Boring Boro Bring Out Arsenal Boo Boys

As the final whistle went yesterday, a few boos filtered down from the back of the block. Unhappy fans showing their displeasure over a 0-0 draw against a newly promoted side. 

“At least we didn’t loose” the chap I sit next too uttered to me. “We have just gone top of the league.”
And he was right. As I left the stadium, there was no real excitement on the streets. Mainly disappointment. Despite us being top (at least until Liverpool or Man City play). 

It was a horrible game. 

Arsenal were sloppy, struggling to put together passes, moves continually breaking down. Middlesbrough were resolute. And in Traore on the wing had a bit of threat in attack.

It was a game Arsenal really should win, some will say it’s games like that why we will not win the league. But every team in the league, every season, will draw games against sides that they really should beat.

In the last two weeks, Spurs have drawn away against WBA & Bournemouth, scoring a single goal in the process.

Man City are 4 games without a win in all competition. Including an away draw against semi-professional British side Celtic. 

Boro battled brilliantly and were resolute and organised in defence. Some credit does need to go to them. Every time an Arsenal player was on the ball, there were two opponents on them. They cut out the options.

It shows how small time they are that their fans celebrating a 0-0 draw like they had won the league. Parking the bus. Well done lads. A 7 hour round trip for a bore draw. 

It was a game for Olivier Giroud. We missed him. In the last 20 minutes, with Boro getting deeper and deeper, we needed to start slinging the ball into the box. But with a bunch of midgets up top, it was simply not an option.

Sometimes when the pretty play does not work, you need the battering ram that Giroud is. His strength and power causes problems in the middle of the box. He creates space for others. 

It sums up the fans that I had one bloke near me screaming for our centre backs to pump the ball into the box. Whilst others moaned that we were not keeping the ball on the floor enough. 

In the grand scheme of things, it is two points dropped rather than a point gained. But no need to get the boos and banners out. 

After all, we are top the league. 


1 thought on “Boring Boro Bring Out Arsenal Boo Boys

  1. herbie

    These teams know how to play us. Sit nine men behind the ball and allow us to pass our way into the penalty area before swarming all over us like flies. Now and again, they will sneak the ball upfield and nick one on the break.
    If the other lot know that your only planned route to goal is to pass it into the back of the net, all they have to do is block the six yard box.
    Simple solution is to occasionally shoot from outside the penalty area..
    Santi was a great one for that last season. If he got a sight of the goal from 30 yards out he would have a crack. He rarely scored but he would put the wind up them. From then on, he would draw defenders out whenever he picked up the ball.
    My throat hurts from yelling “Shoooot, Shoot FFS” yesterday.


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