Break from Arsenal has come at the right time

As regular readers of the blog might have realised (if I actually have any regular readers), I have not put pen to paper and writing a blog for a week.

With an international break coming up, now is a good time to take a break for another 7 days or so.

There really is not much to say or discuss with Arsenal at the moment, and everything feels a little negative out there, a little jaded. And I do not want to start every morning with a negative posting.

Twitter has become a dull place. A toxic negative place.

Overreaction to our defeat to Aston Villa has led to some slugs and their minions using it as an opportunity to spread their toxic negativity.

Remember, these idiots are not representative of the majority of Arsenal fans.

They are but a few hundred who huddle together on social media sharing views in their echo chamber. They merely shout the loudest.

The majority of Arsenal fans are backing Mikel Arteta, are open minded to the direction the club is going.

There is a huge difference between criticising the manager – and Arteta deserves criticism for the defeat to Villa – and sitting there all day, every day demanding his head, abusing him. That is the toxic negativity.

I feel for some of these people, they are in such bad places in their lives – probably living in homeless bedsits or banished to another country having had their loved ones in the UK desert them – that the only joy they get is by spreading negativity and bringing people down to their level.

It is not healthy and the only people’s mental health that will be affected is their own.

Eventually they will be standing on the edge of the motorway, family and friends having disowned them, wondering where it all went wrong.

The easiest way to block out their negativity it to turn it off. To walk away.

So a little break is needed.

There is plenty else in life to keep me occupied that drives more positivity.

From releasing our quiz book (pre: sale here), setting up a couple of small businesses, supporting the She Wore shop, as well as my actual day job.

It is going to be an extremely busy next few weeks.

So the blog, social media, must take a back seat.

Catch you all in a week when hopefully there will be something Arsenal related to discuss!


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