7 Arsenal Players to Leave This Summer?


Last summer was confirmation from Arsene Wenger that he has given up with his youth experiment as we lost a number of youngsters that were meant to be part of the next generation of the club. It turned out that a lot of them were not good enough and we instead decided to bring in players who were older and ready. Players like Santi, Podolski, Ozil, Flamini and Giroud. I know many of you have opinions of some of those players, some good and some bad, but it’s a fact that they are all older and proven unlike a lot of the youngsters we have been bringing in for many seasons.

Below is a graphic of players who left last season, have a look at some of the names and you will remember them being with us from a young age for many seasons when many of them were not good enough but we kept them on and on and on. Finally they have left and we can start afresh.


Are we going to another shake up this summer?

We have players who are rumoured to be leaving or not wanting to renew their contracts but instead of them being youngsters they are international players, people like Sagna, Podolski and Vermaelen. I think the fans opinions are split down the middle on Podolski, he is a top guy and clearly a great character but a lot of fans are unsure about his worth to the squad. For me he is a proven International player and to have him in the squad has to be a positive. Top sides always have top players ready to come in and do a job for the team when needed. Its basic knowledge that you wont get world class players coming in to sit on the bench, this is where players like LP help.

Vermaelen is the same, he is a top defender and captain of the club, for us to be a top top side we need these players in our squad. Its just about whether he wants to stay at the club and be part of the squad, as for now I cant see the partnership of Kos and Per being split up for anything but an injury or suspension. If that was to ever happen what a player TV is to bring in and replace them.

Sagna is our number 1 right back and needs to be offered a huge contract to stay. They guy is a warrior and will fight for our cause until he drops. I was at Sunderland away last season, I think when we went down to 10 men, and had to protect a lead, Sagna went into centre back and was simply superb. I want players like that at my club. Yes he has had bouts of bad form and I was one of the ones criticising that period but always knew he would come back to perform well again. Its down to the club to retain them so we can improve on the qualities that we have and not have to replace them all the time.

The players we should be looking to offload are people like Bendtner, Djourou and Park, these players who sap our wage bill away and are robbing a living from us. Get rid of them and use the money on players we need and can use. The only other player to be linked with a move away is our back up keeper Fabianski. I think it would be a great shame to loose him but the fact is that he is good enough to be a number 1 goalkeeper somewhere else, just like Vito Mannone has proved at Sunderland. We will need to recruit another goalkeeper as relying on the youngsters to be the back up is not ideal I don’t think.

I can see another small shake up happening this summer, we still have a few of the youngsters knocking around and as above some of the first team need to leave ASAP. I think we are clearly looking for players, a striker as everyone knows is a must and I can see business being done earlier because of the world cup. I think we will have targets in mind now and maybe even some deals drawn up ready to be completed when the time is right. If players like Sagna, Poldolski or Verm leave we need to replace them with like minded experienced players to keep the quality throughout the squad.

Overall we have a good team, a good squad and but for a few improvements will continue to be a good side. We need to concentrate on keeping this set of players together over anything and improve in key areas.

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10 thoughts on “7 Arsenal Players to Leave This Summer?

  1. gmv8

    I think Sagna and Arsenal have to come to a compromise – i.e lower wages and longer contract or higher wages and shorter contract. Shouldn’t be hard to sort out, just do it.


  2. bc

    I feel the same I want sagna vermaelen and podolski to stay. The players I would lose from the first team are
    Fabianski (replace with new signing)
    Viviano (replace with martinez)
    Kallstrom (replace with new aneke)
    Diaby (replace with new signing)
    Bendtner replace with new signing)

    Of the 4 players currently out on loan
    Campbell (bring back)
    Coquelin (replace with eisfeld)
    Djourou (replace with Ajayi)
    Park (replace with new signing)

    Of the players In the academy
    Afobe release
    Miquel release
    Galindo release
    Afobe release
    Ansah release
    Fagan release
    Boateng release

    That’s it for me 5 new signings
    Gk, Cb, Dm, Cf and another forward who can play across the front 3


    1. bc

      But if sagna vermaelen and poldi were to leave then we have to replace them as well, or at least hold on to some of the others? And promote different players. I don’t think we can cope with promoting more than 4 from martinez bellerin ajayi hayden Olsson aneke eisfeld and akpom, as we will also have zelalem ryo sanogo gnabry and Campbell in the squad.


      1. norbyafc Post author

        Im not sure any of the players you mention are good enough for our first team anyway yet. Maybe Sanogo and Gnabry as bench players. The rest will stay in the youths or go out on loan to obtain the experience needed I think.


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