Spurs new stadium warning for Arsenal fans

And so we laughed and mocked.

As Spurs released the season ticket prices for their new ground yesterday, it became apparent very quickly. They were charging the highest prices in Europe.

For a long time, Arsenal has been hammered in the press for exactly same thing. Even though BBC’s Price of Football study always ignored that Arsenal fans get 26

games for their season ticket rather than other clubs 19.

Here were Spurs announcing that their cheapest season ticket in their new ground would work out to £41 a ticket. Arsenal’s pre-Europa League discount is still under £40 a game.

And as football fans will always do, we Arsenal fans mocked out rivals. Even if we always we moan that local fans are being priced out the game. And regardless as to what Tottenham’s pricing strategy could mean for Arsenal.


The issue is that Arsenal, Chelsea and other clubs will be keeping an eye on Spurs.

Here you have a club who have won 2 League Cups in nearly 30 years. Have not won a league title in nearly 70 years. Charging the highest prices in Europe.

If they sell out, and I am sure they will, it will get the nose twitching of Ivan Gazidis. He will think to himself “are Arsenal charging too low”. Of course, that is absolute bollocks. But football is a business these days. If one supermarket puts up their price of a pint of milk, and sales don’t drop, others will follow suit.

Arsenal would generate an additional £5-10m by marching Spurs’ pricing plan. They could generate even more if thought to themselves “we are bigger and better than Tottenham; we should charge more”.

So whilst in the short term, we might laugh and mock Spurs for their clubs new shown greed, in the long term it will just push prices up for us all.


18 thoughts on “Spurs new stadium warning for Arsenal fans

  1. The Cabbie

    One thing you forget ,Spurs have always given the discount for pensioners ,Arsenal do not As a grandfather who has been going to see the Gunners since 1949 what can I afford


  2. keith green

    What boll*x. We’re 13 points above woolwich, have a bigger stadium. Arsenal are no longer bigger than Spurs. Our attendance for Rochdale was only 1 thousand less than woolwich against Man City…. the champions elect.


    1. Johnno

      How do you know what our attendance was for Man City? We sold 58,000 tickets for that game. You can always tell a clubs true support base by their crowds in the domestic Cups. Take Away fans out of it and the stinking Yids struggle to get 20,000 to turn out. We had 44,000 against Doncaster in the League Cup and over 58,000 against Norwich in the same competition. Your hard core support is similar to West Ham`s, maybe even a bit smaller. Chelsea are now the 2nd biggest supported club in the capital.


      1. Liam

        Say what you like fella, it doesn’t make it fact. The fact is our average for the season is 70,000 fans. The 2nd highest in the league. Arsenal only managed 72,000 max at Wembley when they played there, and that was champs league. This is a fact. Ticket prices were cheaper in this time too. It is true that a midweek game against Barnsley didn’t get the pulses racing, and got 20 odd thousand. This is an exception, not the rule however.


      2. Johnno

        West Ham, Barnsley, Rochdale, Newport. There are quite a few games that don’t get the pulses racing with you lot. The Arse sold Wembley out for every game there in the Champions League but because of advertising, capacity was restricted. The Premier League has continued to grow and grow since then and comparing crowds from the 90`s to now is a bit like comparing crowds in the late 90`s to crowds in the 80`s. You couldn’t even sell out Wembley for the Man Utd or Arsenal games. West Ham would get 70 – 80 thousand turn up for Champions League and they`d get more than 24,000 through the turnstiles for the 5th round of the FA Cup. Especially with 5,000 away fans in attendance.


      3. Next bus to woolwich!

        Johno, you’re a weasel. You should only support Arsenic, a match made in a chavvy, council estate;)


      1. RBS

        Tottenham is north of Islington – so you be saying “up there” – but then why I expect a fan supporting a franchise from south London to know anything about areas north of the River Thames?


  3. Next bus to woolwich!

    Just be happy with your Europa league and don’t worry about what other clubs are doing. That’s always the issue with goons, they do love poking their horrible noses in other people’s business.


  4. RBS

    West Ham got just 14,000 for a League Cup semi-final against City a few years back & just 10,000 for another cup game against Macclesfield not too long ago. The only reason they are getting plus 50,000+ at the London Stadium is that their ticket prices are so cheap! As has been proven by the publishing of their financial accounts just last week, they had just a 6% increase in money from ticket sales, despite have 23,000 more seats! They are knocking out season tickets at ultra low prices and thus able to achieve decent size crowds.

    As for Arsenal, a few facts; Arsenal’s largest ever crowds are all lower than Tottenham’s. This includes; Highbury, Wembley and the Emirates. Your largest crowd at Highbury was 73,298 (White Hart Lane 75,038), Arsenal at Wembley 73,707 – which is also Arsenal’s all time record (Tottenham at Wembley 85,512 – all time English club home record). Arsenal largest crowd at Emirates 60,161. Tottenham’s new ground TBC, but almost certainly to be 62,000+.

    This season Arsenal recorded their lowest crowd at the Emirates at 25,909 v BATE (although of course because Arsenal include most cup games within the season ticket so almost fictional ‘tickets sold’ figure was circa 54,000).

    The difference between Spurs & Arsenal can really be summed up in this scenario. Back in 1966 just 4,334 fans turned up to watch the hapless Goons. In the same year, against the same opposition, in the same competition, with a similar size stadium, Tottenham had a crowd of 43,844.

    So it is quite clear the only club which should be compared to West Ham, in terms of attendances is Arsenal. Spurs on the other hand, historically the best supported club in London, are now back to their traditional place at the top of the London attendance charts.


    1. Johnno

      Hahaha, what a load of old cobblers. The only reason the stinking Yids have recorded those records is down to capacity. The Arse had bigger average attendances than the stinking Yids every single season from 1925 through to 1951. We had bigger average attendances every year from 1952 – 1958. During the stinking Yids “Glory” years of 1960 – 67 you did get more through the gate but normal service was resumed from 1968 through to the early 1980`s. You then had a couple of seasons where you averaged slightly more (You were winning Cups and we were going through a dark period). Every season since (bar one, because of the redevelopment of Highbury) Has seen The Arse record a higher average attendance than the stinking Yids. You are talking utter bollocks but that’s one of the few things you lot are actually any good at.

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