Arsenal still in the hunt for European football next season

Three games left. We are beyond adding “to save our season” as even if we finished 7th, it will not make him for what has been a horrendous year for The Arsenal under Mikel Arteta.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for where we are. It is not referees fault, not bad luck. We have simply not scored enough goals, not won enough games.

But despite how bad this season has been, we still have an outside chance of top 7, and a return to the Europa League.

Win tonight against Chelsea and we are up to 8th. One point off Tottenham in 7th and just 3 points off West Ham in 5th.

Those around us will have a game in hand – with Everton and Liverpool having two. But taking into account their shaky forms winning that game in hand would not be a given.

Following their defeat to Everton, West Ham could go from Champions League chasing to not even in the Europa League.

Their next 2 games are away – to Brighton and relegated WBA, before they finish the season at home to Southampton.

With 3 points from their last 12, it is not a given that they will get the 4 points from 3 games needed to secure finishing above us.

Liverpool already have 1 game in hand.

They chalk off one of those games with a trip to Manchester United on Thursday, before trips to WBA and Burnley. They finish at home to Crystal Palace.

It would be a surprise if Liverpool got anything less than 6 points from their last 4 games taking into account they are unbeaten in 6. You would expect them to beat relegated WBA next weekend and secure victory against Palace on the last day of the season.

That leaves their “tough” away trips to Manchester United and Burnley irrelevant in the race for the top 7.

Having been taken apart by Leeds United, Tottenham’s run in now looks a little tricky.

Home games against Wolves and Aston Villa will not be easy, whilst they finish the season with a trip to Leicester City.

With just 2 wins in 7, they would need 2 wins from their last 3 to guarantee finishing above Arsenal.

Everton beat West Ham last night, a result which kept them above Arsenal and dragged the Hammers back into the fight for top 7.

That win was the Toffee’s 2nd in 8 games.

They travel to Aston Villa on Thursday before home games against Sheffield United and Wolves. They finish the season with a trip to Manchester City.

You would expect them to bag 3 points against Sheffield United, which would leave them needing a win and a draw from the other 3 games to ensure they finish above Arsenal.

What could be in their favour is if on the last day of the season Manchester City take their eye off the ball completely. That could lead to a surprising result.

So Arsenal still have a chance of top 7, but it all depends on tonight.

Lose to Chelsea and we might as well all go on the beach for the next 2 weeks. Win and it is game on.

My feeling is we are going to finish a couple of points short, and it is the defeat at home to Everton that has essentially cost us.

That game was a 6 point swing. Had we won we would be the ones sitting 3 points ahead of Everton and it would probably mean we could afford to lose to Chelsea to make top 7.

As it is, we lost (and the draw against Fulham before also cost us 2 points) and we are now hanging on by the coat tails.

But it is not over until the fat lady sings.

My prediction:

5th: Liverpool

6th: Everton

7th: West Ham

8th: Arsenal

9th: Tottenham


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