Arsenal’s Dirty Laundry


So I sit here for the 2nd time in a week on a Virgin Train on the way back from the North West to Euston having seen Arsenal go 1-nil up and lose 2-1.

We have now not kept a clean sheet in 12 games in all competitions, and it is costing us big time.

Meanwhile, across the city Chelsea are running away with the league, mainly due to their ability to keep clean sheets. They have now kept 9 in their last 11 league games.

11 wins in a row, their form is scintillating. 4 of their last 6 games have been 1-0. Arsenal have won 1-0 just once this season.

A last minute winner against Burnley with the last kick of the game. We didn’t have to see the game out, the final whistle went as they kicked off.

Our inability to see out a game having gone 1-nil up has now cost us on 3 major occasions.

Firstly against Spurs, 1-nil up, we conceded a penalty and drew 1-1. Then mid week, 1-nil up against Everton. Lost 2-1. Finally tonight (you will be reading this tomorrow so it’s yesterday), 1-nil up against Manchester City. Lose 2-1.

From 3 games which we were in a position to win, we got 1 points. Dropping 8. We are 9 points behind Chelsea.

During the second half, Man City fans mocked Arsenal with our own song; “1-nil, to The Arsenal” they sang. And it bought it home. We can no longer win a game 1-nil.

Attackers win you games, defences win you Championships. I had a debate on Twitter with a fan who told me “clean sheets are pointless, it’s all about scoring goals”. My response was that his comment shows he knows little about football.

The fan in question was American. He wanted us to win every game 5-4. No surprise considering his nationality. He can’t understand the benefit of keeping clean sheets. He probably doesn’t understand the concept of draws either.

Clean sheets are costing us points. When you need to score at least 2 goals a game to win a match you put yourselves up against it straight away. Chelsea have seen out 4 of the last 6 1-nil. That is 8 points gained with just a single goal. They are top because they are not conceding.

A lot of people felt Mustafi solved our problems at the back, and whilst he has been missed for the last 2 games, he has still been part of a defence that has conceded a lot of goals.

If Arsenal are to get back into this title race – and we are still not out of it – we need to keep clean sheets. We need to turn the 1-nil leads we take into 3 points.

Until we can keep a clean sheet, we will not win the league.


4 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Dirty Laundry

  1. Chairman Gallant

    The league is surely over us this season. I totally agree with u that until we learn to keep clean sheets, we would never win the league .For now Arsenal only have one solid defender, and that is Lorient Koscienny. Others are simply craps.Even our midfield is in shambles these days, and couple with that, Peter Cech is getting old and losing form fast .Imagine, he can’t even kick a ball beyond the centre circle. I tell u, that guy can never be another Jens Lehman, or David Seaman, or Buffon .The old saying that wine gets better with age can never apply here. The sooner Arsene Wenger gets that into his head, the better it would be for us.

  2. Spectrum

    We are now the equivalent of three matches behind leaders Chelsea. We therefore need to win three just to DRAW LEVEL with them. This assumes of course, that they drop three matches at least, in the meantime. Hardly likely. Our mythical “title challenge” is disintegrating, folks.

    So how do we reward this outstanding failure ? With this ;

    If this news is true, I’m emigrating.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  3. Wolf bagger

    Been saying for last four seasons we will be in Euro League , it will do us some good ( every cloud…) , and yet I’ve been wrong
    This season we WILL finsih P 6, or likely P7. reason? Wenger. Yes, dear readers, he’s all outta ideas. I’ve been wanting him to give it up after we won our second wonderful Cup trophy. He shouldhve recognised that was the time to go. Watching Bournemouth as I type is as obvious as f. That we are in need of new blood. Trots out all the same boring excuses, every single year. Conte ? Great man, kmlopp, too. We are a dozy , smug club, and why will it take no Euro football for us to wake up. I actually feel we will be P 7 , of not p6″ and we need to wake up. Hey, Eddie Flaming Hoew. , why d’ya think he’s playing so good tonight. He knows the board are looking at him. Why not, good on him, END OF. Arsene, thanks for the memories.


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