Martin Odergaard silences Arsenal-incels

The Arsenal-incels picked their new victim.

The weird little kids on Twitter (who in all honesty I should just ignore) decided that club captain Martin Odergaard will be the next individual to feel their wrath.

Despite claiming to be “fans”, Arsenal-incels hate everything Arsenal.

They were born out of the memory of Mesut Ozil.

Most were never really Arsenal fans, but Ozil fans. They worshiped the ground that the former-World Class player walked on. And anyone that dare criticise their God would fee their rage.

Eventually, Mikel Arteta had enough of the distributive, overpaid, underperforming Ozil and, backed by Edu, encouraged the club to pay him to leave.

This made Arteta and Edu number one targets. How dare they dump a player that was not any good anymore.

The Arsenal-incels were fuming. Arteta and Edu had become incel enemy number one.

Anyone they thought Arteta liked to as instantly added to their spreadsheet of “players we must hate no matter how they perform”.

Incumbents include Ben White, Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale.

At the same time they also went OTT in their praise of anyone they though Arteta did not rate – you will still find them online repping Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

They loved Matteo Guendouzi and many of them “began supporting Marseille” and how the Frenchman was joined at the club by William Saliba.

Saliba was their new poster boy. They told mistruths that he had been loaned out because Arteta didn’t rate him. They compared him to Virgil van Dijk. Claimed he was already amongst the best in Europe. They hoped that he would leave Arsenal and join Marseille.

Likewise they ignored all of the issues Guendouzi has created everywhere he went. They acted like he was the reincarnation of Cesc Fabregas. Reality is he was a child in a man’s body whose own attitude will mean he never fulfils their talent.

Nicolas Pepe was another they showed their support for.

Constant comparisons between Pepe and Saka. Having a go at the young Englishman just because Arteta picked him. You can pretty much better their stance would do a 180 if it was Pepe playing week on, week out. They’d be crying that Arteta can’t develop youth and Saka should look for a move away. Probably to Marseille.

The decided Odergaard would be their early season target.

Made captain by Arteta – and playing in the same position as Ozil – Odergaard had no goals or assists from our opening 3 games. This led the Arsenal-incels to quickly get on his back.

Two games in, we were 6 points from 6. We should all have been on cloud 9.

But there were the incels spending their mental energy criticising Odergaard for not yet scoring on assists.

The obsession about G/A for midfielders is an odd concept as they have many more important output metrics.

Odergaard had a fantastic start to the season and was key in our fluid build up play.

It didn’t matter that he had not scored or assisted. The game is bigger than the a couple of statistics of an individual.

Against Bournemouth he scored twice.

I wondered if Odergaard would be getting this criticism if he was not made captain by Arteta? Probably not.

Likewise he plays “10” (although is more than an 8, whatever that means) which lets the Ozil fan boys make further comparison.

It is really time these people stopped building their opinion on players based on their hatred of the man that dumped Ozil. They are look like an ex that won’t let go.

Whilst Arsenal are marching on, their hero is somewhere in Turkey and really does not care about them.

If you can not support Arsenal after 9 points from 9, then you really are not a fan of the club.

Odergaard is the captain, it’s Arteta’s red and white army. Get behind him or go follow Marseille.


4 thoughts on “Martin Odergaard silences Arsenal-incels

  1. Andew Bas (@Andy_B11)

    The next time you feel that strongly about whatever section of your own fanbase, especially in this feel good period, stay off the blogs!

    I get in todays society there’s complete extremes, but we all support the club with the same love, just in different ways dependant on the environment you were brought up in, “incels” is a bit much.

    “3-2-1, 1-2-3 what in the heck is bothering me” please use these words instead of venting.


  2. Sean

    Wouldn’t talk about Arsenal incels when people like you took every chance to criticise the club during Wengers last few years.The fans you talk about aren’t Ozil worshippers, they just don’t like people with double standards that’s all.



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