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Which Premier League sides lack the cojones?

Last weekend, a big fuss was made over Arsenal losing to Watford. Convicted thug, Troy Deeney, went straight to the nearest television studio, in his best court suit, to declare that Arsenal simply did not have the cojones.

7 days on, and Watford let go a 1 goal lead to lose 4-2 to Watford. Deeney, who does not have the fitness to play 90 minutes, was taken off with 10 minutes to go and the scores at 2-2.

Did Deeney stand there in the changing room, lamenting his team mates, telling them how they had let themselves down, their family down, the bumblebee mascot down, and how they did not have the cojones? Probably not. He probably drove straight to Birmingham for a few beers with his mates before stamping on the head of a defenceless student.

Troy found out how quickly the earth spins round. It is easy boasting about how you smash an opponent as soon as you come on the field when you win, but how about all them times you lose Troy?

The weekend showed just how tough the Premier League is. Manchester City apart, every other top team as showed a lack of cojones at some point.

On Saturday, Manchester United lost against the then favourites-to-be-relegated Huddersfield. The Huddersfield players showed a lot more class than Troy Deeney, as none went on TV abusing their opponents. It was Manchester United’s first defeat of the season. But an unexpected one.

There was also tears in Liverpool as the Scourers lost away to Spurs.

It was not just losing, but it was the manor of the defeat. 4-1.

Liverpool remind me of Arsenal, when they lose against a top side, they lose heavily, 4 against Spurs, 5 against Manchester City.

They have also dropped points against Watford, Newcastle and Burnley, and sit 9th in the league. Jurgen Klopp’s crown has slipped with a drifting win percentage. Now under 50% with a worse record than the likes of Brendan Rodgers.

No mention of their players lacking the cojones though.

Then we have Chelsea. The current Champions.

They showed some cojones on Saturday to come back from 2-1 down to beat Watford. But then the weekend before they played Crystal Palace, with 0 goals and 0 points this season. They lost 2-1. Having already lost at home to Manchester City, and that opening day defeat to Burnley, they sit with an identical record to Arsenal.

Do their players lack the cojones? Or does it just show that bar Manchester City, every other side is a little bit average.

We then come to Arsenal, We know about Watford and Stoke, and that defeat to Liverpool. Lots made about the club in crisis, but we are level with Chelsea and ahead of Liverpool. A long way behind Manchester City though – and that is what is important.

Spurs got a good win against Liverpool to go level on points against Manchester United. But it was not too long ago that they were struggling to win at home – draws against Swansea and Burnley. They are in fine form at the minute, yet still they are closer to Arsenal 94 points ahead) then they are to Manchester City (5 points behind).

Very little talk about cojones when they failed to beat Burnley or Swansea.

Manchester City look awesome. But then Leyton Orient would look awesome if they spent over £500m in 3 summers, on top of the billion pounds they spent in the 6 or 7 years previous.

With what they have spent recently, Manchester City should be winning titles every year. There last success in the league was 4 years ago. And they have just a single League Cup since.

None of this justifies Arsenal’s predicament. No title in 12 years is not good enough. Not using your finances to their full capability is not good enough.

We are not giving ourselves the best chance of success. At least if you try, then fail, at least you have tried. In recent transfer windows, we have not tried.

This season, every side will drop points against teams they really should beat. It happens every season. It is why the bookies are rich and the punters poor.

The only side that looks infallible so far is Manchester City. But then we are only 9 games in.

An early prediction, Manchester City will further ahead of second, than second is ahead of 6th. The other 5 sides are all a similar level of averageness – even if the press like to paint one club in crisis and the other as brilliant.

It will be a rollercoaster of a season.



Why all the fuss over Arsenal on Christmas Eve?

So it looks like Arsenal v Liverpool will be on Christmas Eve, likely to be a kick off between 12:30-1:30 live on Sky. And I have conflicted feelings on the matter.

When I first heard that Sky were planning to play the fixture on Christmas Eve, my first thought was how is this allowed to happen, it just is not fair, once again TV companies show a disdain for fans, expecting them to be away from their families on Christmas Eve. I feel this view was mirrored by many reading here.

Arsenal fan pressure groups, alongside groups from other clubs and the Football Fans Federation got together to lobby the Premier League over a Christmas Eve game.

I was vocal in a Whatsapp group over my opinion. Games should not be played on Christmas Eve. Then one of my pals put across an argument which has swayed my opinion which chipped away at my argument.

Christmas Eve is usually a working day. So where is the argument that playing a game on Christmas Eve will split up the family? Yes, this year it falls on a Sunday, but usually on Christmas Eve, parents would be at work on Christmas Eve. Those with a nice boss finishing at lunch (and heading straight to the pub), those with a horrible boss finishing at 5:30.

So is there any difference between being home at 5pm Christmas Eve having been at work all day, and being at home Christmas Eve at 5pm having been at the football? Probably not.

But think about the staff who have to work. Yes, stewards, catering staff, ball boys, etc, are going to have to work Christmas Eve. But is this any difference from me, a Recruitment Consultant, having to work Christmas Eve the majority of the time? Or having to be in between Christmas and New Year. Christmas Eve is not a public holiday.

But the trains, the trains. There are plenty of trains back from Liverpool fans. Their journey to and from London will be a lot easier than what Arsenal fans faced earlier this season. Trains will run from Euston to Liverpool until 7:05pm, getting home at 21:28. With the game set to be done by 3:30 at the latest, there are plenty of trains home.

Boxing Day games are actually a lot more problematic for trains. I recall a few years ago we played Southampton away on Boxing Day. I was with family in Suffolk. To get to London, it would have taken 3 trains and a replacement bus. Then South West Trains were also running nothing out of Waterloo, so after 3 hours of getting to London, I would then have been unable to continue my journey on to Southampton due to lack of trains.

GC often bores everyone telling his story of how it once took him 4 hours to get home once Boxing Day from Selhurst Park to his Grandparents in Romford.

Even for games in Islington on Boxing Day, those living in Herts, Essex, Bucks, Berks, Kent and other Home Counties would have a nightmare journey for the game. A home game. Yet this is considered acceptable.

The argument of there being no trains on Christmas Eve is nonsensical as there are trains. Everyone can get home.

Sky are killing football with games over Christmas. This will not be the first time games have been held on Christmas Eve. There was a time, way before Sky, that games were held on Christmas Day.

Maybe instead of complaining about the game on Christmas Eve, we should embrace it? Fathers can take their sons to a game the night before Christmas. Almost an early Christmas present. That is a great opportunity to share the festive spirit.

And how many of you moaning about a Christmas Eve game usually go out with your work mates on Christmas Eve. The 1pm finish means 4/5 hours in the pub before going home. You do not care about family time then.

How many more of you go out on the beer all night on Christmas Eve, regardless of there being football on or not. I imagine most of us have done it, especially in the younger days. Gone out all night, a big booze up, before heading home in the early hours of Christmas Day. Then spending most of Christmas Morning trying to mask the hangover.

Over the years, Sky have screwed over fans. Late Sunday kick offs. Games moved to 8pm on a Bank Holiday Monday. Arsenal playing Liverpool on Christmas Eve Lunch is not one of these times.


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