Unai Emery’s Formation Frailties

Unai Emery is a man who is lost.

He is clearly overthinking things. Over complicating things. Constantly chopping and changing what he is trying to do. Players like confused. Unsure what to do.

We have played 16 games this season, and the data from those games highlights just how lost Emery has become:

  • In the last 5 games, we have started with 5 different formations
  • Emery has changed formation from game to game 10 times; keeping the same formation just 5 times from the game before

If Emery wants to see what the problem is, he only needs to speak about the chopping and changing of tactics with one of the highly paid tacticians at the club.

He would quickly learn:

  • On the 5 occasions he has kept the same formation, we have won 4, lost 1
  • All 5 occasions he has kept the same formation, it has been 4231
  • 4231 is easily our best formation
  • We have yet to win a game not playing 4231

It is now 4 games without a win. 4 games where we have thrown away a lead.

Not really hard to work out where Emery is going wrong…



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