Our humble beginnings begin in the early days of footballing forums somewhere in the mid to late 90’s. As ‘Arseonline’ we were the Arsenal message board on online football community Rivals.net (some might remember them being the sponsor of Dream Team’s Harchester United) where we shared space with all 92 football clubs. For some time, Rivals.net was the largest independent multi-club football message board which then saw it incorporated into the 365 Media Group, also containing Football365.

Under the stewardship of ‘LordHillWood’ (RIP) and ‘Ike’ the board became one of the most popular independent sites amongst Arsenal fans.

In 2007, BSkyB bought out the 365 Media Group and within days, the message board formats were changed without asking its users. This lead to a revolt and scores of board administrators departing in an attempt to set-up replicas of the former Rivals.net boards, where the cross-board banter and ‘raids’ were legendary. One of the more successful of these break away boards was FansOnline.net, set up by Middlesbrough fans. With Rivals.net on its last legs, the users of Arseonline took the decision to take themselves to the new site. Sky soon decided to take down the Rivals.net message board, claiming ‘lack of revenue from the network,’ although many users thought this was always the plan, with Sky buying a rival in the hope of buying their user base.

With a new board came a new name. The users base decided on She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and for the next 6 years, sat happily within the FansOnline.net network. Alongside the move, Ike and LordHillWood took a step back, with Gooner_sx/Riders_of_the_night/GC coming in to oversee the site.

In December 2007, the facebook page was founded (on the same day Arsenal played its first ever game of football, under the name Dial Square).

3 years later in 2010, the twitter feed became live. Sadly, these were to cause another change. With IT departments blocking sports sites and facebook and twitter removing the need for a message board. Gradually, the useage of the board reduced, with many of the ‘regulars’ talking their football through other means. The site became little more then a hosting site for the articles written by GC, KeenosAFC and other contributors. In 2011, we proudly got our banner in the stadium. You can usually see it in the North-East corner.

A group of fans with different opinions, each blog written by a different contributor with different views. It is what makes us unique. Some of us are Wenger loyalists. Others won’t go to another game until he is gone. But we all have one thing in common. We all want the best for The Arsenal. We just sometimes disagree what the best is…

In the summer of 2013, the decision was made to break away from FansOnline and start a dedicated Arsenal blog, SheWore.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Madjens

    Darren & Neil kept the message board alive for the majority of time on the FansOnline site and I’m sure without them, She Wore would never had taken off as it did. Cheers guys


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