Newcastle, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Guendouzi and more…

Good morning.

I have takne the international break as a chance to give myself a break from writing. Bar the blog about whether fans should care about where their owners money comes from, there just has not been much to write about.

On that blog. It seems people were split 50/50.

Some people agreed with me that we should care about where money comes from. Others said it does not really matter as long as we are successful – and we do not care who the shareholders of Starbucks, Disney, etc are.

I am still in the camp of we should care. I do not want “dirty money” built on asset stripping a nation or slavery.

I am not sure how fans of Newcastle or Man City can talk about “Black Lives Matter”, applaud players taking the knee or have a say on slavery whilst celebrating their owners.

It seems they are happy to turn a blind eye to the behaviour of the owners of their clubs when they are spending billions to try and win them a trophy.

Likewise, I am not sure how they can stand there and be “Against modern football” when state owned clubs is very much part of modern football.

Newcastle fans would have complained bitterly for years about how Mn City owners made the league unfair. And now they celebrate being in the same situation.

Moving on, last night saw some ugly scenes at Wembley.

It is time UEFA / FIFA enforced proper sanctions against these nations where racism is part of their society.

A few imbeciles on Twitter were saying “England fans are no different”.

Well, having travelled abroad with both England and Arsenal I can tell you we are very different.

Yes there might the odd idiot. And they usually get the comeuppance. but for countries like Hungary, it is not one idiot. It is the majority.

Those people trying to compare Hungary fans racist, violent abuse to a couple of hundred fans breaking into Wembley for the Euros final need to give their head a wobble. They are not comparable.

Only other thing that has happened in the last 5 days is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s agent linking his client to Arsenal.

As predicted, Ox’s move to Liverpool has been a flop – despite media and Liverpool fans originally trying to state otherwise.

He is no different to when he was at Arsenal – has one good game followed by 5 bad games and is then injured for half a dozen games.

Taking into account the age and profile of players we have signed over the summer, a move for Oxlade-Chamberlain would make zero sense.

Finally Matteo Guendouzi won the Nations league over the weekend.

The usual suspects came out of the woodwork pointing out that Guendouzi now has more itnernational trophioes than Mikel Arteta had spanish caps.

For me, Guendouzi winning the trophy is irrelevant.

The Nations League is a glorified international friendly tournament, and Guendouzi is still uncapped by France.

Him celebrating his “success” is like a fella celebrating his wife giving birth knowing it is not his child.

As I have previously stated on this blog. I would rather celebrate thosre players still at the club – such as Albert Sambi Lokonga – rather than obsesse over “achievements” of players not at the club.

Have a good Wednesday



7 thoughts on “Newcastle, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Guendouzi and more…

  1. johnzewlergraham

    The England fan have caused unrest at every major tournament they have been too, i think it’s hilarious how quick England are to condemn other nations but never themselves. I recall a friendly match in dublin the erupted in to a full on riot cause Ireland scored, seats pulled up from the stadium, so bad the match was abandoned and stadium evacuated.the more recent world cup they cause havoc and destroyed local business. Even as the host nation of a euro the fans caused trouble. Give your head a wobble


  2. Ron

    Newcastle fans are happier about getting rid of Ashley than who their new owners are. Also they don’t have a say in who own the club anyway.


  3. Positive pete

    Ireland fans still haven’t forgiven Henry for the France match handball.With their holier than thou attitude.Conveniently forgetting plenty of “ dodgy” decisions in their favour in past tournaments.1995 lol!


  4. Johnno

    “I am not sure how fans of Newcastle or Man City can talk about “Black Lives Matter”, applaud players taking the knee or have a say on slavery whilst celebrating their owners”
    Easy, it`s because they are virtue signalling, woke wankers who don`t really give a damn about such issues. They just push them to show the world what “nice” people they are and to further their left wing “liberal” agenda.

    “Newcastle fans would have complained bitterly for years about how Man City owners made the league unfair. And now they celebrate being in the same situation”
    Newcastle fans DID complain bitterly for years about Man City`s owners making the league unfair. These days, I only live a few miles from SJP and most of my pals support them, all they ever did was moan about unfair competition and how football was being ruined. Seeing them celebrate their new owners just makes you laugh at the pure hypocrisy of it all. In fairness to my pals up here, none of them support taking the knee for a bunch of Marxist Black supremacists.

    As for the trouble at Wembley last night, think everyone is going a bit overboard with it. We should be talking about how weak and pathetic our police force has become. A few Hungarians chased them out the end. Quite funny really.


  5. Johnno

    Also, have to agree with you on Oxlade-Chamberlain and Guendouzi. Chamberlain is a player that Arteta has always rated, I remember when Arteta was playing for us, he used to rave about AOC and how he thought he could become one of the top 4 or 5 players in world football. Can`t see it myself, he`s got plenty of ability but as you say, he`s unbelievably inconsistent and very injury prone. He definitely doesn`t fit the profile of player we`ve been signing recently.
    As for Guendouzi, he`s a good player and could become a very good player but do we really want horrible little flash cunts like that at the club? Again, I don`t think he fits the profile of player that we`re trying to build a squad around. Unless he dramatically changes his attitude then I`ll be happy to see the back of him.


  6. Kevin Vincent

    You can say all the sorts of nosense about Mattel Guendouzi but we all know that he knows football and ONE day Arteta will leave Arsenal, then Guendouzi will be back.
    I can all bear witness that Mikel Arteta does not want French players, check ;William Saliba,Mattel Guendouzi and Allexander Lacazette who can goals better than Aubameyanga as of now.



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