The THIRD Big Arsenal Quiz for the NHS


Nearly 10,000 people have viewed our first 2 quizzes, raising over £1,000. Thank you to everyone.

With another 3 week’s of restrictions ahead, and many more weeks for those vulnerable to remain self-isolated, we have decided to host our 3rd quiz on Friday 17th April at 8pm.

Once again all we ask is that you donate £2 (£2 is the minimum donation amount on JustGiving) and all proceeds will be donated to the NHS Charities to help in this difficult time.

But this has become much more than raising a few quid for charity. It is giving people something to do on a Friday night. So grab a beer, get your pen & paper ready, and at 8pm on Friday we will go live on Facebook.

Facebook Live –

It will be 45 minutes a half with a 15 minute break for half time.

So, here are the steps to take to enter the quiz…

1. ‘Like’ our page on Facebook –
2. Donate £2 via JustGiving –

A lot of us spend Friday and Saturday’s in the boozers with our mates. so get those who you go football with together and compete amongst each other

I thank you all for showing interest in this quiz, and hope that as many of you as possible can take part so that we can raise lots of money for our NHS.

We look forward to entertaining you all on Friday!

She Wore

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