Arsenal win but the bigger story is at Old Trafford

Arsenal won yesterday. But at the same time there was something bigger happening in Manchester.

United fans stormed the stadium and stopped the game taking place. And I stand by every single one of them.

Football without fans is nothing

Those fans that turned up to Old Trafford yesterday love their club more than any owner, player, journalist, presenter or pundit

They are the beating heart of the club.

The European Super League was two fingers up at those fans that turned up yesterday, turned up previously to Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Emirates.

Florentino Pérez called us legacy fans. He admitted that clubs take us for granted. They don’t care about us because they feel we will always be there.

Their focus is on growing the fan base abroad. And that is what the European Super League was all about.

Sky don’t care about us legacy fans either.

Gary Neville talking about “reform in English football”.

Start with the TV companies.

Stop making Newcastle travel to Brighton on a Monday night.

Stop scheduling Liverpool v Arsenal when the last train leaves at half time.

Put match going fans first when it comes to kick off times.

And what sums it up is I saw a Oxford United fan on Twitter moaning about the fans that went to Old Trafford because he “really wanted to watch the game”.

And that sums up the modern game

Fans fighting against those that own the club they love being criticised because someone’s Sunday evening TV viewing is ruined.

Roy Keane was the only one on Sky who truly spoke up for the fans, saying he would “applaud” every fan as they have had enough.

Arsenal won. And I back every fan that wants to protest the money men who are determined to destroy the game for us legacy fans.



1 thought on “Arsenal win but the bigger story is at Old Trafford

  1. Tony Ikpo

    Applaud all you want the owners are not going to sell!
    You punish the club you love when you stop them from playing. The share prices are stable so the owners fortunes are safe. And they were legally acquired so you cannot force them to sell.
    Grow up legacy fans. We want our football!



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