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow Arsenal play in the League Cup Final at Wembley. The clubs 4 visit to Brent in under 5 years.

But today is also a cause of celebration in North London. Not for Arsenal fans, but for fans of Tottenham.

Today is the 10th anniversary of Tottenham winning their last trophy. The 2008 League Cup.

It is quite ironic really, that whilst Spurs fans talk of a power shift, and boast about their teams success, Arsenal are in the ones in a final.

And the trophy Arsenal are playing for is own considered as “not enough” to make it a successful season. The same trophy (Just with a different sponsor name) as Spurs fans won 10 years ago.

It perhaps shows the size of the gap between the two clubs. That it is 10 years since Tottenham last won a trophy, and Arsenal are playing for it that same trophy tomorrow. Whilst Spurs celebrate having won that trophy as their greatest success in the last 27 years, Arsenal would see winning the trophy as a failure.

So Tottenham, enjoy your 10 year anniversary. Buy your loved one a tin. And remember, it takes a lost more than one season to shift the power.