BOOK REVIEW: Caviar and Sausages by Tony Kokkinos

Much has been written about Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal, including his own autobiography.

Caviar and Sausages by first time author Tony Kokkinos pulls a 180 and approaches the period from the opposite stand point – Arsenal under Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal fan over 50 decades Tony Kokkinos takes us through a 22 year journey of what happened on the pitch. From the highs of eating caviar to the lows of eating sausages.

The book is broken down into the 3 periods of Wenger’s time at Arsenal – the Glory Years, the Austerity Years and the Stagnating Years.

Caviar and Sausages: Arsenal in the Time of Wenger: Kokkinos,  Tony: 9781838412708: Books

Each chapter tackles a different year, detailing the key games, key incidents. A rollercoaster through that season before you get off and jump onto the next season. From “Arsene Who?” to “Double Bypass”. “The Invincibles” to “8-2” and finishing with “Wenger Out”.

Original infographics bring each season to life. From amusing footnotes to pitch maps.

The “Arsene Knows” graphic is a reminder of the intelligence of Wenger and how forward thinking he was. Many of his predictions throughout his career were proved right.

The book title in itself is an Arsene Wenger quote from 1998 that has proved to be true:

“If you eat caviar every day, it’s difficult to return to sausages.”

Wenger took Arsenal fans to the heights of caviar and then back down to the sausages.

Written with zero judgement, this is a book that all Arsenal fans should have on their shelves as a historical memoir of The Arsenal under Wenger.

Caviar and Sausages by Tony Kokkinos is available now on Amazon.

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