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Alexis Sanchez, Thomas Lemar, Chelsea, Spurs & more

Alexis Sanchez

Is anyone else getting a little bored of it all the Alexis Sanchez stuff now?

At the weekend, he flew to France with his girlfriend, his agent and his lawyer. Then social media exploded that he was there to speak with PSG. A few hours later, someone mentioned he was there to get his visa. Or maybe his girlfriends visa. Or maybe his girlfriend had a modelling shoot?

All the ITK’s who bore the hell out of me seemed to know exactly why he was there, what flight he was on, and what colour underwear he was wearing. It is all a little boring lads. Give it up. You do not know what is happening. Stop pretending you do.

Arsenal players had been given the weekend off. Granit Xhaka posted a picture of himself on a balcony over looking a body of water. It certainly was not the River Lea.

As for Sanchez. I am at the point where I really do not care if he stays of go’s. We have lost better players. We will sign better players. It is Arsenal FC, not Alexis FC.

Thomas Lemar

I am as equally bored by the Thomas Lemar saga.

As predicted, the ITK’s claiming it was a “done deal” have been exposed as liars. They have basically made up that they knew what was going on to build a 14,000 twitter following, before launching a blog. Well done lads. Great way to lose any credibility before you have even started.

I will never understand why a chap living in a bedsit pretends to know what is going on at Arsenal. It is dull, and it just draws transfers out further.

The bigger joke is the people who follow these muppets. Asking questions about players or contract situation.


Like with Alexis Sanchez, I am now bored with Thomas Lemar. If the deal is deal, let’s move on to the next one.


You have to laugh at Chelsea. The club and the fans. Yes they have won 2 league titles in 3 years – something which we should all be jealous of, but the attitude of their nouveau riche fan base, the majority of which have only followed the club for a little over a decade, is hilarious.

At the final whistle, chants of “spend some f**king money” went up. So entitled a fan base that they are demanding Roman Abramovich, a man who has spent the good part of £1bn of his own money on players, spend some more.

And then we have questions aimed at Antonio Conte about his “lack” of transfer activity.

This season, Chelsea have already spent £130m. They have signed a new striker, a new midfielder and a new centre back. They have spent the cash.

It is not like the season Arsenal bought Petr Cech and no outfield players. They have spent, and spent big.

They are the type of spoilt fans that complain when their mum brings home Ben and Jerry’s ice cream but they wanted Haagen Daz. A joke of a fan base.

Although maybe it is this “always demand more” mentality that leads to 2 titles in 3 years.


The other side of the coin is Spurs. They have yet to spend a penny, yet there have been no articles of them being in crisis.

In fact it is completely the opposite.

Their fans and the media are almost accepting that Spurs are not going to sign anyone. “We are doing it the right way” they keep claiming.

If the right way means no league titles in 56 years, then that is laughable.

Top 4 now a trophy?

In the last week, I have seen fans of both Spurs and Liverpool boast about their sides success in the last 12 months.

A Liverpool fan, when saying that his club should sign Alexis Sanchez, defended his reasoning that The Chilean would want to join them by calling the club “upwardly mobile”.

If 1 League Cup in 11 years is what thy now define as success and being upwardly mobile, then have a weird barometer of success.

Of course, what he meant was that they had qualified for the Champions League for the second time in 8 seasons.

Arsenal won the FA Cup last season. Liverpool finished 4th, 1 point ahead of the Gunners.

You don’t win a trophy for finishing 4th. You do if you win the FA Cup.

We have also had similar comments from Spurs fans on the blog. Boasting about how successful they were last season. Saying that they are a bigger draw then Arsenal. Laughing about their rivals having Thursday night football. Spurs are in the Champions League. Arsenal are not.

But Arsenal won a trophy last season. Spurs nothing. So who really should be laughing?

Suddenly to Liverpool and Spurs fans, top 4 is more important than a trophy.



Community Shield win highlights squad deficiencies

Sundays victory over Chelsea, whilst excellent, did highlight the current deficiencies in the squad.

The XI that played was the strongest we could put out. Bar perhaps new boy Saed Kolasinac playing at left wing back and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain moving across to right.

The victory on penalties has papered over some cracks. Cracks in the squad where we are weak.

With Aaron Ramsey out, it left us with Mohamed Elneny starting and, with Francis Coquelin also out, not a single central midfielder on the bench.

If Arsenal are to compete this season, we need 5 central midfielders. In the “squad” we currently have 6:


You can pretty much exclude the bottom two. Santi Cazorla is out till 2018 and Jack Wilshere is unreliable and on his way out. That leaves us with 4. One short.

What we need to buy in the middle of the park is not a player who can be back up – we have that in Elneny and Coquelin – but a player who can compete for a first team place alongside Ramsey or Xhaka.

The name on everyone’s lips at the moment is Jean-Michael Seri.

Another option Arsenal should seriously consider is Bayern Munich’s Renato Sanches. Even if it is a loan deal.

With Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil out due to lack of fitness, creativity was also a massive concern.

Playing Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck behind a striker will not drive fear into opponents this season.

Iwobi is a talent, but he should never be Arsenal’s main creative force on the pitch. He is too inconsistent and go’s missing a lot. However he is a good understudy for Mesut Ozil.

Meanwhile, Danny Welbeck is simply not a creative force he is a willing runner and will work hard, but he does not possess the creativity of Alexis Sanchez.

It is not news to anyone that Arsenal need to sign Thomas Lemar. Some might question how we can keep Lemar, Sanchez and Ozil happy, but with Arsenal set to play up to 60 games this season, there is enough to go around.

If Arsenal do get Lemar, and I am still sure they will, it will give them the option of resting players, especially after long trips on international duty, and give us real quality on the bench to change the game.

On a more positive note, we were able to compete with Chelsea’s strongest XI (bar Hazard) without Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Koscielny and Mustafi.

Sunday was a good victory, but it just further highlighted that we are 2 players short of a real title challenge.


An idiots guide to Arsenal’s starting XI

So I see on social media the usual cat calls about our starting XI. 

“No Ozil and Sanchez”

“Ox playing at left wing back? Wenger putting square pegs in round holes. And can someone change my nappy?”

“No Ramsey #WengerOut”

“Why no Koscielny?”

Well here is your idiots guide:

1. It is the same back 3 as the FA Cup Final

2. Koscielny is not playing as he is suspended for the first two games of the season. Better to play the back 3 that’ll start v Leicester

3. It is also the same wing backs as what started against Chelsea in the cup final

4. Was Ox a square peg in a round hole then?

5. Kolasinac and Ox are fully fit. Playing Bellerin right back was about getting him match fit in a friendly

6. Ramsey has a niggle. How much would you have moaned if he played today and that niggle became an injury?

7. Ditto Ozil

8. I would rather both players be fully fit for Friday night, rather than play when not 100% today

9. As for Alexis Sanchez, he has only just returned to training

Today’s line up was arguably the strongest we could part out; bar Koscielny and Kolasinac.

The line up does show we are an attacking midfielder and a central midfielder short of a quality squad. Wenger needs to sort it out, and quickly. 

The comments shown by some over the line-up really highlight their lack of knowledge about football. 

We won. We completed the pre-season treble (I jest). Now stop finding any excuse to moan.