Arsenal need to bin Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline became the tune of the summer during the Euro’s and I hated it.

For me, the song will always be associated with Match Room Boxing.

It has been used by Eddie Hearn for as long as I can remember. It is the “last song” before ring walks of the main event.

The song played the duel role of getting the fans pumped up and letting them know the main event was about to start.

Whether you was in the O2, Wembley or Millennium Stadium, the of would come off when it was played.

Arsenal began using it around 2 or 3 years ago (the last few years have rolled into one with everything that has gone on). I did not mind it, but it never felt like it was ours.

It has also been played at the cricket for quite a few years, with Geoffrey Boycott singing it live on T20 Finals Day 4 years ago.

And then this summer England “adopted” it as their song for the Euro’s. And it became boring very quickly.

To fans who had no interest in boxing, cricket, or did not support Arsenal, it was probably loved. It was fresh. But to someone like me it was over played and was basically just an idea stolen from others.

I never really liked Arsenal playing it as it was an idea stolen from boxing and cricket. It never felt like “ours”.

With it played so much over the summer, I imagine loads of clubs will begin using it in their ground as an attempt to manufacture an atmosphere.

I hope the Arsenal DJ resists in urge and snaps his Sweet Caroline DVD in half. I just do not want to hear Sweet Caroline again.



7 thoughts on “Arsenal need to bin Sweet Caroline

  1. Atid

    Still better than running out to Elvis.

    But please bring back good old arsenal, not the original, let’s modernize it a bit.

    Have to say though, we have a lot more to worry about than what the DJ plays.


  2. Paul

    Same guy plays the music at both grounds on match days. I agree , we need to find another song. Can I suggest hi ho silver lining! Lolol


  3. Nelson Vivas

    London Calling by The Clash worked well in my opinion. Proper tune, mean and moody, everything Arsenal ain’t…. I live by the river!!



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