Tottenham fans ‘most deluded in the Premier League’

We all know Tottenham fans have delusions of grandeur, but I have not stopped laughing at their latest show of petulance.

The only team in the “Big 6” to have not won anything in the 15 years, they have spent the last half a decade telling anyone that would listen how good they were. And how much better and bigger than Arsenal they were.

The old saying is form is temporary, class is permanent. And it was only a matter of time until the class of The Arsenal rose again, and the good form of Spurs (15 on the all-time English champions list) evened itself back down.

But last week their fans go ahead and write a letter to the board “seeking answers to fundamental questions” about how the club is run.

Spurs fans are crying because their team is 5th in the table, 2 points off the Champions League places. 5th or 6th is probably Spurs’ par position. They only slipped out of the top 4 2 games ago.

This season they had their best opening 10 games to a campaign since the Premier League came into existence. The bad run of form they are complaining about is 2 losses in their previous 6 games. They should speak to Chelsea about bad runs.

Since 2019, they have spent €524m on player. And average of €131m a season. That is the 5 highest expenditure in the league, and just €12m less than Arsenal – they have also been very noisy about how much we have spent to top the league.

During that period, they have the 3rd highest net spend in the Premier League (for those that love net spend stats). Only Manchester United and Arsenal have a higher net spend.

Their fans are very loud about them having the World Cup winning goalkeeper. The best centra defender “in the world” (still not sure who they are talking about?). The best footballer Asia has ever seen. And England’s best ever striker.

They have a transfer guru who has secured them some of the “best talent in Europe” in Romero, Bentancur, Kulusevski, Perisic and Richarlison. In the summer they “won” the transfer window.

And they have the best manager in the world (according to them) in Antonio Conte. The Italian much better than the novice in charge of Arsenal.

They have spent so much, on so many top players, all whilst spending £1bn on “the greatest football stadium in the world”.

I don’t really get what they are complaining about.

Spending so much on a new stadium was always going to see them take a backwards step. Did they not see what happened to The Arsenal?

The Emirates had huge implications on our finances. Throw in the credit crunch and we had to sell to service the debt.

Tottenham are in huge debt due to their stadium and have also had to contend with the impact of Covid on their finances. Did they really think they could build a new stadium whilst also spending big on players? They have actually spent a lot more than most of us would have expected.

I am not really sure what their fans want. What they are crying about. What their demands are.

The real reason they are upset is probably because of us. Because we are top of the league.

They are having breakdowns because they have realised the last half a decade has been wasted.

All those seasons finishing above Arsenal came to nothing. And it was all they could hold onto whilst we won FA Cup after FA Cup.

Now we are back on our pedestal, and they are both below us and trophyless, they have lost their minds.

Their issue is not with ENIC, with Levy and how the club is run. It is with KSE, with Arteta, and how we are performing.

Instead of writing a letter for Levy, they should have written one to Josh.

“Dear Josh,

Please stop Arsenal being so good. Them being bad was our only bright light in football.


A Spurs Fan.”

They mocked us for our “banter years” but the truth is the last few years have just been a respite from their banter decades.

I bet if we were 6th, and they were 4th, there would be no complaints.

Being top of the league has broken them. Imagine what will happen if we win it?

Spurs fans really are the most delusional in the league.



8 thoughts on “Tottenham fans ‘most deluded in the Premier League’

  1. si

    far too early for gooners to be crowing about being top of the league…hopefully Spurs fans will have thelast laugh when they blow their historic lead any finish runners up by a point….


  2. HarrowSpur

    What a pathetic article…..what is wrong with Spurs fans (or fans of any club) wanting their team to be successful??? Didn’t Arse fans want their team to improve when finishing behind Spurs for the last five years for example!! To call it delusional just proves your IQ is clearly in single digits. Using your logic, everyone would support Real Madrid. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life.


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