Arsenal should not be any players “back up option”

Reports are that Manuel Locatelli wants Juventus, but the Old Lady are unwilling to meet Sassuolo’s €40m asking price.

Locatelli wants the move to Juventus.

Meanwhile Arsenal are reportedly happy to meet the asking price; but Locatelli does not want a move to the Premier League.

If a player does not want to join Arsenal; we should not force it.

Arsenal should take a step away from Locatelli and move on to other targets.

Were a move to Arsenal be forced through by both clubs and the agents involved, Arsenal would be getting a player that does not really want to be living in London.

That potentially leads to another Lucas Torreira situation who was rumoured to prefer a move to Napoli.

We end up with a demotivated player that suffered from him sickness, doesn’t want to be here and in 2 years time is forcing a move away. Probably to Juventus in a cut price deal.

The way the likes of Italy, France and Germany are currently set up, the 3 big teams (Juve, PSG, Munich) can basically unsettle any player within those leagues to the point where they are pushing the price down.

This is what Juve are doing with Locatelli.

They know the player is desperate to join, so are now using that to push his price down with Sassoulo.

Were Arsenal to drop out of the running, Juventus would probably get the deal they want – a year long loan with an option to buy for a lot less than €40m in a year.

It is a tactic commonly used by Juve to get the players they want without having to pay huge transfer fees.

From Arsenal’s point of view, we are in a no win situation.

Locatelli wants to stay in Italy. We get our man and we have an unhappy player. He joins Juventus for less and it will be “we move to the Emirates and still can not compete”.

He is a fantastic player and just the sort of man we need next to Thomas Partey in the middle of the park. But if Locatelli does not want to join Arsenal, we should move on.

Focus on players who want to ply in the red and white. Not those that see us as a back up option or stepping stone.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal should not be any players “back up option”

  1. ClockEndRider

    Spot on. Italian players at or approaching their peak rarely leave Italy. Let’s concentrate on getting good prices for our dross and focusing on bringing in players who want to be here.


  2. Diction Hagoi

    Locatelli wants to join Juve as he wants to remain in Italy and play for Juve which is the biggest team in Italy.Arsenal’s insistence on acquiring Locatelli is actually benefitting Sasuolo as the competition from Arsenal will force Juve to pay the price Sasuolo wants.

    Arsenal should not die with Locatelli but should focus on players who are willing to move to the Premier league and adapt as quickly as possible to make a difference for us, waiting for a player who we are not sure we are going to sign is risky and will impact negatively on our preparation for the new season.



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