When was the last time your club won a trophy?

The fall out from this season continues. A lot of talk about progression over trophies and that Spurs finishing 2nd is a more successful season than Arsenal winning the FA Cup (if they do) got me thinking.

We had a decade of the media going mad every time Arsenal got knocked out of a competition. An extra year added to the Years Arsenal have gone without a trophy spreadsheet. And the press are already counting the years since the last league title.

Now whilst the decade of Arsenal not winning a trophy and 13 years without a league title is too long, and each year hurts, I do notice a double standard.

No other side in English football has their Years since they won something documented as much as Arsenal. So I put together a little bar chart. And this then expanded to a few more bar charts. Some of you might find it interesting reading. Others will probably say I am just trying to deflect from the criticism of Arsene Wenger and justify our failures using other clubs failures.

Whatever your thoughts or agenda, the below does make interesting reading:

1 thought on “When was the last time your club won a trophy?

  1. Johnno

    Its no surprise that the stinking Yids get a free ride when it comes to this issue. They have always been the media`s darlings and I wonder why that is ay? Whats more surprising is how Liverpool get off so lightly. Afterall, they genuinely are a big club and one of only Two clubs in this country that can compare to us and yet they havent won a league title since 1990 and you hardly hear anything about it. Its fucking crazy but again, its probably got something to do with who controls the media and the pro Yid/anti Arsenal agenda they love to peddle.



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