Darren Burgess, Edu and Markus Schubert

Darren Burgess


This week it was announced that Darren Burgess, Arsenal’ Director of high performance, was set to leave Arsenal after two years.

It perhaps shows the insanity of Arsenal’s online support that what was essentially a fitness coach leaving became headline news.

We had David Ornstein writing on it for the BBC, it also became a headline article in The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard.

It highlights why the media often write stories about Arsenal. We eat up content, click links, like no other club. For many of these outlets, Arsenal news is their bread winner, the main source of income.

A fitness coach leaving any other club would not make the news.

And keeping to form, Arsenal fans lost their mind over Burgess leaving. Even though thought did not know who he is, what he looked like, or what he did.

Let’s focus our time and energy on the important stuff in life guys.


A few people pointed to Darren Burgess leaving as yet another example of how the club is a mess behind the scenes, following the departures of Ivan Gazidis and Sven Mislintat. His depature certainly is not on their level.

Some then took the argument further pointing out that Arsenal not yet appointing a Sporting Director, despite being on the look out for one following Gazidis’ departure last year.

The truth is that Edu is set to take the role, but is currently employed by Brazil as General Manger.

He will remain with Brazil as General Manager until after the 2019 Copa America which starts today. It finished on July 7th.

It would have been very poor form if Edu resigned a few weeks before a major continental tournament.  And equally poor form if Arsenal had officially announced his appointment whilst he still has a key role to play for his country.

Let’s stop making mountains out of mole hills and take the time to learn what is happening before commenting.

Markus Schubert

It seems Arsenal are on the verge of signing their first player of the season in Germany youngster Markus Schubert.

The 21-year-old goalkeeper is available on a free transfer and was 1st choice for Dynamo Dresden in the 2nd tier of German football last season.

With Emiliano Martinez set to be 2nd choice behind Bern Leno next season, there are reports that Arsenal will consider sending Schubert straight out on loan to continue his development before returning in 2020 as Leno’s understudy.

There is also the possibility that he might slot into the U23 team, and perform the duel role of 1st choice in the PL2 and 3rd choice in the main squad, with Dejan Iliev providing him cover when he is called up to the senior match day squad.

With Arsenal also set to confirm Gabriel Martinelli early next week, the signings will see a shift in transfer policy from signing senior pros to young, exciting talent.

If you did not read yesterdays blog on Jack Wilshere and Emmanuel Eboue, it is well worth it. a reminder to everyone that we are all human and stop with the online hatred.


1 thought on “Darren Burgess, Edu and Markus Schubert

  1. Sue

    That was an excellent read yesterday, Keenos..just goes to show you can have a superstar lifestyle & all the money in the world, but at the end of the day, they’re human just like the rest of us. I really feel for them both & hope Eboue comes out of his depression a stronger person.. and I hope Jack’s son will be ok



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