It has been 4810 days and we are still laughing at Tottenham

4810 days. That is a long time. Well over a decade. And it is how long it has been since Tottenham last won a trophy.

With them out of the FA Cup, out of Europe, abd mid-table in league, they will not get another chance of a trophy until they have passed through 5,000 days.

In the last 4810 days:

  • We have had a global economic crash
  • Iron Man was released – the first of 23 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Spotify was launched
  • We have had 4 American presidents
  • Bitcoin was created
  • Swine flu, MERs, Ebola, Zika, Covid19
  • Michael Jackson has died
  • Instagram was launched
  • One Direction were formed
  • Prince William married Kate Middleton, and had 3 kids
  • Osama Bin Laden was killed
  • London hosted the Olympics
  • ISIS began their offensive northern Iraq
  • Arsenal won the FA Cup. And then another 3
  • Scotland voted to remain in the UK
  • One World Trade Centre opened
  • The PS4 was launched. And the PS5
  • Sepp Blatter resigned following a corruption scandal which nearly bought down FIFA
  • United States withdrew troops from Afghanistan
  • The UK voted to leave the EU. And 4 years later left

But the year ends in 1. It was their year.

Just like it was their year in 2011 when they won nothing. And 2001 when they won nothing.

Maybe it is time for the media to put that cliche to bed? Tottenham don’t win things when the year ends in 1 anymore. And they don’t win things when the year ends in any other number either.

Yaya Sanogo has won more in England than Harry Kane. And that sums it all up.



11 thoughts on “It has been 4810 days and we are still laughing at Tottenham

  1. Mark

    Phew. We are absolute garbage and getting worse every year. We are rudderless and out of control. We have a clueless manager. Our overpaid top player has given up. Our owners don’t care. We are a joke and a laughing stick but, don’t worry, Tottenham lost a final.


  2. Johnno

    Love that first picture. I dont know what I enjoyed more, Citeh playing them off the park or seeing the cheating little tiddly crying his eyes out at the end. Marvellous stuff.


  3. Mark

    The usual amount of Arsenal fans commenting on this pitiful blog. Basically none. Keenos doesn’t this make you realise that you are a complete embarrassment and that no Arsenal fan is interested as they are all concerned about what is happening at a once great football club. Even taking the piss out of Tottenham doesn’t work. There are some excellent Arsenal blogs. Yours is childish, irrelevant, pointless, uninteresting and poorly written. There is so much going on at Arsenal and the best you can do is write a blog that basically says ‘Arsenal are abysmal but at least Tottenham aren’t very good either’. I bet you were one of the morons who celebrated St. Totteringham’s Day. Very sad. Concentrate on your homework but make sure it is a better standard than this


    1. Johnno

      “childish, irrelevant, pointless, uninteresting and poorly written” – And yet you still read it and took the time to comment on it. Weird.


      1. Mark

        You have to read it to be able to comment on it. You’d better add ‘thick’ to that list. Dear oh dear. It gets worse


  4. Johnno

    Hahaha. Only a `thick` cunt would keep commenting on an article they find – “childish, irrelevant, pointless, uninteresting and poorly written” – Dear oh dear. It gets worse.


  5. Mark

    We got there eventually Johnno. The inevitability of the schoolboy reverting to a naughty word. The articles has a comments section. When someone comments and you don’t like it you ask them why they have read it and commented (at least I did as no one else does) which, as you know, makes no sense. Then when this is pointed out you call them a cunt. You’ve certainly shown me. We have reached the point where it couldn’t get any worse. I look forward to the next childish, irrelevant, pointless, uninteresting and poorly written article along with the other 9 people who read it as well as your response



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