Arsenal not the only club with “Anti-fans”

Yesterday I read a fantastic blog by a Liverpool fan.

I never read things by other clubs. I have no real interest. But the blog was recommended to me by a friend who commented “change everything to Arsenal and it sums up some of our online fan base”. So I had a read.

Before reading the rest of my blog, please go and take a look at the Liverpool blog. It is well worth your time and just keep thinking to yourself about Arsenal everytime the writer mentions Liverpool. The blog can be read here.

In recent weeks I have mentioned the rise of the “Anti-fan”. So called supporters who take a stance that everything at the club is negative in an attempt to “sound cool” and “stand out from the crowd”. These sort of fans are exactly the sort described in the blog above.

The author of the blog describes said Liverpool fans as people that “present themselves as liking football and Liverpool but have no joy in it”.

Arsenal has the exact same fans.

Fans who spend all day on social media talking about football, but always from a negative stand point. They do not enjoy the game.

The blog goes on to explain 3 characteristics these so called fans have – Obsessed by transfers, always arguing and constantly pessimistic And again they are spot on.

They think they are “running an online account” but actually their social media is a reflection of themselves in the “real world”.

How many followers they have, how many RTs they get becomes a personality trait. They never actually develop real world skills and are probably destined to a life living in bedsits screaming for attention from a car.

Whilst reading through the blog, you should be able to picture the tweets of those who it is describing.

If you do not follow many others on Twitter (I think I follow less than 30) it can seem like Arsenal are the only club with these type of fans. But we are not.

Liverpool have them, despite having won the league and Champions League in recent years. As do Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

They feed off the negativity they spread and it defines them as a character.

The blog goes into detail much better than I ever could have describing these people, so please read it.

And ultimately remember that these sort of people are a minority. They are just very loud on Twitter. Most people do not actually care what they have to say.

Have a good Wednesday.



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