Media finds new reason to spread Arsenal negativity

For years now, The Arsenal Football Club has been the medias punching bag.

They have made millions from spreading negativity about us, knowing that every article would be linked, every comment on TV or radio shared widely. Our recent league struggles has filled their pockets.

And some (so-called) Arsenal fans have also jumped on the bandwagon; realising that being ultra negative got them attention, made them a little bit of money (although the majority of them barely anything by spreading their poison).

They have hated Arsenal’s return to form under Mikel Arteta this season. It has angered them and those that have tried to encourage the doubters have become a laughing stock.

So no longer can they mock or criticise our on-field performances, they have has to look elsewhere to drum up their hatred. And that has come in the form of criticising Arteta.

Led by the Chief of the Celebration Police Richard Keys, over the last couple of weeks their have been countless column inches, tweets and hours of radio time dedicated to Arteta’s touchline antics.

Much of the criticism around Arteta has come from the chief boo-boys. Those that have been loudest in their criticism of Arteta and Arsenal in the last 2 or 3 years. The likes of Keys and Chris Sutton.

The usual suspects, the Arsenal-incels, have also come out from under their rock to pile on.

These people hated Arteta from day one. They were tweeting #ArtetaOut before he even got the job. And they have struggled to come to terms with the fact that maybe the likes of Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino were right with their comments about Arteta.

So the latest thing is them labelling Arteta “classless” and that his toucline antics and post-game interviews are disgracing the clubs.

Interestingly, these people also used to criticise Wenger for “showing no passion on the touchline” and “sitting in the dug out doing nothing”.

So thewy criticise Wenger for not showing passion; and then criticise Arteta for showing passion. What do they actually all want? And I think we know the answer to that is “attention”.

After the 0-0 defeat to Newcastle (yes, its a joke), some of the rats reappeared claiming that “with Manchester United and Tottenhams good form, we will be out of the top 4 within the next month”. So keen are they to paint Arteta as a man failing, they are creating implausible scenarios.

Yes, Arsenal have a tough run of games, with Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City to come. But we are top of the league for a reason.

It also ignores that over the next month, Man U face ourselves, Man City and Liverpool. Tottenham meanwhilse face ourselves, Man City (twice) and Chelsea.

So let’s all stop pretending that Man U and Spurs are both going to win every one of their next 7 games, and we are going to drop points in more than 3 – we might drop points in more than 3 of our next games, but they will not win 7 on the trot considering their best winning runs so far is 4 games and 2 games respectively.

We have dropped points in just one of our last 6 games, topping the form table and gaining 1 more point than the resurgent Man U in that time. Spurs have lost 2 and drawn 1 of their last 6. But apparently we are in bad form!

All sides have also been going OTT with Gabriel Jesus’s injury. You would think we were the only club to have a player come back from the World Cup with an injury (no mention of Richarlison).

Someone recently commented “it will be our lack of goals without Jesus that will see us drop below Man U in the next month”.

Since football returned from the World Cup, we have scored 7 goals in 3 games. Only Brighton (9) have scored more. How many have Manchester United scored? 7.

So our 7 goals in 3 games is proof our strikers are misfiring, whilst Man U’s 7 in 3 is proof they are on form. I just do not get it.

These people are so filled with hatred, wanting us to fail, that they end up building their own scenarios in their head and end up thinking they are true. No matter many of them live in bedsits talking into a camera or live their life through social media.

As for the media, we know bad news generates money. And we know Arsenal generates them money. All they care about is trying to combine the two and generating even more money.

The likes of Keys, Sutton et al will do anything to paint us as a club in crisis.

Even if we win every game between now and the end of the season and win the title at a canter, they will criticise us for Arteta’s antics, or due to Saka being booked for diving, or for us surrounding the referee like every club does. Their bitterness forces them to hold us to a higher standard than any other club.

On a final note, I do always laugh when something Richard Keys says goes viral.

He often talks about “class” and “dragging the name through the mud”. This is a man who took media exile in the Middle-East after UK organisation would not touch him with a barge pole.

A man who was sacked by Sky for his derogatory comments about female referee, before further comments came out which just showed he is a nasty old misogynist. A man who was caught shagging his daughters pal whilst his wife of 34-years battled cancer.

If you looked up “classless” in the dictionary, a picture of Richard Keys should be there.

The fact these people are having to look for off-field reasons to criticise Arsenal is brilliant. It means that our on-field performances are upsetting them.




2 thoughts on “Media finds new reason to spread Arsenal negativity

  1. Johnno

    Spot on. The irony of Key’s accusing someone of a lack of class and embarrassing behaviour should be lost on nobody. You know The Arsenal are back when the press start having a pop at us again. I love it, long may it continue. Life’s tough at the top.
    Up The Arse.



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