Football fatigue kicking in

Football is coming at us thick and fast that we nearly forgot that it was the first leg of the Europa League  Round of 16 game tonight.

Arsenal face Olympiakos at 8pm tonight.

It feels like a lifetime ago when I used to be able to tell you when all upcoming games were, kick off times, etc.

I am certainly becoming fatigued with football. Maybe it is Arsenal’s form? Maybe the kick off times? The VAR decisions? Not being able to go games? Or all of the above?

I have probably not been this disinterested in football since I was in single figures for years old. And yet I write a blog!

Football has never been about the results for me. Of course, wins and trophies help. But I actually went to my most games during that 8 year spell of no trophies. It was during this period I began doing home and away and got myself an away season ticket.

Football was about meeting your mates. Whether it was at a pub on the Holloway Road 4 hours before kick off, or at Kings Cross at 5.30am to travel to Sunderland for a lunchtime kick off.

With us not able to go to games, or even sit in a pub together to watch on the TV, my interest has waned.

I do not understand how fans can be a “TV fan” and not go to go to games, or at least go to pubs with mates.

Watching football should be a community activity. Not something to do on your own whilst your misses cooks dinner.

Hopefully as the vaccine role out continues and restrictions lifted, we will get back into pubs, then back into grounds.

Looking beyond tonight’s game, it is the North London Derby at 4.30pm on Sunday. Another awful kick off time for such a big game. Another one I will watch at home along. Another one I wil probably get bored of at half time and stick on The Simpson’s.

It just is not the same game without being surrounded by your mates.

Anyway, this blog has been more about a therapy session for myself rather than an attempt to entertain you.



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