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10 Reasons why Arsenal will beat Tottenham + Starting XI

  1. With 15 points from their last 15 games, Tottenham more resemble a relegation battling outfit than someone challenging for the top 4
  2. Tottenham have also won just 4 of their last 15 games against Arsenal
  3. Arsenal are unbeaten in the league at home against Tottenham in 9 years
  4. That victory for Spurs in 2010 is their only league win in Islington for more than a quarter of century
  5. And just 3 wins in Islington from the last 38 games
  6. Spurs are just not very good
  7. This is their peak and they have not won a trophy in 11 years
  8. Or the league in 58 years
  9. They are a joke of a club
  10. Who are not even from North London

Predicted XI:


AMN Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac

Xhaka Torreira

Pepe Cabellos Aubameyang



Could Tottenham’s relegation form see them relegated?

15 games, 15 points.

That is not the form of a title chasing team. It is not the form of a mid-table team. It is the form a team in the midst of a relegation battle.

LLDLLWWLWLLDWDL is Tottenham’s form over the last 15 games. Just Watford and Brighton are in worse form.

Even my basic maths tell me that 15 points from 15 games is a point a game. Over a 38 game season that would multiple up to 38 points. Last season Cardiff went down with 34 points.

It is actually surprising that Arsenal have the 3rd best form in the league, taking into account how they fell away in the closing stages of the season.

If Tottenham find themselves in the relegation after half a dozen games, surely they have to be considered relegation contenders rather than Champions League challengers?


Rare Early North London Derby

29th August 1925.

It was the opening day of the 1925/26 season and the first day in the job for a certain Herbert Chapman.

The opponent that day was Tottenham Hotspur, who won 1-0 with a goal from Jimmy Dimmock.

That was 94 years ago and is the earliest Arsenal and Tottenham have ever played each other.

The last time Arsenal and Tottenham faced each other in August was back in 1997. It was a dull 0-0 draw. This weekends fixture is the earliest between the 2 sides since then.

In recent history, fixtures between Arsenal and Spurs have followed the same pattern.

They play in Middlesex in November before the return game in North London in March or April.

The fixture is also unusual due its 4:30pm kick off.

Usually, under police orders, games between the two sides happen around lunch time, previously as early as 11:30am. To have an early evening kick off on Sunday will be odd.

It will enable fans to get in a good few hours drinking prior to the match (unlike the hour or two we usually get) but will cut short the evening (unless you have the day booked off work on Monday).

Arsenal will be looking to return to winning ways following defeat to table topping Liverpool, whilst Spurs will be attempting to reverse their relegation form.

LLDLLWWLWLLDWDL is not the name of a Welsh town but Tottenham’s Premier League form over their last 15 games.

That form over 38 games would see them pick up just 38 points. Could Spurs really be in for a relegation battle this season?

Regardless of the result, North London is Red.