April Fools, Crystal Palace and Arteta


Did you spot our little bit of fun yesterday?

Of course, the story was an April Fools. Most seemed to spot it but it was picked up by a few bloggers and YouTubers who ran with it thinking it was a real article.

Onto today and we face Southampton. We have no game today, with the TV companies deciding to have us on Monday night against Crystal Palace.

Hi he knowledge that we do not play today has suddenly thrown my weekend into chaos.

I have some work to do on the old laptop and was planning to coincide that with the game. No I will have to get it done whilst watching something else. Anything decent on Netflix lately?

The match versus the Saints Crystal Palace is one of a few tricky away games mid-table teams.

We still have to visit the likes of Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle and Crystal Palace. These games will not be easy and is why I am a little uncomfortable with the “favourites” tag we have for top 4.

What could be in our favour is as these teams begin to have very little to play for, their minds could wander to the beach.

And with West Ham, their progress in the Europa League could be hugely beneficial to our hopes – they are potentially due to play a semi final either side of our game.

If they progress to the next round, they are surely putting the kids out against us.

Top 4 is in our hands. We just need to keep ticking off those wins.

Mikel Arteta won Manager of the Month for the second time this season.

I do not really care for personal awards in a team game. Give me a Yaya Sanogo’s FA Cup winners medal over Harry Kane’s 7 Player of the Month trophies any day.

But it does show that we were right to stick with Arteta during a sticky period. We will only continue to grow with him at the helm. He just seems to get it.

Enjoy your Saturday. And if you are travelling down to the south-cost, you are leaving a few weeks early.



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