KSE set to sell Arsenal stadium

Today we can exclusively reveal that the Kroenke’s plan to sell the Emirates Stadium…to themselves

The stadium is currently wholly owned by The Arsenal Football Club Public Limited Company (AFC), who are part of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE) – the American sports and entertainment company that Stan Kroenke uses as the parent company for all his sports holdings.

In details revealed to us, KSE will buy the stadium from AFC for £120million before leasing it back to the club.

AFC will sign a 99 year lease with KSE, reportedly worth £10million per annum.

In 2020, KSE loaned AFC around £184million which allowed the club to pay off the stadium debt owned to Barclays Bank.

That debt was basically transferred to KSE who were able to take advantage of lower interest rates to reduce AFC’s repayments.

Whilst AFC will no longer own their stadium, they will still be required to pay back the loan KSE at the existing terms.

With ownership of the stadium, KSE will also be able to take financial advantage of events outside of football.

It is expected that KSE will begin pushing to host at least one L.A. Rams regular season game at the Emirate Stadium, as well as boxing and music events.

It is unclear at the time of writing whether income from naming rights of the stadium will be paid to KSE or AFC.

Ruith na’Cuthaige


12 thoughts on “KSE set to sell Arsenal stadium

  1. sm

    Come on lads, this is a total windup and people still fall for it. Since when has SWAYR been closely aligned with the Kroenke’s and this story has not surfaced from one other football source on the internet. You have been done up like a kipper!



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