Do not believe the table

So there is a league table going around of “results without VAR”.

Some Arsenal fans have got angry about it as “Arsenal would be 4th without VAR”. But you should all ignore the table. It is pointless.

VAR was created to get “more decisions right”, so the most basic argument is that the “results without VAR” is also what the table would look like “if referee errors were not over turned”.

It is also not clear on what constituents a VAR decision.

For example take offside.

Linesmen are now encouraged to keep their flag down.

Say a goal is scored and the lino has kept the flag down, it goes to VAR who disallow it, that league table when they add that to the “goal chalked off by VAR” column.

Yet without VAR, the linesman probably would have raised his flag.

So VAR has not changed the decision, just changed the way the decision has been made.

And let’s say a player was a meter offside and scores. VAR then rules it out. Surely it is better to get the right decision right regardless of how they come to it?

Then we have the Harry Kane incident last weekend.

The goal was not “given by VAR” but was given by the referee. VAR then asked the referee to have a look at it.

So where does that fit in on the table? Without VAR, the goal stands. With VAR, the goal still stood.

That David Luiz decision against Wolves was a similar situation – it was not a decision made by VAR but a decision made by the referee.

Without VAR, Spurs still score that goal and Luiz is still sent off.

And a football match is 90 minutes. How much did the VAR decision impact the game?

Arsenal v Leicester earlier in the season. Arsenal score a goal through Lacazette (I think?), disallowed by VAR for offside. If memory serves me correct, it was the 4th minute.

So how does this become interpreted on the table?

Do Arsenal get “given” the 3 points as it was 0-0 at the time? Is it 1 point each as the late Leicester goal would have been the equaliser? With 86-ish minutes to play, we can not say that that VAR decision is why Arsenal lost rather than won.

VAR has its issues. But a “league table without VAR decisions” is even more flawed than VAR itself.

Ignore it. Do not allow yourself to get wound up by it. Move on.


4 thoughts on “Do not believe the table

  1. hans andersson

    The table say 2019-20: 14 14 10 56-48 56p (8)
    2020-21: 18 7 13 55-39 61p (8).
    That’s the facts. Everything else is BABY TALK! Grow up!


  2. theghostinside

    That’s why there is a table published by some sources, like ESPN, that shows how it would look like with correct VAR decisions. And in this case Arsenal has been robbed more than any other team and would make the top 4. So yes, we should be more than angry and pissed, because it is true and obvious that a European place was stolen from us this season due to incompetence, corruption and bias. But that is nothing new, which is proven by a series of articles after tons of research made by Untold Arsenal.


  3. Jimmy B

    The goal against Leicester was ruled out for Xhaka blocking the keeper’s view – which is bollocks. There was no offside, so where you get it being the right decision God only knows. Had the goal stood the complexion of the game becomes completely different as LCFC has to try for an equaliser instead of catching us on the break. We came 8th but let’s not be denying that we’ve been on the arse end of a lot of VAR decisions this season.


  4. ClockEndRider

    Soeprry Gav but I just can’t agree. Pepe gett8ng sent off for the ligtes5 touc( but Mane not gett8ng sent off for a deliberate elbow on Tierney. Sakai penalty vs Leeds being mysteriously cancelled out VP ecause VAR didn’t show the only meaningful angle of the foul it had, just 2 examples where VAR, which is designed to ensure decisions are correct, ha# been at best incorrect. No sorry, we were hard done by and it stinks.



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