New stadium, same brainless fans

Morning all. Hacve we all recovered from Sunday now?

What a day. What a result. One of them that will have us on cloud 9 for some time to come!

I was apprehensive before the game. We had not beaten Spurs away in the league since 2014. That apprehension diminished as I had a few beers and saw the line-ups.

Lots of people do “Combined XI’s” before big games. For me, they are up there with half and half scarves and holding cardboard signs begging for players shirts. Just no.

On seeing the line-ups, it was a struggle to see who from Spurs would get into the Arsenal team. Harry Kane is probably the only one. And even that is debatable as he does not have the legs to press the way Gabriel Jesus or Eddie Nketiah do.

It was the first time at their new ground, and what a fun experience!

Anyone who went to their old ground will know their wierd fans would stand on a street corner to hurl abuse as we did a right onto Park Lane towards the away end. I never really got it. None of them would do anything, and they would just stand behind the line of police giving it large.

I always wondered whether if the police disappeared, they would as well. Not as easy getting brave when no one is there to protect you.

In their new ground, the away end has moved. And it now makes sense to come up via Northumberland Park, walk west down Park Lane and do a right onto Worcester Avenue.

And low and behold, on the junction of Park Lane and Worcester Avenue were their fans, stood again behind police, singing “where the f**k are Arse-en-al?”

It was all very odd, because anyone doing a right onto Worcester Avenue were clearly Arsenal fans. And we certainly did not walk past trying to hide who we supported!

So their “hard men” have moved from the corner of Park Lane and the High Road to another street corner to welcome Arsenal fans whilst being kettled by police. All very strange.

The ground really was not that impressive when inside. Just the 3 levels of corporate seating! It really is designed to maximise that corporate revenue at the sacrifice of common fans. Much worse than the Emirates.

What I would say is the ground does clear quickly. As the final whistle went, their “big stand” was probably 70% empty. Good effort allowing fans to exit so quickly.

We dominated them. We turned up to their house, shagged their wife whilst they watched on in a corner, and then left without cleaning up after ourselves.

The fact their fans were reduced to attempting to assault Aaron Ramsdale, and throwing obsenities behind the police lines does show how backwards they are. Must be something in the water in Middlesex.

After Manchester City’s defeat, we are now favourites to win the league. I am not comfortable with that.

Up next is the inform Manchester United. City play twice before that game, so the 8 point gap may be just 2 before we play next.

We just need to keep taking it one game at a time.

I will not allow myself to dream. Yet. But for now all my dreams are about Sunday!




4 thoughts on “New stadium, same brainless fans

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  2. Ukaz George

    Arsenal should not rest on there oars and still should not listen to Garry Neville and his fanatical comment what a man will analyze football the way he does he believe that a club that is not scoring goals will win the league than the one that is topping where his heart is with good goal margin in the history of premiership has any club won it with such a poor scores let’s talk about the spurs game where many of them did not give Arsenal any chance but that is history now they will all say it again this week but it will come to pass in Arsenal favor God is guiding and protecting Arsenal till we reach our goal up gunners


  3. Johnno

    So the skinny little paraffins have moved streets have they? Lol. World class at mouthing off behind the ol’ bill that lot, always have been.
    Haven’t been to their new pigsty and have no intention of going either. At least their old pigsty was a proper football ground, this new one looks more like an NFL stadium which is exactly what it is in fairness.
    As for the game, just a huge gulf in class. We’ve got better players, we’re better coached and better prepared. The kangas better hope that a dodgy Arab despot comes in because we’re about to leave them well behind.
    Agree with pretty much all of this article apart from the signs asking the players for shirts. It’s embarrassing when you see grown men begging for them and the players should just blank the silly cunts but I like to see them giving their tops to young kids and people with disabilities. It costs them nothing and it makes the fans day.
    Anyway, onto Manure next. Beat them and I’ll start to believe we might win the fucker. Only injuries will stop us challenging Citeh this year.
    Up The Arse.


  4. Positive pete

    Their new ground is commonly known as “ The Bowl”.Because a) It’s actually shaped like a toilet bowl- missing a lid & b) its full of shit.



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