Short Story: How I missed the last time Arsenal played Slavia Prague

A little lunch time blog for you.

Tonight we play Slavia Prague and it has suddenly made me feel very old.

I remember the last time we played them.

It was the 2007 Champions League and I had a ticket for the match being a season ticket holder. I did my normal for a European game at that time.

Finish work, train to Highbury and Islington and then meet my mate for a few beers who was at UCL at the time and living a couple of roads up from the stadium. Near the Tollington.

I would normally have a couple of bottles in his house before making my way to the stadium to watch the game. But for some reason I decided to give it a skip.

It was cold outside, a few days after my 23rd birthday. The beer was going down nicely. So I decided to stay round my mates house and nail a lot of beer, watching the game on an ancient TV that could have been no bigger then 16 inches.

Arsenal won 7-0.

This memory has made me feel old because those were the days I could meet up with my pals on a mid week, have a session, get 2 hours sleep and turn up to work the next day.

I remember when we lost to Spurs for the first time forever and watching it in the Litten Tree. To drown our sorrows we ended up in the Nelson till the early hours.

Me and my pal went our separate ways and I ended up knocking on his door at 4am to let me in. He was passed out on his sofa, curtains open and lights on! 2 hours later I was stumbling up the Holloway Road to get to work.

These days I can barely have 2 pints the night before without waking up with a fuzzy head. And if I do not get my 8 hours sleep I struggle!

Hopefully tonight we see a replica of that game I missed. 7-0 and ill the tie after the first leg.

Up the Arsenal



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