Final Arsenal friendly as keeper exit confirmed

Morning All!

We have our last “official” friendly of the season today against Sevilla in the Emirates Cup.

Now I say “official” because during last week we played a behind closed doors friendly against Brentford. We lost.

This was basically a glorified kick about containing many of the players who did not get lots of minutes on the US tour. Was basically one step up above an inter-club friendly (do these even exist anymore or is it just a Football Manager thing?).

Nothing should be read into that defeat but I am sure a lot will be…

So today it is Sevilla in the Emirates Cup.

I remember when the new stadium opened. The Emirates Cup was a great tournament.

A weekend of friendly football with 4 teams. A fantastic opportunity to take kids.

Now it has been relegated to a one-off game…

In 2019 they had the Arsenal mens and womens teams playing on the same day. This got me thinking.

Maybe to mix it up our mens and womens side should play the same team, on the same day. With aggregate overall score winners being crowned the champions?

So if our womens team lost to Sevilla Ladies 2-0, the men would have to win by more than that to win the trophy. And if it is a draw maybe a “mixed” penalty shoot out?

Todays game will also celebrate the life of Jose Antonio Reyes who played for both clubs.

I am always a little uncomfortable when it comes to Reyes. I remember from initial reports he was driving at between 110-135mph when he crashed. The Spanish speed limit is 75mph. But I will not go into my personal feels about that too much.

In other Arsenal news, 3rd choice keeper Arthur Okonkwo has left on loan. I can not remember who he has joined.

I said in recent blogs Arsenal had a choice to make between him and Karl Hein.

Last season Arsenal loaned out the Estonian whilst Okonkwo spent the year in and around the first team.

It does not surprise me that we have pulled a switcharoo this season with Okonkwo heading out on loan and Hein likely to stay at Arsenal.

Both men are highly rates. Not sure if they will ever be a first choice at Arsenal but we could do with a home grown second choice at some point in the future.

Not sure if much else is happening.

If you are taking a kid to their first game today, I hope they love it!



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